Quasar Wing

What does the Policy and diplomacy wing do? How do they spend their day? Below are some ideas of what these wingriders might find themselves doing on a daily basis:

Senior Weyrwoman

Be the big cheese and snap the whip of course! (I'm kidding) (…yes ma'am Weyrwoman ma'am, of course you are…)

  • The ranking leader of the Weyr The buck stops with her - oh joy!
  • Selects and knots her Weyrstaff - She may or may not choose to consult with the Weyrleader but the final decision rests with her.
  • Wingleader of Nova Wing - manage wing assignments, lead flame thrower practice (it beats punching the Weyrleader), direct emergencies in partnership with the Weyrleader
  • Receives Ranking visitors - Craftmasters, Masterhealer, Masterharper, Lord Holders, Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen should be escorted to the Weyrleaders' office if arriving unexpected. If expected she, along with the Weyrleader will meet them in the clearing.
  • Weyr Management - DELEGATE STUFF!! Maintain the safety of her people, manage her weyrstaff, maintain communication with her headwoman and Steward
  • Does all of the things listed under Junior Weyrwonen above to some extent

Junior Weyrwomen


  • Maintain the health and safety of your queen - this includes being aware of her proddy cycle and enforcing blooding only during flights
  • Attend checkups with the dragonhealers during gravid stages - comply with their recommendations for grounding when egg-heavy
  • Attend to your sands-bound queen
  • Supervise the candidates when they are on the sands with the eggs


  • Newest Junior mans the radio in the administration hallway alcove
  • Take charge of triage in the Clearing of returning woulded
  • Act as Wingseconds to responding wings
  • Mobilize the Weyr to ready supplies and recieve the wounded
  • Lead the Weyrlings in supportive roles


  • Approve Storeroom Requisitions
  • Wing Accounts (for all of the wings) - expenses and materials
  • Assist the Steward and Headwoman as needed in the archives
  • Hold visitation Report
  • Monotor radio in the administration hallway alcove - in shifts


  • Assisting in the Dragonhealing Annex
  • Assist the Weyrwoman and Headwoman in supervision of Candidates
  • Visit the sick and injured in the Infirmary
  • Air traffic control (This is in the files and wing assignments but I'm not sure the juniors would really be doing it - I'd think this would fall under the Watchrider's area)


  • Rotate through the wings riding Sweep to be familiar with the coverage areas and exercise your dragon
  • Flamethrower practice! (my favorite)
  • Maintain your straps, riding gear and flamethrower

Out of Weyr

  • Hold visitation - Bring news from the Weyr to the holders listening to the holder's concerns, conveying them back to the Weyr
  • Attend Hatchings and gathers - Build a sense of community across Pern. Since the end of thread, it is even more important to create a positive association between the holder or crafter and the dragonrider. By interacting with the people of Pern in a social context like gathers, dragonriders are established as people worth supporting. It creates a bond between Weyr and Hold; for this reason, it is important that juniors (even more than other riders) comport themselves well outside of the Weyr, so that the associations created are positive ones. Smiling, waving, and kissing babies builds popularity. Popularity means that people don't complain when you ask for their herdbeasts for fodder and search for children. The motivation for visiting hatchings is similar; the hatching itself is less important than the hatching feast and the talk in the stands. It is important for dragonriders and the Weyrs to work together. If one Weyr is creating negative associations, all Weyrs (and, indeed, all dragonriders) may suffer for it. On the other hand, visiting a hatching also creates a context for building and improving inter-Weyr bonds, allowing the riders to work together for the greater good of all.
  • Attend Weyr Council and Conclave meetings


  • Receives Ranking visitors - Craftmasters, Masterhealer, Masterharper, Lord Holders, Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen should be escorted to the Weyrleaders office if arriving unexpected. If expected she, along with the Weyrleader will meet them in the clearing.
  • Hold visitation
  • Attend and participate in diplomatic meetings
  • Wingleader - It is the Weyrleader's job to oversee the wings. This means setting things like sweep and training schedules, receiving reports from his wingleaders and wingseconds, and taking turns working with the wings. He and his Wingseconds are expected to be capable of stepping in as temporary leader to any wing at any time.
  • Attends wing/sweep reports
  • Selects and knots Riders for wing promotions to wingleader, wingsecond; selects and knots his weyrsecond
  • Participates in sweeps, rotating through the wings and coverage areas
  • Paperwork - Reads sweep and hold visitation reports; makes his own sweep and visitation reports


  • Reports directly to the Weyrleader
  • Acting Weyrleader when the Weyrleader is absent, on vacation or on medical leave
  • Wingsecond of Quasar wing (will step up to wingleader when necessary)


  • Dragon - Maintain the health of your dragon
  • Sweeps - These would rotate with the other wings so all are familiar with the geographical areas of coverage.
  • Paperwork - Helping to process the reports and requirements of the various wings: They may be looking for historical data in the archives that has a bearing on the present day, or updating terrain maps for purposes of setting sweeps and marking potential areas of interest to different wings - say, unstable terrain that might impact Galaxy, or a new hold installing technology that might require Nebula's assistance.
  • Hold and Hall visitation - These riders may be the ones visiting Halls, Holds, and other Weyrs for the purposes of public relations.
  • Learn Diplomacy - This would include attending preactical classes and familiarizing yourself with basic Pernese law
  • Etiquette and protocol - A little culture never hurts! This would include dancing and music appreciation
  • Diplomatic meetings - Newer members of Quasar may find themselves assigned to note-taking or transcription duty for various meetings.
  • Visitor escort - For those who visit the Weyr, the situation is somewhat reversed; Quasar is a place for them to learn about Xanadu, and the public relations are being carried out by them, to the Weyr. Of course, this also somewhat depends on the reason for the guest's presence.

Those who impress young are sometimes likely to be assigned to this wing after weyrling graduation, as it provides them with safe work carried out under the eye of more experienced riders.

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