Lady Rubicon's Mask Fades

Rubicon River Hold - Widow's Walk

This place is the highest of the Hold affording a rather expansive view of the waters and lands surrounding the hold. There is a limestone platform with a railing on the cliff edge. It is unfortunate name for this area, but many a lady have stood on this platform waiting for their husband's ship to come home only for it to be lost to sea.

It is early morning at Rubicon River Hold. There is industry on the grounds below, ships being prepared for fishing no doubt, as well as such industry that keeps the hold running. It seems so far from here, several stories above the main area of the hold. Here the widow walks along the path so aptly named. The winter wind whipping at her hair as she looks out over the water. Over a decade ago she fought against coming here, last conclave she fought to stay. They accused her of coldness, lack of caring for her dearly departed, yet here and now the tears do silently fall. Out of sight from her people, her children and conclave. A proud woman she is.

Despite the early hour, Niva has sought a retreat from Xanadu Weyr and the recent upheaval there. Her office no longer a safe place, she's taken it upon herself to visit the Lady of Rubicon Hold, knowing that she faced such challenges herself. And so, slowly she ascends to the widow's walk, lingering back as she watches Ryeira in her grief.

As she feels the presence of her watcher, Ryeira's shoulders tighten, she stands up a bit straighter and dabs at the tears at her eyes. Seeking composure before she turns to face the woman. "Goodmorning Weyrwoman, Rubicon's duties to you and your queen." She says formally with an slight inclination of her head. "I had not expected you today, is all well?"

Niva lingers back, remaining quiet and giving the other woman the appropriate time and respect due her station, only moving forward as she's greeted. "Xanadu's duties, Lady.." Niva says with an inclination of her head in return, turning to look over the harbor, shaking her head. "I felt that our new Weyrleader could use a morning to stand by himself." She offers as an excuse.

As greetings are returned, and the lady joins her at the walk, Ryeira too looks back over the harbour. "I too am anticipating a new Lord to …assist in overseeing things." She says, her voice not giving much away though her jaw tightens at the mention of things. "I have been sent information on three gentlemen of blood who might make suitable candidates." Her voice cracks ever so slightly at the last word, and she tilts her face to the wind to catch the fresh tears. A woman faced with having to 'replace' her husband, and they thought she had no heart.

Niva moves to the railing, hands resting lightly infront of her, turning her head a bit to keep the hair out of her face. "Would the Conclave not simply allow a Warden to oversee your borders?" Niva questions, looking out of the corner of her eyes at the Lady, shaking her head. "It.. its not a job I envy." She finally admits, chosing her words carefully.

"They trust not the cool Bitran heart of a woman not seen to grieve for her husband…" Ryeira says with a huff of a laugh, "Should I had come there wailing, then I would have been thought not emotionally stable enough to tend to matters…such is the lot of a Lady." She says with a flippant gesture of her hands. "They have ordered a man chosen to see to the defenses of the lands, perhaps they thought it more suitable task for a male." She gives a shrug at that before looking back, "And many might say the same for yours…leaders chosen not by their own skill, but of those of fickle creatures…"

"I suppose it is.. fortunate that Kilaueth found me, and that I am not a lady of the Hold. Fickle though they may be, as unpredictable as the wind, but she has never left me wanting for control." And its certainly a position that Niva enjoys being in. Though, she does chuckle softly, shaking her head. "I had a child… and apprentice.. ask the other day, what harm could a Weyrleader do, as if he himself was hoping to vy for the job."

"I was well protected from such…choices. My family had other destinies in mind." Ryeira responds, her fingers flickering to the hold down below. "I hear they are generally well matched…" She says with a cant of her head at Niva, giving a faint smile at the question of the child, "You should see Lyerdes on the ships, walking the planks like a little hold lord…" There is a mother's pride to her voice that even the cold Bitran face cannot hide of her young son.

"My mother still has not accepted, after over twenty turns, that I will not be joining her as a Master Healer." Niva comments idly, shoulders rising and falling slowly as she looks out over all those working below. "He is younger than my own daughter, Lady Ryeira. I have been in his position, and its not one I'd wish on anyone."

"I will protect him from it as best I may…Le…Leonidas wished him a normal childhood, and I will try to honour that. He is only five turns, he has many years ahead to learn his duties." Ryeira responds as her gaze catches upon a ship setting forth, whispered words are said to wish them safe journey. These little bits, these are parts of her that will not likely be noticed by people. That she feels safe to do them in front of Niva, perhaps says something of how she views the woman.

"You will do what you must, Lady… We always do." She comments softly, shaking her head with a sigh, bowing it momentarily as a silent wish trails the boat, hoping to grant it dragon's speed on its journey. "Your hold will need you, no matter what comes with the… new arrival." She falters as on how to refer to him. "Your children will need you, as their mother, as much as as their teacher."

"Yes we do." Ryeira says softly and turns to give another faint smile to Niva, "They are still my people no matter who they choose. My people held in trust for my son. I will ensure I give him his proper legacy when he is ready." As the ship takes out to sea, Ryeira motions toward the hold proper, "Would you care to break your fast with me and mine?" She offers the women as she turns toward the staircase.

Niva hesitates for a moment, looking once more out over the water, watching the sails of the ship continue to fade, before she ducks her head. "Thank you for the invitation but.. perhaps I should make sure that my young Weyrleader is still in one piece." And then, trying to hide a bit of amusement, she shakes her head. "Apparently, he fancies fireworks." She comments as she moves to follow after Ryeira.

"Safe travels then…" At the mention of fireworks, Ryeira arches a brow, "Oh dear, indeed fair winds at thy wings." She clasps her hands in front of her for a moment, "Thank you for your visit this morning Weyrwoman." She says in a light voice, almost caught by the wind before she turns and heads down the path once more, fingers smoothing out her hair and dress as she moves along.

Niva lingers for another moment, glancing once more to see before she's returning to the courtyard, and to her Weyr, after a parting nod of her head to the Lady.

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