Neferennu's Journal: Week 1, Month 1, Turn 2678

Journal Entry for Neferennu: Week 1 of the 1st month of Turn 2678

Wow, I didn't realize I'd stop writing for so long. I've been so busy with everything going on last month. Two golds rose for a mating flight last month, I think I wrote about one. Luckily the rising of the second one didn't have as startling effect. I've been told in passing that I'll get used to brushing it off. I still don't know about that. In any case, the two should be clutching very soon and I hope to get a good look at the clutches since this will be the first clutching I've seen.

I've also been busy with my studies. I've spent many a night with the herbalry book while curled up in my cot. I must say the new small book light my mom sent me has done wonders to keep the other residents in the dorm from getting upset at me. It's very interesting. I knew fellis was lethal to dragonkind, but I didn't know there were so many herbs and so many different applications. With this knowledge, I've been set to creating herbal oils and teas for storage, under supervision of course. I must say I really like the pepper oil I made the other day. My hands didn't seem to hurt so bad after crushing the herbs with the mortor and pestle.

I also got invited to a rider's sleepover party before she had her baby. When I found out, I sent the news home with my monthly message to my parents. Charte returned quickly and I didn't think anything about it, but soon after a gold and bronze firelizard arrived carrying a bottle of lavendar oil and a return message. As per my mom's wishes, I gave the oil to S'ya's for help with her baby when she delivers. Despite this, I managed to get drunk from all the wine and firewhiskey at the party. I really need to start drinking a glass of wine a day so I can hold my liquor. I fell asleep right after a short game of dare with Ysa. She performed my dare, to clean the pens in her best suit, the next morning. My mom would be horrified that I took up my dare too. I got up on the tables in my underwear during dinner and danced as I can't sing all that well. I finally got down after jumping on to a second table and knocking over someone's glass. It was fun and I got a lot of grins for it at least.

Then the kitchens caught fire the next day and I helped to pass buckets of water and sand down the line. Ugh, the food that was made on the beach the next few days was so bland I was tempted to steal some peppers from the herbs for storage to brighten it up. It was nice of Fort Weyr to bring in their hatching feast, or part of it for our use. I love those truffles. Wonder if I can get mom and dad to send me some marks so I can buy my own collection… Speaking of hatching feast, I caught a ride to attend Fort Weyr's hatching. It was a wonderful experience, especially since I hadn't attended a hatching for turns. I must say the dragonets were really kind of weird, some seeming so slow, and the gold that hatched looked like she should've blended in with a storm cloud at sunset. I ate too much too, falling asleep the instant I got back home and sat on my cot. I think I ate too many sweets as I was up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach.

I am so excited though because I was told if I keep up the good work, I'll be able to start learning how to prepare tissues and using the microscopes next month. We'll see if it actually happens. There is another girl here that has been a trainee for two turns and still is only on mortar and pestle duty. In fact they won't even allow her near the computers and microscopes. I am so happy for my experience with the latest technology at Landing as I can sometimes get the computer to bring up things the others can't.

Well, it's time to get back to work and get Charte some food. She has grown so fast and I've gone through my entire bottle of oil. Luckily dad sent me about 5 marks to buy a new bottle of oil. I love my green glass bottle, so maybe I'll save some marks by just getting it refilled…

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