Attitude cascades down hair just short of golden blond. The slightest bit of curl to the ends of her hair resists straightening, but also resists going actually curly. A full face, with dark brown eyes, seems to linger just slightly on the side of snarky, gives the impression of someone who has got it together. She stands just a little taller than the normal person. She's wearing clothing that hangs tight on top, but flairs out at her hips to give a full range of movement.


Zinrae is an independent trader that works the area around Xanadu and about in the Southern Continent. She broke away from her family at a fairly young age to take up her own trade routes. Though grit and a 'screw you' attitude to the way people think she SHOULD act, she's built up a fairly comfortable business for herself shifting trade goods from one place to another. She specializes in herbs, dyes, and lighter cargo. At times she'll just have herself and her runner with her cargo carried on her back. This allows her to be mobile and keep a sense of freedom that is her driving force. She's not a woman to want to be tied down to anything, and if it can't keep up with her then it's not worth keeping.


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