Neferennu's Journal: Week 3, Month 12, Turn 2677

Journal Entry for Neferennu: Week 3 of the 12th month of the Turn 2677

I gave my family my good-byes, despite my foster mother Iva still crying. I think she is still upset I decided to leave Landing. The kind greenrider has brought me here to Xanadu Weyr. That trip between has given me an appreciation for the warmth of the forest. Still, I was shaking from nervousness and excitement when I met with the Headwoman at dinner. She directed me to the annex off the hatching grounds and give me my resident knot.

I didn't meet a dragonhealer until the next morning. It was embarrasing to shake and have my voicee squeak when I met him. Despite this, he was impressed on what I had researched while at home, and I was given my trainee badge. Of course I had expected what came next, which was to help clean the area. I made sure all the microscopes were carefully cleaned. It is my hope to soon be learning how to determine tissue problems with those microscopes.

Later that day, I was put on the neck of a blue and sent up to Igen Weyr for my basic supplies. While there, I met one of the weyrwomen, Kathryn, who sent for my supplies. It also turns out firelizards were hatching in the caverns. I've tried for turns to impress one, but was always bypassed. No that night, as I ended up with a little green I have named Charte. I am so happy she chose me, even if she is a little needy right now. I found a band with the colors of Xanadu which I clipped on to her tiny hind leg after I had returned to my new home with my starting books and Charte. I was up late into the night reading. I am fascinated by all the herbs used for dragons. I hope I don't annoy the elders by asking tons of questions about them over the next turn.

While I was studying yesterday, one of the golds rose for a mating flight. I had heard about the flights and what they entailed, but figured it wouldn't effect me any so didn't think anything about it. That was until I got blindsighted by the emotions being emitted by the gold. I haven't felt that way since I broke up with my boyfriend months ago. I had gotten over my lustful stage, or so I had thought. Thankfully the gold-lust, as I found it was called later, didn't completely take me over that I had heard happened to the rider. I'm afriad I was a little snappy to everyone and so hid in my cot in the barracks for a couple hours reading. Now Charte is waking and is clearly hungry and itchy. I'll write more on my next day off in a week.

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