Neferennu's Journal: Week 4, Month 13, Turn 2678

Journal entry for Neferennu: Week 4 of the 13th month of Turn 2678

Oh shells, I had lost my journal somewhere here in the dorms and I finally found it again in one of the other resident's trucks. I had to tear out pages they had scribbled on. What kind of person would steal a journal if you accidentally leave it out on your cot?

So I have a lot to catch up on. I have finally made the first grade as a dragonhealer. Yay! I can now do basic first aid, while still under the supervision of a grade 3 or higher dragonhealer of course. Now I have begun learning about tissue identification, how to repair torn wings, and what to do about larger injuries like broken bones. I have also begun learning about the issue of gold infertility, which is what I want to specialize in. I am so happy to finally be starting the learning about gold issues and more than just the cycle of gold reproduction. That reminds me, I might want to see if some of the problem is gold infertility or male infertility.

Speaking of learning about gold infertility. I was in the tavern the other day and talking to Ysa while I prepared some harvested herbs for my oils. I was telling her that I would love to start looking at actual eggs and learning how to determine whether they are duds or viable. I suppose it would be hard without the gold actually telling me, since I get the sense that they know which eggs are viable or not. Anyways, I was talking to Ysa and she said her gold Ella would be fine letting me on the sands to inspect the eggs even not being a candidate. I don't plan on touching them without permission of course. She's due to rise soon, so I am getting a little anxious at the opportunity approaching. Now whether or not I can get permission from the senior dragonhealers I don't know. That will be really disappointing if I am not allowed by them.

Also, my oils have been going well. I've been keeping a lookout for people down in the stores that don't have a weyr knot, possibly stealing supplies. To this date, I've only seen one guy stealing some paper. My oils though are selling very well. Ysa and R'miel are still my main customers for the lavendar oil, but the word is slowly getting around. With so many women pregnant now (which Niva is really upset over since most will have the same father), I have had more people asking for the lavendar and rose oils. I have started experimenting with making some rose and pine perfume, as well as some gels. I also made a gel from aloe that has a good amount of cloves and peppers in it. I use it when I need to stay awake.

I am a bit upset I allowed myself to flirt with L'ton, the one who is the father of so many babies-to-be-born. I flirted with him. I thought he liked me for me, apparently he likes any woman. Oh well, I got to talking to a visiting bronzerider from Ierne, M'gan. He was extremely nice and got to flirting with him a bit last night. Unfortunately, I also had too much drink and don't really know what happened last night. I woke up in his bed in Ierne. I started to panic, wondering if I had had sex with him. However, I was still clothed and so was he. I found him sleeping with his dragon on his dragon's couch. He assured me nothing happened. I had a bad headache all day. Do hangovers get worse if you go between while drunk? I'll have to ask the healer Shellie about that…

I passed my oral exam about how to repair torn wings, in theory! So, now I am exhausted but excited. I better go get some dinner and then get some sleep. I will make sure to put my journal back in my truck this time.

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