Wherhandler Andreia


Gangly is one word to describe this girl, long slender arms, legs and torso accentuating this to the extreme. Thankfully her ovalish face doesn't follow this suit, high cheekbones and freckled, perky nose giving her the innocent look to match her age. Dark slate blue eyes sit above her cheekbones- curved, brown brows arching with each emotional reaction that comes across her face. Dusty blonde hair frames her face, held back in a simple pony tail to keep it out of her eyes. She's about five four in height, and just growing into her feminine curves, much to her relief.

A dusty white shirt sit's on Andreia's frame, loose sleeves coming down off her shoulders and not tightening until they reach the cuff. The torso part of the shirt itself is a little snug, a black bodice tightening about her, and emphasizing her frame. Her pants are black, and looking to be of worker design, finely dusted with what looks like mine shaft soot. Black workboots follow suit, a little scuffed up and old looking, but not entirely in disrepair. Clipped on the inside of her left boot is a belt knife, brown leather hilt a contrast against her black pants.

On Andreia's shoulder she wears the knot of a Minecraft Apprentice, intertwined with an extra cord, to indicate her as a Wherhandler.


Born to Masterminer Mallorn and a Fort Weyr greenrider, Andreia lived at Fort Weyr for the majority of her young life without Mallorn having knowledge of her existance. Raised my the nannies of the Weyr, Andreia was given as much freedom as a young girl could, given room to explore and grow in ways that might not have been available to holdbred children. Allowed to take up her interest, Andreia befriended the local Minecrafter at Fort, taking an avid interest in rocks and minerals.

By the time she was ten, the Minecrafter approached her mother about the lass going to the hall, to which Reianda agreed, willing to take the child herself— and give Mallorn some rather surprising news.

At discovering himself a father, and one with which he could relate an avid interest, Master Mallorn took Andreia under his wing as an apprentice. She learned about limestone, harvesting gemstones, and mineral deposits, taking in everything avidly under her father's tutelage. But what she took to the most was Mallorn's bonded companion, Malsk, the green wher. So, for the first year or two, she trained to become a Wherhandler. After the first year, she finally was allowed to help with the care of Malsk. She took so well to the wher that eventually, the wher begun to be known as Andsk, rebonding with the young girl much to Mallorn's pleasure.

So, leaving Mallorn to help with the general teachings of the Minecraft, Rei took to her bond and has become an official Wherhandler.


Name Relation Location Position
Mallorn Father Minecraft Hall Miner Master
Reianda Mother Fort Weyr Greenrider
M'iri Aunt Xanadu Weyr Wingleader with Blue Kieranth
Chriel Aunt Xanadu Weyr Rider with Green Daimoath
R'nel Uncle Ierne Weyrhold Rider with Brown Perrinth


Green Precious
Pastels encompass the form of this firelizard, serene grass green smoothing over triangular head and down neck and back, cresting over ridges in colors of pale lime. Faceted eyes are wide in the head of this beast, looking innocent in all aspects of the word, set close together in the chubby cheeked face. Cream intermingles down the arch of neck, sliding down onto a small chest. The pale white forms a bit into a heart shape, before being drowned out by a darker pistachio. This color slides a little ungracefully down slender limbs and down a tubby belly, before proceeding to drain out down haunches and tail. Wings are flaunted with the colors of mint, crested into very light shades of— Pink? As the light catches across the hatchling's hide, shades of rose gold glimmers mischievously, hiding along the childish chub of this dainty little lass.

Brown Kazul
Dark browns explode onto the hide of this firelizard, as if having just jumped into the nearest mud puddle. And those darkened browns are almost a black upon his barreled chest and belly, careening down his muscular legs and feet, connected to talons that are glinting with sharpness. In contrast to his lower self, the dark browns turn a bit tan as they splatter across the short ridges and slender neck, drying sedately upon a triangular head in a mellow yellowish tan. Massive membranes spread across sturdy wing fingers, stretched rather thickly in contrast to most. The wing sails are huge in comparison to its owner, dapples of peridot and emerald inner mixing with the brown, clashing together in odd large blots of dark and light green. And the remnant of this green follows along his whip like tail in uniform, never changing though the dominant brown continues to attempt to hide it.


Uncertain Green Wher Andsk
Hard jade plasters the head of this green that is mostly made up of hard blocks, lumps and edges of uncut stone. The head looks a little smashed in the front where the nose looks too small for the rest of her head, long head knobs stick out awkwardly on the top of her head just to make her look a little more abnormal. Her broad shoulders look like unpolished peridot with stubby legs attached to it, giving her an uncoordinated little waddle when she walks. The rest of her follows very quickly, placed together almost randomly at the very end as an afterthought then the correct design for a wher. The thick, olive body has another stumpy pair of legs clumsily attached at the rear and finished up with an overly long tail that always seems to curve annoyingly to the right. Last of all are the wings, too short and stubby for any length of real flight and is more of a joke as they were placed on to try and imitate the graceful sails of their cousins.

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