Rubicon River: An Exciting Ride

The Lady and Lord's stables
The Lady and Lord's stables, and along the cliffs of the hold.

It is morning time at the Hold, breakfast has past and for many of the hold it is a rest day. Even Ryeira has taken the opportunity to go pleasure riding this morning, inviting of course her fiance and children. Ryna, though had arranged to spend some time showing some of the new fosters around the hold and thus excused herself. Ryeira stands on the mounting block before her large black Malfore. A large beast he is, one most foul to but a few. A favoured of the lady, and she in her riding attire preparing to mount up as she waits for her two lords.

With Tsornin carefully tacked up, the large bay is being walked across the stableyard by one of the young stablehands, while Gaerwyn is lingering, talking to the stablemaster in hushed tones. After a moment, he nods, and the pair separates, the Warden jogging to catch up with his mount, offering a deep bow to Ryeira as he comes to a stop nearby.

Lyerdes wasn't allowed to roam the Hold alone yet, or with a gaggle of other children so instead he's decided to come along riding. He's still too young to have a runner of his own, so instead he's paired up with a smaller, mild tempered mare Lixi. Getting onto her is basically impossible for the boy by himself, so he pets her and holds onto her reigns while he waits. "Where will we ride out to today, mom?" He's in his riding clothes, which are already dirt despite them not even having mounted up yet.

Ryeira inclines her head to Gaerwyn as she settles onto her beast, he side steps two steps away from the mount block as she settles upon him. Some say they are well matched for rider and beast. Serious, though he has a worse temper. She motions a stable hand to bring Lixi to the mounting block for her son to mount up. "I thought we might ride along the cliffs aways." Of course as the family mount up, so do a few member of their personal guards in the livery of the hold.

Gaerwyn lets Tsornin's reins drop, the runner staying put even as he turns a nasty eye on Malfore, the Warden moving to help the young Lyerdes mount up. Offering woven fingers as a support, he crouches next to Lixi, nodding to the boy. "Up, my lord." He says with a grin, even as his attention drifts over his shoulder to Ryeira and the guards, with a nod of agreement.

Lyerdes leads Lixi over to the mounting block. "Ooh, the cliffs!" The boy grins to the warden as he offers him a hop up. The boy holds onto the reigns in one hand and puts the other on Gaerwyn's shoulder, then steps into his hands for the lift. Clearly a practiced move, but it still makes him giggle. One of the stable hands helps to adjust the saddle and stirrups a bit so the young lord can ride comfortably.

Ryeira leans down to adjust her own stirrups, though they are already set well for her, but it does give her a chance to watch the interaction of the Lord and her son. A smile is faint upon her lips, one of approval..contentment. She steps Malfore forward towards one of the guardwoman's to give her instructions for the day's ride. "Range out, we would like our privacy today if you please." She says before giving a few more instructions and moving Malfore back to the others. He too gives a dark eye to Tsornin. The two stallions not as easily settled together as their rider's it seems.

Only once Lyerdes is properly settled does Gaerwyn turn away, Tsornin pawing impatiently at the ground as he waits for his rider. In a move executed many, many times over the years, he's mounting up with ease, settling the stirrups and shifting to settle his seat more firmly. A gentle tug of the reins pulls the stallions attention back to *him*, before a gentle click sends the runner into a patient walk to meet the others, and let the ride begin.

Lyerdes is happy to take point. He's been along the cliffs before, and is excited to be out riding clearly. He lets the mare go into a nice trot as they move out of the stables. He only turns back when his mother tells the guards to give them some privacy. Thankfully his mare doesn't seem to have any problems with the two stallions. Though maybe she ought to be separating them.

They head out of the hold, letting the little lord take point. The small group of guards flaring around them at a respectful distance. After a little time Ryeira moves closer toward Gaerwyn and her son. "We have decided to hold a private official ceremony soon, though no doubt the festivities at the harvest festival will be no less grand." She announces to her son as she sidles up alongside his mare.

Careful to keep Lixi between Malfore and Tsornin, Gaerwyn carefully guides his runner closer, the stallion happy enough to nudge at the mare now and then and ignore the darker stallion on her other side. Reins are kept short, however, Gaerwyn nodding at Ryeira's words. "As soon as the end of this sevenday." Gaerwyn adds, perhaps cutting off Lyerdes inevitable question of how soon is soon.

Lixi seems to be enjoying herself. After all, the tiny lord didn't weigh very much, so it was more like light exercise to her. Lyerdes turns his attention to his mother when she mentions the wedding. "Private? Will there still be a party afterwards? With presents?" Then he turns to Gaerwyn. "There will be a party, right? I still get to be in it? Do we have to uh… practice or something?" There was usually some sort of practice for anything with 'official' or 'ceremony' in the title. At least in Lye's experience.

Ryeira cannot surpress the smile at Lyerdes concerns, "Yes there will be still a party at the Harvest Gathering. A reception if you like and I imagine there will be presents. We just wish to not wait a moment longer to be man and wife." Nor can they afford to. She looks over the head of her son to look to Gaerwyn, a soft smile upon her lips.

"We won't need to practice. It'll just be a small group. You, your sister, a harper and perhaps a few others. You'll just have to be on your best behavior." Gaerwyn says with a grin, his gaze drifting past Lyerdes to Ryeira, quickly hiding the look at her explanation for the hurry. "I'm certain there will still be cakes, as well."

Lyerdes nods to his mother. "Ooh. Alright then. That's sounds like it will be good. I can't wait for the presents! Can I help you open them? Do we do that at the party or afterwards?" He looks to the warden then. "Oh, I see. Can I wear my new shoes to the wedding? Will there be a really big cake? I like the really big cakes. With lots of icing. And strawberry filling."

"Perhaps a small cake for the ceremony, but I imagine there will be a grand display at the harvest fesitval." Ryeira replies before pausing her runner for a moment, her hand coming up to her mouth briefly with a pale touch to her features before the hand drops to her reigns again. "I think I will continue back to the hold, you lads continue your ride, there is business I must attend to." She gives Gaerwyn a direct look before motioning a member of her guard to join her for her return journey.

"We will see, Lord Lyerdes, we will see." He says firmly, before Ryeira's expression draws a concerned look. After a moment, he relaxes, nodding. "Of course, my lady." He replies formally, inclining his head in a bow, even as he turns Tsornin to watch the lady return with her guard.

Lyerdes nods. "Okay!" Two cakes, even! That was better than one! Being tiny though made big things more spectacular. Especially big things that were yummy. The boy blinks a bits as his mother excuses herself. "Er. Goodbye mom!" Then he turns to look to the warden curiously. "Why's she have to go back?"

"I expect that the Lady is feeling slightly.. under the weather. She's been dealing with a great deal of stress as of late." Gaerwyn replies carefully, even as his gaze lingers on the path Ryeira and her guard disappeared along. "She'll be fine, with a bit of rest."

Lyerdes blinks at Gaerwyn. "She is? Is she sick? She shouldn't have come out riding if she's sick!" After all, /he/ wasn't allowed to go out riding when he was sick. "Maybe we should go back with her!" And Lyerdes in his concern about his mother tugs on the reigns of his runner to bring her about. Lixi complies with a whinny, though both her and Lye are startled. Lixi lurches forward, and then Lye accidentally tug on her reigns, which sends her into a full on sprint. "Aaa! Lixi!" And off they go!

"Not sick. Perhaps just a little motion sick. It happens, Lord Lyerdes." He tries to reassure the boy, before Lixi is brought around and then takes off, Gaerwyn swearing as he nudges Tsornin into motion, the stallion's longer gait at least causing them to gain ground. The soft swearing continues as Tsornin's nose pulls even with Lixi's flank. "Just hold on, boy." He says informally across the closing distance.

Lixi is still in full sprint! Of course it doesn't take long for the stallion to overtake her. Lyerdes is looking terrified and holding onto the reigns as tightly as he can, too terrified to remember any of his training. Lixi leaps over a fallen tree branch, the jump causing poor Lye to yelp in surprise, but at least it wakes him up a bit and he looks to the warden. "Gaerwyn! Help!"

Gaerwyn sits back in his saddle, giving Tsornin his head to jump the branch before slowing him enough to match the mare's pace. A moment, making sure there's nothing unexpected infront of them, he's leaning to snag at the mare's bridle, tugging on her head to turn her slightly, and hopefully stop her. "Hold on.." He orders Lyerdes, giving a bit more of a tug.

Lixi however, isn't so spooked that she forgets all of her training. The mare whinnies a bit, but slows down to a stop, though that doesn't mean Lyerdes is giving up his death grip on the reigns. He sniffles a bit, then the waterworks get switched on. Finally he manages to blurt out. "I don't want to ride anymore today."

Gaerwyn leans back in his saddle as Lixi stops, and Tsornin slows in turn, the runners shuffling a little as they stop. As Lyerdes begins to bawl, Gaerwyn hesitates for a moment, sparing the guards a long look before nudging the runners closer together and leaning across the distance to pull Lyerdes from his own saddle and onto his. "We'll get you home, Lord Lyerdes, and perhaps they'll be a nice pan of hot bubblies waiting. You've had a long day." Lixi's rein's are looped with Tsornin's to get the mare to follow.

Lyerdes wasn't even seven yet, give him a break! Plus he was high up on a runner. The boy allows himself to be taken, slumping back against the warden and sniffling. "Okay, Lord Gaerwyn." He rubs at his eyes a bit then reaches over to pat Lixi. "Sorry, Lixi. She can run real fast though, can't she?" He sounds a little /too/ interested in her running fast, though.

Gaerwyn gently pats Lyerdes's shoulder as the boy slumps back, the Warden nodding. "Aye, Lord Lyerdes, she can run real fast. Maybe when you've had some more practice, and are a little older you can try it again." He offers, the guards moving closer as Gaerwyn falls silent, turning Tsornin towards home at a steady pace.

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