Rubicon River: Ryeira's Lessons Begin

Rubicon River Hold - Gather Square
The seeming inspiration for the Crafters Square, the Gather Square is similarly laid out to its northerly placed sister. A long, broad rectangular colonnade defines the vast majority of the area. Twenty five foot high fluted ionic columns hold apart the terra cotta tiled roof from the worn mosaic floor. Despite centuries of use, the area is well cared for. Velvety grass coats the centre of the rectangle, allowing for a cool, comfortable place for people to lounge, while venders areas are set up along the northerly, easterly, and westerly, sides of the of colonnade. The south has been reserved for a raised stage and a flagstone and mosaic paved dancing area. To the southwest of the stage, a path leads to the interior cotholds that wind up the face of the limestone bluff.

The lady was quiet at dinner and ate only little before retiring to her chamber to change for the supposed lesson that was going to take place. When she arrives in the gather square, it is with one of her own personal guards at her side. A rather fearsome looking lady she is indeed. A lady indeed though no doubt by intent. A woman who can go where male guards might not. A woman charged by the late husband to keep Ryeira safe. Ryeira herself is dressed in her riding clothes of a split skirt and blouse…in black of course.

Gaerwyn respected Ryeira's reserved presence at dinner, focusing mainly on his own meal, before he too returned to his chambers. At the appointed hour, he took to the gather square, dressed in a simple tunic and trousers, appropriate for the training at hand. And so, he's there waiting as the Lady and her guard appear, a bow them both, "My lady.." He offers. "Guards are posted at the entrances, should you prefer a bit more privacy." He offers, eyes flicking to her own guard.

Her own guard bows to Gaerwyn a smirk upon her lips, "Good luck with this. I must say you have some power over her to get her here." Ryeira looks shocked at her guard's boldness but before she can recover the guard jogs to the perimeter to join the others. Ryeira takes a deep breath before looking up at Gaerwyn, "She spoke out of line, I am sorry for that. I thank you for your discretion."

Gaerwyn looks equally as shocked as Ryeira does, though he recovers a little more quickly, managing to nod at the guard, silently thanking her for her service, and making no comment on her words, or Ryeira's apology, dismissing it with a simple shake of his head. Once she's out of earshot, Gaerwyn is bending to pull a small decorative knife from his boot, still sheathed, offering it to her. "My lady.. It is designed for your boot, however, it can be hidden anywhere."

Ryeira stands tall and proper as she listens to Gaerwyn, holding a hand out to receive the decorative knife to examine it in the torchlight of the square. "I suppose it is a proper knife a lady could carry upon her person." Ryeira gives into the man before passing it back to him. "Would I need to get my boots fitted with..sheaths?" She asks as she looks up at him.

"You will have one of its like, then, my lady.." He inclines his head, before the knife is slipped once more into the boot, a flap on the back of the sheath being slid over the edge of his boot to keep it in place. "The leather workers will be able to give you your options, Lady Ryeira.." He offers politely, before straightening. "Did the Lord have you instructed in any of the basic hand to hand methods, my lady?"

Ryeira's hand raises to the surrounding guards in response, "They were instructed to keep me safe, so I would not need to worry on such matters." She responds in a soft voice as she speaks on her late husband. "I suppose it might be considered a failing on my part to have let him coddle me so. It seemed right and proper at the time, but I suppose my Guardswoman's words point out that perhaps it was not appropriate."

"I do not mean to insult you or the late Lord's choices, my lady." Gaerwyn inclines his head politely, before turning to the guards. "Even a guard may be purchased for a price, albeit a large one. Today, today I will show you the very basics, how to rid yourself of an unwanted presence." He bows to her again. "May I have the lady's permission to approach?"

She tenses at first as he speaks of her guards, "Not those chosen for me, they are Rubiconii back three generations at least." She says proudly but can not help but smile at the choice of words, "Would such skills have removed those eggrarious Lords would they have been chosen?" The asks before she touches a gloved finger to her lips to smooth out her features once more and nods to his latter question, "You may, though I hardly think someone intent to attack me would be so polite.

"Not your guards, my lady, but others, perhaps, whose intentions could be hidden by their dress." Gaerwyn quickly counters, before a soft smile. "I fear that many of those Lords would have attempted to make their presence known to you in an improper way, and thus, they would." A bow of his head, his lips twitch into a smile, before he steps behind her, moving to wrap one arm over her stomach, the other hand moving to hover over her mouth, as if to cover it. "I am a gentleman, my lady, I do not dare lay a finger on you without permission."

Ryeira is stiff as always as he moves behind her. As the hand comes up to her face though she raises a hand to pause it. "Thank you…I think though I might be better served if we consider the permission implied for the future lessons?" She responds before letting her arm drop once more as she waits for the instruction.

"Of course, my lady." He inclines his head, unseen as it is, before his hand remains hovering, and his arm around her very loosely as he talks. "There are place that will make let go, should you hit them. One of these is the stomach, although if it were a guard, it is unlikely that there is much damage you could do. However, as I am sure any lady can attest after a great dance, one's feet are an easy target." And then, his arm tightens around her middle, his hand covers her mouth, holding her still and waiting for her to put his words to action.

Ryeira's eyes close as his hands tighten around her and her body tenses as she catches her breath, held in place by the hand. The words do trigger a response and perhaps one not as contained as it should have been for a lesson, as her heeled boot comes down on his foot as her hands come up to try to remove the hands from her mouth.

Its clear that Gaerwyn would curse, and loudly, if not in the presence of the lady of the Hold, and surely enough his hands are loosened before she can even tug. Taking half a step back, weight on his other foot, he inclines his head. "Precisely, my lady." He murmurs, before tilting his head. "If they are wearing heavy boots, or perhaps you are unable to get to their feet, the nose is also a preferred target." He offers, inclining his head and then stepping forward once more to snag her, this time shifting enough to pull her feet from the ground and avoid the stomping of feet.

Ryeira turns as he releases her and she notices the look upon his face and his stance, "Sorry milord…I did not intend to strike with quite so much force…" She looks about to explain more before he moves into position again. "Oh…" She calls out in surprise at being lifted. Loud enough to bring the attention of the Chief Guard before the woman steps back into the shadows once more. Ryeira's hands move to Gaerwyn's arms, to help support herself, "And what am I to do from up her?" She asks as she turns to look at her 'assailant' only to find herself face to face with him. She quickly looks away a bit flustered.

The lady's surprise is almost enough for Gaerwyn to set her back on the ground, however, she's turning and he's face to face with her. "The nose, my lady. You would go for the nose." But then, as she seems more flustered, he's setting her back on the ground firmly, arms lingering aroundher for a moment before he's stepping back with an apologetic bow. "My lady, I.. did not mean to startle you."

Once he releases her she takes a few steps away, fingers moving to smooth down her blouse and pants. At the apology, she holds a hand up to dismiss it. "It is quite alright…It is I who should apologize. You caught me by surprise is all." She responds in a shaky turn and she turns her gaze back to the Hold proper before glancing back to him, "I should return."

Gaerwyn inclines his head again. "I am sorry, nevertheless, Lady Ryeira. And, may it reassure you that I will never assume the permission granted for these sessions extends to any other time. Your honor much be preserved." He bows a bit more deeply. "If you would prefer, I can escort you, however, I understand if the Lady would prefer to return with her guards alone."

Ryeira bobs her head quickly to him, "I will see you in the morning Lord Gaerwyn." She replies in a clear dismissel of him for the night. Hot and cold she is running tonight. Her boots click on the tiled grounds of the yard, her guardswoman meeting up with her at the exit and three others coming into the flank her. A well protected woman by the orders of her late husband.

"Good night, my lady." He stays politely as he's dismissed, standing straight and tall until she and her guards have vanished, returning to the Hold. And in turn, he turns for the guard's area, to work on his own skills before retiring for the evening.

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