Rubicon River Hold: Of Children and Heirs

Rubicon River Hold - Second Level Corridor
Hand carved, this hall seems perhaps a little short compared to the others in the Hold. And like most of the large rooms and all of the hallways, there are grooves with small holes at the place where the floor and the walls meet, to allow for condensation and other sources of moisture to drain off to somewhere dark and unseen. The familiar key-path border is used in mosaic floor tiles, the colours match that of the hold - violet, navy and white, with a thin, black edging set against tones of white. Frescoes decorate the walls, richly painted in brilliant tones, depict the natural beauty of the outlying areas of the hold Each room off this hall bears a door of naturally light colored wood, bearing brass plates with the function of the room, the name of its typical occupants and an engraving of the of the device of the hold. Kept well oiled and in good condition, these doors are original to the hold. Set subtly into the ceiling above, are modest but very functional electric lights. Keeping attention off from themselves, they are painted with a matte coat of the deep, almost rusty red that matches the limestone they are set against.

It is well into summer, the outside of the hall holding to that heavy heat of a southern summer. Inside the hall the stone walls bring some relief to the heat and open windows allow in coastal breezes. Walking through the main room is the Lady Ryeira holding the hand of Eirwyn walking beside her. The lady has mellowed over the turns, content to motherhood and married life once more. The child looks up to the mosaic of the Hold's device and points , "Rubicon!" She declares happily and Ryeira smiles and nods, "The wheel is for?" She asks the girl, "The Boats!" She exclaims in her youthful excitement, "The blue?" Ryeira prods, "The Water!" comes the next exclamation. Mellow she might be , but still everything is a lesson.

With summer comes extended trips by the fleet, and trading caravans from the neighboring holds, come to trade their own produce for the bounty of the sea. Unlike many of the Hold's men, however, Lord Gaerwyn has made no attempt to take to the seas, no attempt to be the guilding force upon the flagship, leaving that duty instead to another who is likely better suited. Meetings concluded for the day, he's excusing himself from the offices, pausing at the door as he watches the Lady Ryeira and Eirwyn make their way through the room, a content look upon his face.

"Very good." Ryeira says as she scoops up the young girl into her arms, "You are a very smart little girl and make your parents proud." She says to the child. No baby talk here. She leans in and kisses her daughter on the forehead before looking up as she hears a nearby door open. "Daddy!" Eirwyn squeels and extends her hands to Gaerwyn. Rye can not help but smile and shifts to pass over the child, "Daddy's girl…"

Gaerwyn laughs softly, holding out his arms for the girl, grinning and giving her a kiss to the check even as he sets her on his hip, his other arm moving to settle around Ryeira's shoulder, keeping his wife at his side. "How could she not be?" Gaerwyn says with a little smile, even as he's looking over their daughter. "I'm certain you've grown every day, Eirwyn.. I can't believe how big you've gotten.."

Ryeira settles against his side as his arm wraps around, her crystal blue gaze upon her husband. "Of course, you do spoil her." Ryeira says in mock accusation. Eirwyn grins at her father's comment, "Yes, Nanny Mara made another notch on my growth board. Said I was a big girl." She exclaims. Rye smiles though then looks to Gaerwyn, "There has been another query from Blackrock regarding Ryna. She is near 18 we must decide soon on a match for her."

"You can spoil Ryna and Lyerdes, Eirwyn is mine to spoil.." Gaerwyn says with a nod, and then chuckles softly at Eirwyn. "Soon, you'll be big enough for your own pony." He says with a chuckle, and then tenses a little bit at Ryeira's comment, hurriedly shaking his head. "Tell him that a decision has already been made." His otherwise cheerful tone suddenly has undertones of a growl to it, even as he settles Eirwyn back down on the ground. "That man has no sons, and I don't trust his motives."

Ryeira smiles to the first, "Of course she is." She reaches out and taps the girl lightly on the nose. "She is her father's daughter. Charming and fine to look upon." She says before she nods to Gaerwyn on the matter of her eldest daughter. "He harkens to a meeting when his wife and young song was still alive and hopes to make the match for himself. I believe the words passed then were only upon his son and no other relation."

"She can have a far better match, than a man older than her own stepfather." Gaerwyn says firmly, as if leaving no further room for discussion, shaking his head. "Lady Johanna was in fine health.. If he is asking, I fear for her safety. Its no secret amongst us, that he has approached not one but two of brothers if either of them might wed one of his daughters. If he is willing to marry them to men, rather than boys.." He shakes his head, attempting to dismiss the train of thought.

"She is inclined to continue her studies at Landing, but she knows her duty." Ryeira responds of the nature of her daughter. "There have been a few other interests from both northern and Southern holders. Though I would not have her forced into marriage with old men or children if I can help it." Ryeira responds to her husband.

"I don't see any reason to rush her departure.. When a suitable match is found.. one that she accepts, so be it." Gaerwyn says with a nod, and a sigh and a shake of his head. "We will vet them, carefully, and see where they go. Though, the young Lord Larsen, of Fort, could prove to be a good match, should they be of a like mind." He suggests idly, glancing down at Eirwyn, with a soft sigh. "Though, I fear that once we settle this, many will wonder when we will begin searching for Lyerdes."

Ryeira looks up to Gaerweyn with a note of relief at his words. This is a lady raised on the duty of a woman to be used as barter for the holds. She was used as such, and while she did grow to love her husband, her life was not pleasent for a great many years. She nods at the mention of Larsen, "They seemed to get along well when he did foster here." She says in a thoughtful tone. She looks upon her youngest daughter's face lightly nodding to his words.

The chime of bells from the hall below, and Gaerwyn is pausing to listen, shaking his head. "We shall speak to the Lady Tresa… And tell the Lord Toban that he will need to look elsewhere." Leaning, he gives Eirwyn a kiss first, before pausing to offer one to Ryeira in turn. "I'm to meet the Harper for his report before dinner.. I will see you both there.." He offers, with a smile, even as the Harper appears outside the office door, and Gaerwyn is excusing himself to apply himself to the matter at hand.

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