Dark, almost black hair falls in a cascade of waves down past the lower part of her back. It glistens with health and is thick to boot. Her face is angular, much like a narrow oval, with a strong chin and high cheekbones. Unfortunately, she also has a very distinctive nose that is often noticed among those of Shipton lineage. So though narrow, much like her face, it has a bump up near the top and protrudes out quite a distance. Her greyish-green eyes are slightly on the small side are nearly hidden by her thick, dark eyebrows. She's quite tall for her age, seeming almost a Turn older and she's lanky to boot. Her skin has a slight dusky cast to it, which compliments the darkness of her hair.

She is dressed in a pair of loose fitting linen pants that have been finally woven a dyed a pale beige The hem of her pants are decorated with fine embroidered florals and geometric shapes. Her pale blue shirt is also a fine woven linen and decorated with fine embroidered flowers and leaves along the cuff and collar and alongside the buttons. Her hair is currently twisted into a thick braid with pale blue ribbons woven through it.


Zinesha was born as a late child to Loeashia and P'ton and as such was doted on quite a bit by her mother. Course, it also gave her a unique upbringing in that she was raised more as a small adult than as a child. So she had little time to actually spend running wild or playing as she would like. Instead, from the time she could hold a drop spindle she was learning to spin and also learned how to use a hand loom. This isn't to say she's spent all her life inside. Her free time has usually been utilized by going on walks or picnics with her mother. It's only in the recent Turn that she's had a little more freedom to do as she likes.


Name Relation Location Position
P'ton Father Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Loeashia Mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider
Zapia Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zaryia Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zakton Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zelton Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zarson Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zakyna Sibling Xanadu Weyr
Zarley Sibling Xanadu Weyr




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