Hair the color of pale ginger with lowlights of deep burnished auburn and highlights of sunset orange, crowns the head of a woman with hazel eyes that house swirls of pale green and caramel brown. Her hair is cut in a way to be longer at the front with tendrils of lightly wavy hair that frame her face, then is clipped closer at the back. A smattering of light brown freckles travel over the bridge of her nose and lightly dust the very tip of her chin and sweep over her forehead. Her skin is pale ivory with a rosy glow to her cheeks. Mouth is generous, a little fuller on the bottom than on the top. Nose is rather hawkish, with a strong slope, but not too big for her face, which is heart-shaped. Her body is mostly non-descript, with arms and legs that seem a little spindly and gangly, only the softest swell of a chest, and very narrow shoulders and hips.

She is wearing a most serviceable outfit. A pair of dark brown leather breaches that only come down to her knees, well-worn with visible abraisions and scratches. They are held up by a thick belt that cinches in at her middle to give her the illusion of a waist. A sleeveless shit made of light green linen covers her torso in billows of fabric since the shirt was obviously made for someone with a more robust figure. A slender leather thong laced through the neck line gathers it a little bit just above her bust. Over the shirt she wears a small vest made of leather mathching her pants, that merely pulls the frabic in around her ribs, it is left open and doesn't look like it could be closed if she wanted to. On her feet, a pair of well-loved boots made from softer leather but with sturdy treads for long treks.

On her shoulder, a plain white Candidate's knot is pinned.


Zaria's life so far has been pretty mundane. Her family has lived for as long as anyone can remember at Black Rock Hold. She is descended from a long line of Fishermen who have married other fisherman and whose children took to the sea for their livelihood. There was never any expectation that Zaria would be any different, being the middle child of 7. Her father Zariss and her mother Lemia have always tried to let their children make their own decisions, and welcomed friends of their children like their own. Her extended family was sprawling and they would have annual family shindigs, each more fun-filled than the last. She didn't even mind the fishing that much. She'd been working on the ships since she was a mid-teen and it was honest work that left her fulfilled. Everything was perfect. And then she fell in love.

Rosely was perfect. A sweet girl that had just moved to the city to live with her grand-parents after the death of her parents in a shipwreck when Zaria was just 17. They only lived a few doors down from Zaria's family and she would see the other girl often, looking so sad and lost. It tugged at Zaria's heart strings and she felt compelled to try and cheer her up. So they began to talk, just a few words of introductions first, but soon Zaria would go out of her way to bump into Rosely on her morning walks down to the docks, or invite her to go swimming on a hot day. They quickly became best friends, doing all the things that best friends do. Zaria listened to Rose's stories of the boys around the Hold she found attractive, and would swoon over them in private. These stories always left Zaria feeling a little sad, but she wanted to be happy for her friend.

Boys never really interested her, she was somewhat of a tomboy herself. She accepted a few invitations when Rose would need an escort on evenings out with these boys and she began feeling jealous. That jealousy got worse over the Turns when she began to realize that her feelings for Rosely went a lot deeper than that of friendship. She wanted to say something, but never did. One night, just a few months after she turned 19, Zaria once again found herself consoling her friend who had been wronged by her most recent suitor. Wrapping her arms around Rose, she wanted to just give her comfort, but when she pulled away slightly and saw Rose looking right in her eyes, she did something rash. She kissed Rose on the lips. There was no hesitation from Rose, who quickly pushed Zaria off of her and onto the ground. The look of disgust in her eyes tore Zaria's heart into little pieces. She started crying as Rosely screamed at her, "I can't believe you would do that! I don't like girls!" and with that, ran off, leaving Zaria in a sobbing pile on the ground.

After that it just went downhill. Rosely told everyone what had happened, that Zaria had tried to use her vulnerable situation to force her to unnatural acts. Zaria's parents tried to support their daughter, but it was obvious it was going to take a while for the drama to die down. So arrangements were made that the next shipment of fish to Xanadu Weyr she would accompany and look for work there for awhile, just until things back home settled down and people started to forget.


Name Relation Location Position
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Deep in Winter's Frost Green Folly
The smooth flow and grace of this this firelizard's form is perfect in composition - a cold and expressionless visage among her tiny pointed snout, with only her eyes betraying the chill of a creature seemingly carved out of ice. Hunter green pools darkly around eye sockets, and swirls amongst delicate headknobs, sending tiny tentrils to radiate like tiny fissures where they seem to erupt upon her hips and hindlegs. The same dark hues claim the tip of her tail, fading as they climb higher towards her hips and mingling with the frosted sea green that illuminates her form. Wide and powerful wingsails are frosted in the same sea green, mottled with flecks of the same milky white hues that adorn tiny razor talons.



Title OOC Date Cast
Rabbit brings home a Stray! May 3, 2017 Rabbit (canine), Zaria, Kera, C'rus
Making Friends May 05, 2017 Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
Sink or Swim May 16, 2017 L'gan, Zaria, Metan, Shion (NPC), Tikki (Dolphin-NPC)
Unmentionable Inspection May 19, 2017 Weyrlingmaster G'thar (NPC), Marel, Risali, Brynnjan, Cara, Zaria
Twenty Questions With A Greenie May 20, 2017 Kera, Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
Putting The Fun in DysFUNctional May 21, 2017 R'hyn, Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
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