Ryeira's Wedding Gift from Niva


This fine set of glass dining ware has been painstakingly stained to display Rubicon's colors. The set has enough pieces for twelve settings, including salad and dinner plates, bowls, and wine glasses. The set was commisioned by Senior Weyrwoman Niva of Xanadu Weyr for Lady Holder Ryeira of Rubicon River Hold. The set was created by Moriana (wine glasses) and Tresha (plates and bowls), Glasscraft Journeywomen posted to Xanadu Weyr.

Thin glass has been molded to form a one-inch wide lip around the edges of the dinner and salad plates, and that edge has been further molded to show a pattern of waves, artfully stained the rich blue of the sea. The center of the dishes has been colored and etched to display the purple ship's wheel from Rubicon's device in all of its glory. The bowls also have been stained blue at the lip and have the etched wheel in their base, but do not have the wave-formed egdes. And finally there are the two sets of wine glasses - one with a wide bowl and mouth for reds, and the other with a more slender mouth and longer flute are for white wines. Both sets are colored in the same manner. Vivid white cradles the bowl of each glass and casts an image like frost against the clear sides, then descends swiftly into that rich wave-blue shade along the stem. Just as the blue reaches the base of each stem it darkens further and takes on the vibrant purple tones that match the center image on the plates.

Concept images


This was my inspiration for the wavy blue rim.


This is an example of what the color progression on the stem would be like, except it doesn't have the frosted bowl bit.


This is just a reference for size comparison between the dinnerware.


This is what the shape of the red wine glasses is like.


This is what the shape of the white wine glasses is like.

All pictures are from Target.com. Description created by Moria.

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