A Call for Help

Rubicon River Hold - Lady Holder's Office


This room indeed bears the mark of the current Lady Holder. There is no artwork save for a simple mosaic of the hold's design into the floor as you enter. There are no distractions in here for her or those that have business here. One wall has bookshelves that are neatly stacked, with all books within reach as well as wooden boxes containing parchments. A large rosewood desk marks the centre of the room, simple, yet elegent. A highbacked chair cushioned in royal purple velvet sits behind the desk, while two simpler chairs sit before it. On the north wall towards the western corner of the room is a simple door leading to the private chamber of the Lord and Lady.

It is midday here at Rubicon Hold in those first months of spring that brings the familiar warmth even more readily to the day, not that this area really gets all that cold. In her ever neat script the Lady Rubicon has requested the presence of the Weyrwoman of Xanadu. No doubt a woman she has had conference with on occasion. She is sitting at her desk, one that's neatness borderlines OCD. Even know she is arranging the items on her desk in a faintly fidgeting manner. Such a serious woman she always has been and no less today.

Ryeira's office, in its neatness, is the opposite of the cluttered space that is Niva's office. The Weyrwoman has arrived as the sun is peaking over Rubicon River, and as she finds her way to the Lady Holder's office, pausing at the door, waiting for permission to enter the other woman's domain. She looks rather run down, dark circles under her eyes, though she's tidy at least - she's not lacking in presentation. "Lady Holder.." She says, the same tiredness evident in her voice.

As the door is opened by her servent, Ryeira rises from her seat and smooths down her dress. A Bitran fashion only slightly modified for these warmer climates. More suitable fabrics, skirt length just a touch shorter, sleeves looser. "Analine you may go." She says with a dismissive gesture to the servent who gives a little curtsey and dips out of the room. "Weyrwoman.." She says with an inclination of her head and motions to the chair across from her, "Thank you for coming so quickly, I know my note left little to draw you hear, but I thought disgression might well suit the day."

Niva nods to the servant as she slips past her and out, watching her for a moment, before she's looking back at Ryeira, nodding to her as well. "Unfortunately, I assume it has nothing to do with our wandering young rider." There is a hint of disappointment in her voice, as she's shrugging out of her jacket and settling into the offered chair, settling it across her lap. "What worries me is what requires more discretion than the appearance of a partially trained goldrider." Niva admits after a moment.

"I think not, and I appreciate that you have problems in your own home, but I would not call upon your aid if I had not thought it urgent." Ryeira responds as she settles back in her seat, fingers resting on the desks surface. For the most part she seems no more or less serious than usual, though there is a faint strain about her eyes and hands as they steeple on the desk before her. "Our flagship is overdue by a sevenday. It is not uncommon for our ships to be late by a day or two, but this long…" She shakes her head, "And several aboard do have firelizards and none have returned. Including that of Lord Rubicon."

"Xanadu Weyr is here to serve, Lady Ryeira. You should not worry about asking for aid." Niva says hurriedly, hoping to reassure the other woman that she bears no ill will for being called to Rubicon River. While Ryeira settles back, the Weyrwoman remains sitting rather stiffly, tilting her head at the Lady Holder's words. "Did they have a purpose to their voyage?" Niva questions after a moment, though her voice is quiet, thanks to the revelation of the lack of firelizard messengers.

"I would not wish to raise alarm to those beholden to Rubicon if I can help it. They may just have been delayed or had to go to port elsewhere." Even as she says these excuses it is clear that she does not believe them and she drops her gaze to her hands for a moment before looking up, "I would not wish Rubicon to appear weak to those that would take advantage of it. Until I receive confirmation one way or the other….well could your riders be discreet in their search?" Ryeira asks as she leans back in her seat, resting her hands in her lap. She raises one in a dismissive gesture, "Fishing…this time of year they must go to further fishing grounds. Often they leave for sevendays at a time. It has been near three sevendays since they left harbour."

"We will be discrete. Its the least we can do, in repayment for your own discreteness in the matter of Kate and her young gold." After all, very few know the truth of the matter - that she has vanished with no trace, and that she was not sent off for further training. "Xanadu will lend its aid. I'll hand chose the Search riders, and I will have riders stationed here, to prevent anyone from attempting to take advantage of the situation, should word get out." After a pause, she's glancing around the office for a map. "We will need to know what grounds they were headed to."

"In kind my captains keep look out for your lost gold. They in turn are discreet." Ryeira responds and rises from her desk and moves to a side wall that has curtains cover a portion. She draws back the curtain not to reveal a window but a map and already marks are made upon it with little pins. "This is the area they usually traverse and this was the last known area they were at, south of this small island here. I got a message of..Lord Rubicon that night that all was well, skies are clear be home in a few days." Her voice cracks just slightly at the end. While she may be referred to the ice Queen of Rubicon, there is some evidence she might actually love her lord.

"And Xanadu appreciates it." Niva nods, before as Ryeira is rising and moving towards a curtained portion of the office she is joining her, the jacket left neatly over the back of the chair. Folding her arms over her chest, she stands next to the Lady Holder, gaze settling on the map, making mental notes of the various points. "We'll start our search here.." And a swath of coastline is marked out, including the island, Niva's gaze flicking momentarily to the other woman, though it seems that she's not comfortable enough to take that step and offer any reassurance other than a somewhat shaky, 'We'll find him'.

Should the response be 'With his shield or on it?' Perhaps so if she stuck to the theme. Ryeira's slender pale fingers brush over the tops of the pins and does not look to the woman at her side. "A buriel at sea is perhaps suiting to the men of this hold…a great honour, but…this not knowing that is not fair to any of the families of those on that vessel." She responds in a quieter voice as her fingers drop from the map and she looks over to Niva, "Your protection would be appreciated. We have oft repelled renegades in the past and I would think if this became know…they may seize the opportunity to attack while our defenses are lessened and moral down."

Niva's gaze returns to the map, staring at the pins again, nodding. "You will have Xanadu's protection. Half a wing, at all times, and half a wing will search. You will know, as we know." Niva agrees, before looking back to the Lady Holder. "They will be here, before I leave." And already the message is being carried to Xanadu on the minds of the dragons, and a half wing hurriedly scrambling. And then, in a surprising show of friendliness, Niva's offering a slight smile. "I'm sorry, Lady Ryeira."

Ryeira closes her eyes for put a moment before looking up to the woman, "I thank you for your protection and support, I will ensure an abundant tithe when we our full on our bounty." Ryeira replies and draws the curtain back over the map. There are allusions to maintain, though they may call her heartless, they also call her strong. Such times as these it will be the strength that will be looked to. "Our son will soon celebrate his fifth turnday…my heart is heavy that it may be celebrated in mourning."

"Its our duty, Lady Ryeira." Niva says formally, nodding slowly, watching the curtains draw closed. "Its never something that a child should have to endure." Niva comments after a moment, as the Weyrwoman chews on her lip, distracted as she's already deep in conversation with her lifemate. "If you will excuse me, Lady, we have much to do to find your lost men."

"Please let me not keep you a moment longer…" Ryeira replies even as she ushers to Weyrwoman to the door herself. "May your own lost return to you as well." She says with a light inclination of her head. She motions her servent to the entryway, "Please inform the steward that riders from Xanadu will be performing drills in our skies over the next sevenday or so. That every hospitality should be paid to them while they are seeing to their duties." The woman dips a curtsey and scuries down the hall.

"I hope we will have news for you soon." Niva says, pausing at the door to shrug her jacket back on, settling it over her shoulders, tugging it into place, before she's watching the servant dart off. "Should you hear anything, please, let my riders know. I hope that the next visit will be under better circumstances." And then she's nodding and excusing herself, continuing the arrangements even as she's returning to Kilaueth in the courtyard.

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