Alinaine is a young woman, barely at the ripe age of twenty-eight Turns. She reaches a height of five feet and six inches. Her figure has filled out a little more in the past few Turns, though she still seems to retain the slight slimness that her adolescence had brought about. Skin is the color of a lighter almond color, rich in texture but not at all dark. Raven black hair waves down to her shoulders, framing a well-shaped countenance. Set on either side of her nose is a pair of bright blue eyes and lower still presents her with full lips, though slightly on the thin side. High cheekbones define her face and give the young woman a more serious look about her.

Alinaine's attire usually consists of a pair of tunic top and more often than not, a skirt. Finishing off the outfit is usually a pair of sandals. Tied around her waist is a sash to keep the top tucked and make it less of a hassle to adjust. Clothing colors often vary by mood but otherwise, they usually consist of brighter colors. On one shoulder hangs a knot that signifies her status as a Journeyman, colored in Harper colors. One loop under the arm, with a knot in the top, two small strings with quatrefoil knots at end.


Alinaine was born in the Harper Hall to two Harpers. Her whole life revolved around music and vice versa. Her parents, as busy as they were, did what they could to teach their young daughter the basics of music. Her life at the Hall never had a moment that was not filled with music resounding in her ears. The girl loved music for what it was and what it did for others. With a trained voice, she was able to produce a lovely soprano in which she was proud to call her own. She wishes for nothing more than to be able to sing and play her whole life.

The girl has a carefree spirit, and at most, tries to make others feel at ease whenever they're with her. She is not one to hesitant to act on a request and is always running around on errands or something or other. Though she has aspirations to move on to something bigger, but still not take her away from her music.


Name Relation Location Position
Milaine Mother Harper Hall Harper
Falin Father Harper Hall Harper


Sweet Scented Pain Green Arnala
An unforgettable tone of nearly translucent, brilliant green is poured evenly and wholly over the surface of the dainty little lady before you. From the top of her small head knobs, right to the wicked sharp claws shes keen on digging into things. The surface of her skin isn't quite as smooth as the coloring, its rumpled and rippled, always cool to the touch. With her she carries the soft and sweet scent of melon, enticing and seductive.

Green Asaki

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