Straight, dark brown hair is short and cut above her ears, however a tail that hangs down to mid back has been left and is neatly braided and tied with a thong. Her face has soft rounded features and a semi-okay looking chin, however her nose is quite a different matter. It may have once been a nice feature, but now it's crooked and has a slight bulge on the bridge from being broken at some point. Her dark green eyes are flecked with browns and golds, giving them a muddy appearance. She's not very tall, standing only about five feet and a few inches, and her mass isn't much to note, but what she has is toned and muscled. Her skin is rough and darkly tanned and her hands are thickly callused.

She's dressed in a pair of simple and yet servicable, heavy cotton skirt thats shaded a light tan and is also wearing a simple white shirt that is just a little loose. On her feet are a pair of hard leather black boots that have seen some time, but they're still in fairly good shape..


Lying sheltered between hills that are almost plateau's lies a small hold far from the main steading. Here it is that Kiernan was born. Tragedy had struck the family just less then turn before, killing off the first born son when he contracted a high fever. Distraught the young family tried again, and replaced their first born, with a new child.

Though a little backwards, they were loving parents and Kiernan didn't lack for much. Though they weren't flowing in marks, their runners brought in a steady enough income. Kiernan grew up learning the family business, the raising and selling of runners.

Kiernan developed a fair eye for runner flesh and a good hand for working with them, However tragedy struck once more to the small family as the runners began disappearing. No traces were ever found of them, and renegades were suspected.

Sending a plea of help to their Lord Holder, brought assistance in trying to track down the culprits, but alas to no avail. With their lively hood disappearing, and the safety of the hold compromised they were forced once more to plea with their Lord Holder.

Selling the last of their bloodstock, Kiernan's parents moved into the main hold to work there, for they were no longer able to tithe to the Lord Holder. Kiernan, got into several fights defending the family honor, many times ending up the worse for wear. That didn't stop Kiernan however, however the Lord Holder had had enough and Kiernan was forced to make a decision. Pride must be swallowed, or a new home must be found.

Kiernan could not bear to stand aside and ignore the sarcastic remarks about not being good enough to make a living away from the Hold, and thus Kiernan took leave of the place that was home and went searching for a new living.


A new living Kiernan did find, out in the ocean at the island Weyr, Western. Here K'nan did a few odd jobs until one day while talking to Lyrriva in the caverns a brown head appeared in the doorway of the caverns. From this surely uncomfortable position, Brown Anonmyth decided that K'nan should be a candidate. With a great deal of shock, K'nan humbly accepted.

Candidacy was a new experience in some ways, but in many ways it was but a continuation of the chores down in childhood, except in different capacities. Straps were oiled, albeit this time dragon straps as opposed to harnesses for runnerbeasts. Cleaning of rooms and such was nothing new, but the learning of information that would be invaluable in case of Impression. So Kiernan listened and learned.

Kiernan made some friends in that time, but was especially close to Zantos, whom Kiernan liked to pester. The two would often sit and talk about girls or even each others family to an extent. Before long, hatching time was upon them and soon would come the time for friendships to be strengthen or broken as some stayed and some moved on.

Out on the sands, watching the eggs, Kiernan was nervous, but Kiernan was not to be left standing on the sands. For Blue Phailinugoth had other ideas, and fun was the main of it all. Charging across the sands straight at Kiernan, K'nan found himself suddenly looking into the dragons eyes and being asked to play.

Weyrlinghood was a series of adventures and tribulations, for Phailinugoth was a hyper dragon who tended to think before he acted, not to mention that standing still long enough to even eat or be oiled was tired of quickly. Still they did have fun and it was with joy that thet flew together for the first time, rising up to the spires of the Weyr before heading down back to ground.

Despite worries that maybe they might not, due to Phaili's exuberant attitude and forgetting about things and getting them in trouble, they graduated and were assigned to their very own weyr and soon tagged for a wing.

Troubles were not over however, for mating flights soon became a thing of reality and one day when Aeleojaith flew, Izelth and Phailinugoth were their to catch. As the green tired, she fell down into Phailinugoth, but something happened and she continued on down into Izelth, the blue being dragged along. Though Phailinugoth didn't get teh chance itself to mate with the green, he crooned and supported the two as the three of them glided downwards, Izelth practically holding on to the both.

Meanwhile in the groundweyrs below, three riders were caught up in the emotions and actions of their dragons, and though X'an was the winning rider, much like his dragon he swept up the two riders. When morning came a secret K'nan had been hiding came to light, as S'in announced quite pointedly that K'nan was really a girl.

Still instead of being upset, both were supportive, even if shocked, and when the news came out that there was a possibility of pregnancy, both males were worried. X'an himself went out to clear his head, and Aeleojaith took it upon herself to send for S'ins father and brother.

S'in blurted out all that happened, much to K'nans embarrassment, to T'burk and Auberaan. It wasn't long however before the whole Weyr would know, for Aeleojaith had been proclaiming it to all the dragons. Still despite K'nan's worries, no one was upset and everyone was understanding.

However, due to the possibility of being pregnant, and Phailinugoths adamant refusal at the thought of terminating a pregnancy, K'nan's diet has been restricted, no klah, no wine, no nothing. Not to mention, no going between.

Whether or not she is pregnant, only time will tell.


It's been near to three turns since anyone heard much about K'nan after she left Eastern Weyr shortly after many of the weyrlings left. No one seems to know where she, her dragon and her daughter went. She didn't leave word with anyone. One day she was there, the next day, they and all the socks were just gone. Anyone curious enough to check may have heard word about her being down at Honshu from time to time, other times found her in the holds. Most of the time there was nothing.

One noticeable event for those who may dig deep enough is that she was often found still performing Search & Rescue for the minor holds and there is one event that stands out. About a turn after she left Eastern, a small holding along the ocean sent out an alarm when a tropical storm was approaching. It seems a little boy was missing. Answering the call K'nan left Zafirah with the hold and she and Phailinugoth went out searching. Hours passed without a sign and the winds were picking up speed. Just when they were about to turn back, Phailinugoth spotted a pod of dolphins that was keeping the remains of a small rowboat afloat, clinging to it for dear life was the boy.

With the aid of the dolphins they managed to secure the boy and flew him to the hold. It was there that the pair met with an accident. A tree was suddenly uprooted as the little boy was handed over to his near hysterical mother. Phailinugoth took the brunt of it as he moved to protect the people. He suffered damage to his wings and cracked ribs. K'nan was instantly knocked out when a branch knocked her in the head.

It was days before she recovered consciousness, and more still before she was coherent. Phailinugoth was healing well with the aid of a dragon healer that had been called in and improved more rapidly when K'nan regained conciousness. However, all was not well for it seems she was suffering from amnesia. Only bits and pieces of things was she able to remember, and not all in the correct order.

Then the nightmares began. As she regained more of her memory, she started relieving times in her past in her dreams, most often it centered around the plaque that she had contracted while pregnant with her eldest. Sometimes these nightmares carried over into the days, but those became more and more infrequent as time went on.

During a period of lucidity K'nan decided that her precious daughter would be best off fostered and sent word to a friend of hers at Ista Weyr. With Phailinugoth still recovering and not cleared for flying, K'nan gained passage on one of the holds ships and set sail for Ista. Arriving late in the evening, she carried her daugher up to the Weyr where she stayed for a few hours and then was last seen heading back for the ship.

Shortly after that, Phailinugoth was cleared and the two disappeared again into the wilderness only to surface a couple of turns later, again at Ista.


Name Relation Location Position
Kerri Mother Kitchen Assistant Keroon Hold
Taendah Father Field Hand Keroon Hold
Zandanin Son (X'an/S'in) Weyrfolk Fort Weyr
Zafirah Daughter (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat, Fostered to Senkyou


Mischief of Coyote Blue Maiko
Scrawny might be a good way to describe this firelizard, though that doesn't always mean weakness, as physical shortcoming leave way for a wit all the stronger for it. Cunning indeed seems to shine in bright eyes, a cleverness that speaks of a troublemaker. His color is a garish bright blue, the gaudy shade like near neon turquoise and splashed with wily patches of cerulean smattered haphazardly across his body and lining translucent wing sails. Talons are short and shape, a start black against the rest of his hide.

Delicate Flower Blue Hanako
Large soulful eyes or small dainty feet. One is sure to have caught the eye before the rest of this charming fellow. His head is somewhat rounded, but appeared the perfect size to hold the large orbs with which he views the world with such wonder and innocence. His wings are pale and graceful, both the same midnight hue which coats the majority of his hide with the exception of the two nearly gray-white stripes which sweep down either side of the membrane. Similar stripes have settled along his spine all the way to the tip of his tail.

Limbs are small yet powerful, able to get him into the air or into hiding with little trouble. His neck is somewhat short but equally powerful to support his rounded head. His muzzle tapers to a near point to match the twin points of his tail.

Perfection in Simplicity Green Aiko
Long of limb and pale of shade is this tiny creature. Life has blessed her form with a singular nearly bland shade of mint green tones, so pale as to nearly be white, which lead only to accenting the shimmering lump of emerald and jade which has grown between the glowing sea green orbs of her eyes. Wings neither overly large or small have taken a fraction of the shimmering crystalline quality of that strange bump though they sport the same mint base as the rest of her form. When fully extended, they are able to catch the light and produce rainbows of reflected light.


Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Phailinugoth
Waves of cobalt, indigo and navy wash along the back of the abnormally small blue dragon, the variation in shading flowing from neck to tail-tip in a show of unique patterns. Oversized wings are designed in a rope of intertwined sapphire and cerulean, the mix gracefully dancing in altruistic markings, while the underside bears interrupting wisps of gold, auburn and orange in the expanse of blue. Upon his belly, a dappling of icy turquoise forms a gathering pool for the pale tears that slide down his sides, shadows and abounding emotion brooding in the darkness that reflect the muted color of his headknobs and neckridges.

Adorning Phailinugoth's shoulders are a set of well oiled riding straps that have been carefully stiched. Dyed a brillant shade of sapphire blue that deepens into a midnight blue and finally into black. Each buckle and each circle is of hardened steel and polished so that it gleams like silver.

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