Rubicon River: Preparing the Defenses

Rubicon River Hold - Lady Holder's Office
This room indeed bears the mark of the current Lady Holder. There is no artwork save for a simple mosaic of the hold's design into the floor as you enter. There are no distractions in here for her or those that have business here. One wall has bookshelves that are neatly stacked, with all books within reach as well as wooden boxes containing parchments. A large rosewood desk marks the centre of the room, simple, yet elegent. A highbacked chair cushioned in royal purple velvet sits behind the desk, while two simpler chairs sit before it. On the north wall towards the western corner of the room is a simple door leading to the private chamber of the Lord and Lady.

It is midday at Rubicon Hall. As with many days Ryeira is taking a light lunch in her office after making the rounds of the hall. Her dark mood has passed since the funeral and she seems back to her proper cool efficient self. She is currently in a meeting with her Headwoman. "On the first matter, I am her Lady holder, not her mother, have her talk to her own parents on the matter. On the second, I will meet with both parties in two days time, could you please get me more information on their complaints? " She goes through a list of 'matters' before finally giving a little dismissive wave of her hand, "Can you have lunch sent up, I will be busy this afternoon."

A turn of working with the Lady Holder has led Gaerwyn to be able to safely make many assumptions, and amongst them are the lady's preferences for lunch, particularly when the day is a particularly busy one. While the Warden has been particularly busy making what changes he dares to the office next to hers, a break is necessary, and the man has retrieved a light lunch not for one, but for two. And so, as the headwoman is being dimissed, Gaerwyn is appearing in the doorway instead, wordlessly sliding the tray onto the desk, offering his own nod of dimissal to the Headwoman, before he offers a nod to Ryeira. "My lady."

Ryeira doesn't look up at the 'changing of the guard', thinking it only her lady leaving until the platter is set on her desk. "That was.." She starts before hearing the voice of Gaerwyn and she looks up. "Milord…you need not serve me lunch, my ladies can tend to such matters." She says in her proper tone, though there is no hint of reprimand or even disapointment in her voice. "Well now that it is here, please sit." She says with a motion of her hand to the chair across from her.

"If your day mimicks mine, your ladies have more than enough duties to attend to. There is no reason to put anyone through twice the work." He offers plainly, the platter containing half sandwiches of various sorts and various offerings of cut fruit, as well as a pitcher of chilled juice. "If My Lady would, the young Lord grows older every day, and the question of training must be addressed.." He settles in the chair, still a bit stiffly, allowing the woman to have her choice of the offered meal.

"Well then my ladies will surely thank you for tending to my needs in this manner. She rises from her seat to pour the juice into the glasses, before settling down once more. She neatly stacks her business for the day and draws a little sheet from her desk drawer and places it over the middle of the table to protect it from the meal she is about to partake in. At the mention of Lyerdes training, her movements pause for a moment before she looks up to him. "What have you in mind?"

"It is my pleasure, my lady." He inclines his head, leaning back slightly in the seat, leaving his own portion untouched while he addresses business. "A lord must be sound on runner back, whether he will be onboard a ship or on solid land. He must be competent in basic combat. He must be sound of body." Gaerwyn says firmly, inclining his head to the Lady. "My Lady.. If I had a son, I would see to his training as my father did mine."

Ryeira can not help but laugh lightly at the first point made, "Milord, I went into labor with him on runner back. He is perhaps the most well seated lord of his age. He did ride with me or Leonidas, but has had his own pony for the last turn." It is only of Ryeira's few known pleasures. She has several runners in her stables for her alone, one a rather surly beast of a thing that only she can touch. Though only her personal guard perhaps know how much she does enjoy her rides when she has opportunity for them. The smile fades somewhat at the mention of combat. She looks down at the little sandwiches for a moment, as a frown creases her forehead. "Perhaps I have held him back from that far too long…"

"There is more, my lady, to simply being comfortable on a ride through the Hold. When he is fully trained, his runner will be a weapon of his own, as important to his own safety as his own training." At Ryeira's frown, he leans a bit across the table, one hand resting unprofessionally on the lady's forearm. "My lady, I cannot blame you, in light of the late Lord's disappearance. However, if their end was by another means than weather, perhaps this training would prove beneficial."

Ryeira is silent as he speaks, cutting her sandwich into small bite size pieces before forking them into her mouth. Finally she holds up a hand to forestall any more words on the matter, "He may train, but I wish it not to take up all of his time. He is the heir, but he is a boy and I will not deprive him of that." She says as she finally looks up to Gaerwyn. Some might be surprised at her sentimentality with regard to her children.

"My lady, I would have him two days a seven with the runners, in the morning before it gets too warm, and one afternoon a week with the guards. He will need to be measured, however for the proper gear." Feeling that he's reassured her enough, however, he's leaning back in his chair with a sandwich in his hand, falling into silence as he does so.

"Seventh day is reserved for me." Ryeira responds of the day she endeavors to spend time with her children. Weather permitting they go out for rides and such. Word might have gotten around that this only started after the Lord's death. That she was seen as more distant from her children them, that it was Leonidas who doted on them. She loved them in her own…bitran way. "That schedule sounds satisfactory." She finally says.

"If my lady would, I would also care to instruct her in basic techniques, should she feel she needs them. While we have been protecting our borders, we must all be responsible for our own safety, and my Lady most of all. The Hold cannot risk the loss of their Lady as well." Gaerwyn adds as his sandwich disappears, his gaze lingering on her face, gauging her reaction.

"Have you been speaking with my guard master?" Ryeira asks with an arched brow at the man. No doubt her chief body guard has similar desires of her despite her faith in the team so essembled to her safety. "I refuse to be armed when I go out to the people. I will not travel as if I am afraid of my own people."

"My lady, there are many ways to protect yourself without being armed openly. In fact, there are many ways to protect yourself without being armed at all, though it would make many comfortable if you would agree to carry a small knife." Gaerwyn tilts his head, gaze lingering. "There are many unexpected things that may happy, Lady Ryeira, and I fear for your son's holdings without your guidance."

Well we won't mention the renegade attack on her person when she was pregnant with Lyerdes. Nope. "My runner is well trained in my defense as are my guards." That Surly beast with iron shod feat. Even several of the stablehands have bruises or broken bones from him. Ryeira finally takes a breath before giving a small nod, "I will look into it, I hardly have much time to dedicate to such training that others always dedicate themselve for my safekeeping."

"My lady, it would be my honor to instruct you. Evenings, perhaps, even a mere hour after the dinner hour, if the lady would deem it appropriate to be in such company at such an hour." Inclining his head, he slowly stands, bowing again. "If the lady will send a message, I will arrange for the premises. However, I mustn't distract you further. Lady Ryeira.." He offers with a bow of his head, turning towards the door.

Ryeira looks up to him for a moment and finally nods. There is a faint smile at his concern, "I am hardly some maid that must have a chaperone, I am a widow and Lady of this hold. I think our reputations shall remain intact for such a meeting." As he goes to leave she nods to him, "I will see you at dinner Lord Gaerwyn." She responds before returning to the thoughtful application of eating her lunch.

Gaerwyn actually cracks the slightest of smiles at her words, pausing at the door to bow to her once more. "I shall arrange a time then, my lady. I will see you this evening.." As he disappears to his own office, a final "G'day, my Lady" is offered, and then the door closes once more.

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