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Rubicon River Hold is settled, along with the Dolphincraft Hall, upon the eastern banks of the Rubicon River where the river joins the ocean. Rubicon River is currently managed by the Lady Holder Ryeira, widow of the late Lord Holder Leonidas, and the Warden Gaerwyn, who was installed by the Conclave to safeguard the lands for the young Lord Lyerdes.


The trade of a variety of goods from all parts of Pern help to make the hold a vibrant, cosmopolitan place, inspite of the brutish or barbaric stereotypes the remainder of Pern associates with the inhabitants. The vivid culture of the Rubiconii is often different from that of most places on Pern, almost more akin to the antedeluvian cultures of the ancient Greek city-states than to Modern Pern.


Olives, dates, nuts, citrus fruits, grapes/wine, river rice, herbs, skybroom, needlethorn, exotic lumbers, varieties of fish both fresh and saltwater, kelp, mollusks, caprine products, ovine products, dreys, runners, limestone, terra cotta and pottery, cotton, wool, linen


Bovine meat, sissal, herbs, fruits, root vegetables, tubers, runners, dreys, leather goods, nuts, glass products, technology, plastics, metals


Inspite of the advantages of trade, modern medicine and technology, average life spans here in Rubicon River Hold are still shorter than in other places on Pern. This is due in large part to accidental and occupational hazards as well as attacks from Renegades. Average life span for a man is approximately 80 turns, with retirement averaging around 75. Women average closer to 90-95 turns, should they survive childbirth, since attacks on the hold itself are less common than attacks to ships or overland campaigns involving far flung cotholds.

Interpersonal Relations

Relationships between people of the hold are fairly simple, if a little off kilter from the average Northern Hold. Same sex relationships are not regarded in any special way, many of the people in the hold have a diverse past. Marriage is seen as a road to producing children, and while love-matches are nothing new, they arent overly common. A matchmaker is often consulted to be sure that the candidates arent too closely related, and will make a good team. It should be noted, that often times same sex couples will enter into agreements with other same sex couples of opposing gender to generate children that both couples help to raise as their own.


Song and storytelling are vital components of Rubiconii culture, the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next is reinforced in this way. History is alive for the Rubiconii, due to this tradition. They sing while they work, they sing while they play, and eschewing the entertainment of the Ancients Vid technology more often than not, they prefer to entertain themselves with stories taken from all manner of sources.


Death only hurts the living,
Lord Orlen, 2639.5.23 on the occasion of his fathers passing.

The Rubiconii sense of humor is dark, and has been called morbidly sarcastic by more than one Harper trying to explain them to other people. Similarly, in keeping with the harshness of their lives, there's a hard edge to the way show affection, lovingly picking at their family and friends. Physical, slapstick comedy amuses them as much as pithy twists of words, and they appreciate a good tragedy, so long as there is a strong inspiration at the end.

Games of strategy and skill are preferred over games of chance, though that never stops the Rubiconii from betting on the outcomes of manner of things. They aren't as obsessive about it as the Bitrans however. Sport is also common here, running, runner riding, swimming contests, wrestling as well as other martial competitions are held several times a turn. Good physical condition is a must for these hearty folk.

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