Rubicon River: And We Shall Call Her...

Rubicon River Hold - Infirmary
This is the hold and hall's infirmary, along the back wall is a row of cots, used when ever needed. On the right wall is a large cabinet that contains the medical supplies used by the holds healer.

Well Gaerwyn slept through the scariest part. The nearly bleeding out part, but the surgeons went to work and both mother and daughter now are resting in a quiet curtained off area of the Infirmary. Fresh sheets cover Ryeira and she looks nearly as pale as they are. A little basinet has been set beside her bed that holds the tiny infant, perhaps a bit small for her age, but with all the requisite fingers and toes. Ryeira is sleeping at the moment, though one hand seems to rest on the basinet so close to her.

With the issues facing Ryeira, its really no surprise that the Healers didn't waste the time getting Gaerwyn back on his feet. However, he was moved out of the way, and left to recover at his own pace. An icepack wrapped against his shoulder, the man is now awake, and with permission from the Healers, he's ducking in to check on Ryeira. And there he stands, quietly, just staring at the woman he apparently almost lost and the small child she dared risk carry.

The first sign that she is rousing is her hand tightening on the edge of the basinet. A few moments later her head turns in that direction before eyes flutter open. In that moment her gaze shifts over to Gaerwyn and a weak smile is offered to him and she motions him forward. "Come…meet your daughter." Her voice is weak yet no longer carries the fear and worry. She may well not even realize yet how close she came to dying herself. Her only thought for the child she carried.

A worried look lingers on his face even as Ryeira stirs, the man nodding slowly as he closes the distance. His gaze drops to the infant in the bassinet, watching her even as his hands reach for Ryeira's. "You.. You did it, my lady…" He offers softly, eyes alone touching their daughter. "I.. thought I would lose you, or worse, you both."

"And yet here we both lay…" Ryeira responds in a quiet voice, sounding drained and yet…content. Her fingers slide into his easily, hands currently weaker then during the delivary, but the healers are certain of her recovery now. "Pass her to me?" She asks softly as she drops her hand from the basinet. "We must name her…"

Gaerwyn swallows loudly, nodding with a soft sigh, his fingers reluctantly letting go - her weakness enough to keep him aware of how close he did come to tragedy. Slowly, the infant is gathered in his arms, looking her over, eyes resting on her face even as he passes her carefully to Ryeira. "Eirwyn?" He suggests softly, debating how it feels as he says it.

Ryeira watches Gaerwyn's face, notices the odd look to him and reaches her hand to him before she gathers her daughter in her own arms, the child resting quietly on her chest. "I am alright, we are alright." She assures him, as she strokes the infant lightly, "I only regret is that it was not a boy I could give you…but that regret was lost when I did see her."

Nervousness lingers as the man gently settles on the edge of the bed, one hand resting on the child's feet, the other lightly on Rye's arm, shaking his head hurriedly. "She is perfect. It is best, this way. Lyerdes deserves no threats to his future." And a daughter will protect them.

Ryeira nods to his words as her eyes shift to her daughter, "It is a good name." She finally responds to that score, lifting her head up to kiss the downy hair atop her head before leading her head drop to the pillows once more. "Lyerdes is safe…I think I am done." she murmurs as she looks up to him,"We share blood within her, it is my gift to you."

Gaerwyn nods slowly as the name is accepted, a slow smile crossing his face, finally letting himself truly examine the babe laying there. "She is perfect… And it is a gift I could never forget." A gentle kiss is given to his wife, hand squeeze her arm lightly as he sits back up. "I would never have asked this of you, if I knew it would be this way."

"There are no regrets Gaerwyn and I would not have you speak on them." Ryeira responds a bit more forcefully, though her voice still is weaker than normal. "We are well…" Her lips respond to the kiss, though she does not lift her head, fingers shifting over the infant now squirming on her chest, whimpering softly. "I think it is meal time…" She looks up to Gaerwyn with a touch of colour to her pale cheeks, "I think I might need some help."

"No regrets.." Gaerwyn utters for his own benefit as much as hers, a little bit of a smile forced onto his face as he looks at them a soft sigh. And as the babe whimpers, a bit of closer touches his own face. "What.. What shall I do, my lady?"

"If you could help me sit up a touch…I might well manage the rest, though I may need you to support me. I am feeling about as weak as a babe at the moment." Her tones as proper as ever as she speaks on such. "I can arrange for a wet nurse later but…this feels right for now." Ryeira responds as she waits for his aid.

Gaerwyn nods hurriedly, shifting to help Ryeira sit up, both moving a pillow to support her as well as settling to offer his own self to lean against, shoulder set behind hers, arm across her back. A rarely scene moment in public, likely, but he only nods as he looks over her shoulder at the babe.

As he settles in behind her, she smiles over her shoulder at him. Perhaps it is rare but it is desired at this moment. She settles heavily against him as she lets the sheet drop and opens the front of her gown to feed the infant. It takes a few goes before the babe latches on and the sheet is drawn up again for modesty's sake. Ryeira settles her head back against his shoulder, eyes shuttering closed with contentment.

"Thank you, my love." Gaerwyn whispers softly in Ryeira's ear as she leans back against his shoulder, other arm lifting to gently encircle Eirwyn, offering a light hold, falling silent, unwilling to break the peace of sitting with his wife and long awaited child.

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