Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation App. Harper (Art)
Played by Camren Bicondova
Gender Female
Height 5'0"
Build Slender
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Hazel


Standing just at five feet and with a slim build, she makes up for her diminutive stature by having a personality that's practically palpable. Her hair is short, wild mass of curly, light brown hair; it frames a heart-shaped face with a sweetly rounded chin. Her eyes are hazel-colored, bright and inquisitive, and the sweep of her slender eyebrows suggests a perpetual sense of cunning and curiosity. Her small nose and full mouth complete the visage of an innocent youth, one that's prone to smiles and laughter.

The rest of her build is slender, with a few betrayals to her trade: ink- or paint-stained fingers, most often, though she often carries the scent of paper, ink, or paint on her at all times. Her clothing is pragmatic, all blouses and trousers and boots, though her clothes are ill-fitted to her frame, and just as stained as her hands. She carries a bag with her most of the time, one that's heavy with whatever art supplies she's managed to acquire.


Zurii is the only child (so far?) of Zurista (a cook at Fort Weyr) and Riilon (a hunter at Fort Weyr). Her childhood was relatively uneventful, with the usual bumps and scrapes along the way.

As she's matured, however, she's shown an artistic streak that neither parent seems to share. Fortunately, they are encouraging and grateful that she has something that interests her and have indulged her in her artistic explorations. Though she's still young, she has high hopes of becoming a famous artist one day and spends most of her time drawing portraits of humans, firelizards, dragons, and anything else that will stand still long enough for her to render in whatever medium she has handy.

Personal tragedy struck while she was Standing for her second time; her mother fell ill and quickly passed. It was a world-shaking moment for the young woman and she finally applied for apprenticeship at Harper. However, her moods remained dark and it was soon suggested that she transfer to another area entirely to get her buoyancy back. So, the powers that be deigned Xanadu Weyr to be the perfect fit for the typically effervescent young woman.

2725.03.17 (04.26.2020) - Zurii is Searched by Th'ero. Much [internal] squealing commenced.
2725.??.?? (05.31.2020) - Zurii is left Standing.
2728.04.?? (01.29.2021) - Zurii is Searched by Alexa. Much breathless squealing (and cookie celebration!) commenced.
2728.??.?? (02.27.2021) - Zurii is left Standing (again). She was not present for the Hatching due to a family emergency.
2728.??.?? - Zurii's mother passes. Zurii finally requests - and is granted - an apprenticeship at Harper Hall.
2728.10.20 (03.15.2021) - Zurii's story departs from Fort Weyr to move to Xanadu. Her old page is here.



Name Relation Location Position
Zurista Mother Fort Weyr Cook (Deceased, age 38)
Riilon Father Fort Weyr Hunter


Name Craft Rank Dragon Notes
Ryan N/A Handyman N/A "She's probably my best girl friend - not girlfriend, gosh. She's great and I adore her to bits."
M'o N/A Rider brown Zhaneriath "Gosh! I'm so proud of Momo! I hope he doesn't forget about the greenhouse, though…"
M'zal N/A Rider blue Tsoth "Gosh, Izi! He's so nice! I'm glad that Tsoth found him!"
Tir'dyn N/A Rider green Maelisyth "He's my best guy friend and he's so awesome and I adore him to pieces."
Yunwei Harper Journeyman N/A "I wish I had a Harper like him for a teacher! He's the best!"
Th'ero N/A Weyrleader bronze Velokraeth "I think he's warming to me! He's a little stern and stuff, but I guess he has to be."


Grassy Sward Green Flora

She's a perfect compliment to her egg, this lady's succulent and myriad greens reaching up, up from verdigris claws and bice paws into limbs, narrow wings, belly… her entire form akin to stems of thick wild grasses and flowers. A tiny floral twirl of purple petals crowns her proud brow between upright headknobs lending this firelizard an air of freespirited delight.

Lilieae Tulipa Egg

Precious purple petals provide perfect package, picture. This egg is all of these descriptors rolled into one lovely flower which unveils itself in shades of light plum, laverdar, amethyst, and more…every mix of light and shade forming a 'petal' of sorts. At the top of the shell a fuzzy 'insect' of sorts appears to be curled up and sleeping in the deep center.

Dam: Gold Aurora
Sire: Bronze Gilden
Size: 44"
Credits: Your Grassy Sward Green and her Lilieae Tulipa egg were created by Kaitlyn with the themes of Biomes (for the eggs) and Easter (hatchlings). I hope you're as delighted by her as I was creating them! :)

Sent By Your Ancestors Bronze Honor

Long and thin, the body of this coppery bronze is alight with character. The shades darken to burnished russet on lightweight fore and hind limbs. Oddly tubular, not muscular, but instead overly round with a broad, deep chest of honeyed bronze that dips into a tight underbelly painted saffron from the apex of sternum all the way to the tip of his long tail. He's scrawny, a distinctive S-shaped curve from snout to tail, closer to a snake with wings though you'd dare insult him with the thought. Head and body are all a uniform reddish russet, shiny and sleek through and through. Gifted with distinct, large eyes under oversized ruddy, sharpened eyeridges that appear forever offended and ready to pick a fight. Short kohl colored headknobs are closer to tiny horns, pokey, and menacing in a cute way. Unexpectedly he is gifted with large, red wings that stretch out in an alarming incongruity; he'll fly easily with none of that fat that holds others down. He's prepared to defend, even if he doesn't look like much.

Honor To Us All Egg

Oblong in shape, this egg is delicate in make and appears frail when viewed from afar. Awash of pale pink and white, forming loose floral shapes that dance along its surface. The flowers are in every stage of bloom, bright and alive with hope and serenity. Nearing the bottom, the forms have clustered together. Making it hard to differentiate any real shape beyond the blobs of champagne and lacey pink that conglomerate into unrecognizable watercolored swirls.

Dam: Green Selvage
Sire: Bronze Bear
Size: 60"
Credits: Egg/Hatchling was written by Evi, Spring 2020. Egg is based on the Cherry blossoms from Mulan, Hatchling is Based on Mushu. He's here to be your defender, and cheerleader.


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