Neferennu's Journal: Week 3, Month 1, Turn 2678

Journal Entry for Neferennu: Week3 of the 1st month of Turn 2678

I have been so busy learning all the uses for herbs for humans and dragons. We are required to have basic healing knowledge to help the rider until a healer arrives. What I have found interesting though is that many of these herbs can be infused into an oil to make smelling massage oils or perfumes.

The kitchens haven't been fixed yet, and the food Fort Weyr sent ran out after a couple days. Back to bland food of meat slabs, bread, cheese, and tubers. The two gold dragons also went and clutching on the sands, giving 11 eggs between the two of them. I spent some extra time admiring the eggs before I headed down to the beach for the party.

Speaking of the party, it was a blast but I think I drank too much. A baby was found floating in the lake by Keziah and R'miel cleaned her up and gave her to the healer who was called. She was about three months old at the time. It is so sad that someone just left her there to die. At least she is doing well. I check in on her when I can and I think the healer Shellie is going to foster her. The rest of the party I don't remember much about. I had some wine and the last thing I remember is getting up to dance with R'miel. I woke up the next day with only my underwear in my cot, and I haven't been able to find my clothes since. I really hope no one took advantage of me while I was drunk. Though I'm told that I went crazy and thought their was a ghost on the beach. I'm so embarrassed I don't remember any of it.

A couple days later I was sitting in the tavern studying the herbs when Ysa and R'miel joined me. I tried to pay for my drinks but they wouldn't take any of it. I confessed to R'miel, when Ysa got called back to the sands, how the gold flights had made me feel. He said that I'd get used to it, but that a sex buddy would be better. It took me a couple days to come to the conclusion that I probably needed to start that birthbane some use. So I got some when I went to check on the baby and Shellie gave me some. Now if only I can remember to take it every morning with some juice. On another note though, Ysa and R'miel seemed interested (as did Shellie and Lorena) about buying some of my oils if I start making them. I think I'm going to start it on the side of my training. That way I don't have to rely on my mom and dad for more marks.

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