Zevida, the dark skinned woman whose tone is a deep brown that borders to the tone of black. She is dawned with long raven hair that puffs rather close to her skull when dried, formed by tight ringlets. When wet, the hair falls limply towards her shoulder blades in loose curls. Her hair is often worn puffed up or is wrapped by a decorated cloth that hides her black locks from view. The dark woman stands at 6' with a normal build, not too thin while not 'fat' either.
She occasionally wears loose fitting clothing adapted to Xanadu's weather, loose dresses that drop down to her feet, now and then to her knees. She never wears anything that is a solid color, she only wears patterns that have pale pink, baby blue, or a light gold. Most of the time, she can be found in her specially tailored riding leathers in the color to match her lifemate, almost like red flames. It's tailored to fit perfectly on her form, much like all riding leathers are meant to be. Her right arm has a silver bracelet while both ears have piercings. She wears the knot and badge of the Junior Weyrwoman in Xanadu Weyr.




Born of two residents of Igen Weyr, Zevida was quite the child to the two. She brought a different type of light into their world for a short period of time before her father took off to "travel Pern" like he had planned as a younger man, she was three Turns at that time. He died shortly after leaving. Zevida was left with her mother and the two waited for his return for many Turns. It was five Turns later, when Zevida was eight, that they learned of her father's death. Her mother, struck with grief, became ill and never seemed to recover. The woman stayed in bed and called upon her daughter for every task, the girl never had a free moment to herself where she did not have to care for her mother. The woman passed when Zevida had reached the age of twelve Turns and finally, she was alone. The young woman grew up quickly while caring for her mother and soon was able to care for herself and become a regular worker of Igen Weyr. She became a cook, quite happy to serve anyone something special should they ask early enough. A kind girl until she had reached fourteen Turns..
Her first love warped her, the man left her after draining her of most of her marks and leaving her with next to nothing. He was gone from the Weyr before anyone could notice what he had done. The woman became rather distant, friendly, but not too friendly. Not one to make friends anymore, she went into a state of solitude where the only one who knew the true smile of Zevida was Zevida herself… Still living in Igen Weyr and still cooking to her heart's content, she lives in an attempt to recover what she lost.

After many Turns of solitude, Zevida made a friend in Igen to the woman named Dare. Shortly after the friendship, the woman packed up her belongings and went to Xanadu to cook there herself. She settled down into the Weyr easily, spending most of her time in the kitchens or with the nannies and the children. But, she had no friends and was highly restricted, watching everyone around her carefully. Xanadu was starting to become the same as Igen, and her new start hadn't seemed to come with the move.
It was one day when she was preparing the serving table did her change begin, the brownrider Senkyou was the one to ask her to stand for Xanadu's clutch. Shocked and bewildered, she accepted… Not expecting anything to come of this. She didn't change much becoming a candidate, she still did kitchen work and played with the children. She hosted a cooking contest with bazaar foods cooked by the candidates (and some riders). Change came as she made a friend in Ryski and his brother Delenn, and had her feathers ruffled by Myesha, who in Zevi's opinion was too much of a flirt. The Hatching drew near but it never seemed to plaque the woman's mind as she was constantly busy…
The Hatching day came, the candidates were robed and moved out to the sands. The only thing on Zevida's mind was how many marks she'd be getting off the Impressees. It was there on the sands that her life was changed forever, for suddenly the world around her seemed to fade and a voice entered her head, calling her name « Zevida. » And, it spoke again: « Zevida. You will be mine for always, as I will be yours. We will be together until the final sun sets. I am your Avaeth. »
Weyrlinghood would begin, a whole new path for the woman.


Name Relation Location Position
Zelinada Mother N/A Deceased
Denardre Father N/A Deceased



Twisted Debris Brown Dirts
A maelstrom of colors course over the ark hide of this large brown firelizard. A dappling of bistre splashes across his muzzle, whipped away and swirled across his powerful shoulders and spinning down his well-toned legs. It mixes with seal brown across his wide back and the arch of his haunches, where it picks up a tinge of russet, spinning the color out across his tail and wings where it fades to a dull taupe.

Save Me from the Heat Blue Cools
This blue is cool, almost a chilly and icy shade of blue. He is a relaxing shade to cool the nerves and soothe the mind. His body, small and agile, tiny and able to fit in cracks. He's got the look of a fighter, determination seems to emit from him with his chest larger than it seems it should be. He appears to be always puffed in determination, strength and bravery.


Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth

The glory of the coming dawn spills over this gold's hide as deep, fiery hues consume her form from muzzle to tail-tip. Dark, rose-tinged gold flares upon her torso, an almost crimson sheen that sweeps up her lean sides to devour her belly and back. Long, serpentine neck rises from the deeply hued inferno, a rich amber that flows up to each of her delicate headknobs, which, like her elongated muzzle, are dipped in powdery saffron. This same hue dusts the tips of her wings, contrasting her golden poppy wingsails as they stretch translucent between each darker spar. Goldenrod ridges are perfectly aligned down her back, untamed peaks touched by Rukbat's rising, ebony talons remaining shrouded in eternal darkness.



Title OOC Date Cast
Family Matters January 29, 2010 Satoris, Zevida
Dinner Has Its Own Dinner July 06, 2010 Amelia, Zevida
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