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Situated at the mouth of the Rubicon River, and nearly in the dead center of the northern coastline, this seemingly isolated place of sea, wind and stone is perched on one of the most advantageous locations of the Southern Continent.

A tropical climate affords a warm, consistent year round temperature average, with seasons being defined by the sorts of rain they receive. Spring is a season of gentle rain, summer is the season of daily thundershowers, fall is the monsoon season, and winter is the dry season.

The naturally cavernous limestone bluffs provide the hold with a good quality building material, two shades can be found in broad veins, a pale ivory and a beautiful deep red. Nearest to the hold, the soil is rocky, and drains quickly. This nearly constant seepage causes twisting caverns and passages. Dry weather plants like olives and needlethorn thrive here.

The lands, cots and farms to the south and east of the Hold Proper have a more loamy soil, allowing for Rubicon River to grow a wide variety of produce, grain and medicinal herbs.

The southern most cotholds of Rubicon raise a breed of bovine that is short and stocky, but in no other place do they seem to survive well in the region. However, the conditions are perfect for two types of caprines, the coastal variety produces long strands of soft wool for weaving as well as a high quality of milk, and the inland variety is raised largely for the quality of its meat and skins. Ovines come in several varieties, and are raised for their wool, skins, meat and milk. Similarly dreybeasts are well suited to the climate, and are prized for their ability to haul loads over the rocky terrain in lieu of the spirited, light footed runners the hold has available.

The water provides the vast majority of the food as well as occupations of Rubicon River hold. Both fresh and saltwater fish are caught as well as mollusks and other sea creatures. Kelp is a staple of the diet in its many forms.

Wind provides the hold with the electricity, powering turbines set all along the bluffs of the coast, though great care has been taken to disguise the use of electric lights and other bits of technology around the Hold.

The closeness of the Dolphincraft hall has allowed for something of a blending of cultures, bringing in many different peoples to this peculiar locale.

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