Captured in a braid most of the time, her blonde hair has darker undertones with soft honey streaks and reaches her mid back. Her face is heart-shaped and soft of feature save the tell-tale Shipton family nose, dainty but suffering a slight crook. Set in a frame of dark lashes and brows her hazel eyes are almost chameleon-like, the hue drifting between more blue or more green with faint golden lines woven into the shifting colors. Standing on the threshold of womanhood her figure is decidedly feminine and lean, long legs taking shape nicely in balance with her hips. What is normally a small waist has thickened somewhat and bears the distinct shape of a baby bump which also adds fullness to her bustline.

Loose pants tie at her waist and are made of soft, weathered linen, not specifically for a mom-to-be but serving the purpose for now with her little belly still 'little'. The yoga-type pants are khaki in color and her blouse is white and a little snug around the middle but not overly so.


Zipalla was born to young parents, the result of a secret love affair between cousins, albeit distant, and upon her arrival was adopted by her paternal grandparents. Her father was none other than Pallaton, L'ton as he is now known, and her mother Pazinnia, who was married off to a Cothold boy without even being able to say goodbye to her daughter or lover. Zipalla has only snapshot memories of life there as she was liberated from it at the age of 3 by her father and has lived the weyr life ever since. L'ton's first weyrmate would be the woman she thought of as a mother but with her absence and eventual replacement, it has left the little girl once more with a bit of a void so far as motherly advice and attention, leaving her to the "NO BOYS! THEY ARE AWFUL!" approach to things that her father takes. Til now this approach has been largely successful but as teenagers do, she is beginning to question everything in her life as she starts to take control of it, desperately searching for who she is and what she is meant to be.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Half-Sibling Bonding May 15, 2011 Flandynn, K'ael, Karona, Zip
K's in the Kitchen May 17, 2011 K'ael, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, Zip
Trials and Tribulations of a Headwoman July 01, 2011 K'ael, Milo (npc), Ocelara, Zip
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