Lord Warden Gaerwyn



An older man, Gaerwyn is in his early fourties, though one might not expect it from a first glance. Nearly six-foot tall, his body is that of a fit man, while not wiry, certainly muscular and lean. His blond hair has yet to show any signs of grey, and his face is still mostly wrinkle free. His nose shows signs of being broken at least once, but otherwise he's ruggedly handsome.

His clothing is simple - neat pants and tunic, while he wears the knot of Rubicon River Hold on one shoulder.


Gaerwyn hails from Central Hold - a small hold that falls under the protection of Ierne Weyrhold - where he is the brother to the current Lord Holder. As the fifth of seven sons, Gaerwyn was raised by his father, the previous Lord Holder, not to ever take hold, but to provide for the safety and wellbeing of the Holders. From a young age, Gaerwyn worked with the guards, training in basic defensive moves, and extensive runner work. As the years went by, Gaerwyn rose through the ranks, becoming well respected at Central Hold.

In light of the recent issues at Rubicon River Hold, when the call went out for a Warden to oversee the Hold's protection, Gaerwyn faced a tough decision. However, with six other brothers, each of them with multiple sons of their own, the man decided to take up the challenge issued by the Holder's Conclave, and so he was one of many to attempt to lend a hand at the seaside hold. Given a turn to determine what success he would have, he set about attempting to train the young Heir in appropriate fields.

As the turn progressed, Gaerwyn spent his time running the Hold, training young Lyerdes, and offering what support he could to the mourning Ryeira. However, over that turn, he also found himself intrigued by the strong-willed woman, slowly and surely falling for her. When it became obvious that the feelings were mutual, it was not long before the Lady Ryeira was pregnant, and they were hurriedly married, securing the hold further for Lord Lyerdes as the boy gained a younger half sister by the name of Eirwyn.


Name Relation Location Position
Lady Ryeira Wife Rubicon River Hold Lady of Rubicon
Lord Nekot Father Central Hold Lord Holder
Lady Hezei Mother Central Hold Lady Holder
Hekot Older Brother Central Hold Heir Apparent
Nezein Older Brother Central Hold
Nehen Older Brother Central Hold
Haerot Older Brother Central Hold
Wyneit Younger Brother Central Hold
Gaeko Younger Brother Central Hold



Secretariat Brown Zephyrus
No muddy, drab color cloaks the smooth hide of this little hatchling. Too proud to merely be called brown and yet unable to become bronze, this robust hatchling is more of a fiery russet. Thick limbs and slab-like muscle shine and undulate with highlights of red, making him seem to shimmer like a flame. Down the middle of his bulky wedge-shaped head, all color parts in the shape of what weirdly appears to be a milky colored star. It's the absence of fire that makes the hide appear white, though, for the star is more a dusky beige than pure white. It starts high on his head, right above his eyeridges. As it passes below his eyes, the star tapers into the long tail, a comet passing from between his nostrils to right below his headknobs. Similar color adorns the left front talon of this brown, ending midway to his elbow. Both hind feet to just below the hock are adorned the same.


Gaerwyn has a single runner - a stallion named Tsornin. He is a liver chestnut with a star and snip, and quite the troublemaker. He and Ryeira's stallion Malfore are often at odds, the black varnish roan being very protective of his owner. (Image by Rhasmir)

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