Ressac Beach Sea Hold

Ressac Beach Sea Hold lies to the south of Xanadu Weyr itself, along the curve of the Sea of Azov's western shore. When compared to many of the Southern holds, it is relatively small, however it boasts a large number of outlying buildings spread along the shoreline. The main hold is nothing spectacular, though it has an impressive cove which protects most of the fleet from storms, as well as a large beach that allows for repairs and ship construction. Thus, as a result of their fleet, their main export is fish, while they generally import other meats through trade.

The area around Ressac Beach Sea Hold is mostly deciduous forests which provide plentiful wood for the various water craft that are constructed, however as a result it has also caused the Sea Hold some hardship. After the heavy rains in recent seasons, travel was restricted due to mudslides and fallen trees blocking the major landways, and allowing the renegades an opportune moment to strike. The hold suffered various casualties, however they have been recovering thanks to help from others in the area.

The Lord Holder of Ressac Beach is Lord Jossan, who is has kindly face and an air of quiet assuming dignity, which give this rugged man a natural authority despite the fact that he is not an old man. Startlingly blue eyes, intelligent and keen despite his burnished, weather beaten complexion, give this man the look of learning as well.

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