Pulsar Wing

So you are a Weyrling or an AWLM. What does this mean and how will you be spending the majority of your day? Below are some ideas of what the Pulsar Wing does:

Weyrling Master

  • Prepare the Candidates for the hatching and eventual impression by informative lectures
  • Leads lessons and lectures
  • Arranges for guest lecurers to come lead lessons
  • Arranges field trips when the Weyrlings become flight-ready
  • Delegates lessons to the AWLMs to lead
  • Supervises/observes Weyrlings, assessing the health of the Weyrlings' dragons, strength and weaknesses of the Weyrlings
  • Shapes the group into a wing; chooses the wingleader and seconds according to their strengths and aptitude
  • Inputs heavily in the eventual wing tapping of graduating Weyrlings

Assistant Weyrling Managers

  • Help the Junior Weyrwomen and Headwoman supervise the Candidates - there will always be one on duty in the Candidate Barracks. Attend the egg touching sessions and help supervise Candudates while on the sands. Attend the hatching and escort new Weyrling pairs from the sands.
  • Act as assistants in lessons, ensuring techniques are done properly
  • Lead delegated lessons and lectures
  • Give report to the WLM
  • Keep the Weyrlings from foolhardy and dangerous behavior.


The primary duty of a Weyrling is to learn to care for their dragon; this includes feeding, oiling, and learning to hunt, fly, and between. The secondary duty is to learn how to be a rider, including knowledge of the Weyr's coverage area and the etiquette of being a rider.

For a detailed list of Weyrlings daily occupation see: http://xanadu.wikidot.com/weyrling:calendar2

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