There are girls of average height and there are girls that seem to tower over others. Zalulia is neither of these. Standing at four foot eleven, although shell swear up and down that shes five feet, she rests on the farther side of the short end of the spectrum. Her skin is naturally fair in color, although there are a few blotchy spots on her face, shoulders, and wherever she leaves skin exposed for long periods of time. For while her skin burns easy she does enjoy the sun and does not want to try and avoid it. Her hair is light red in color, going down to her shoulders where it ends in a very straight cut. She has dark blue eyes that can appear brownish in the right light. For the most part she wears light, pretty, girlish clothes, although she will happily put on something else if they are impractical for her current situation.


Zalulia is not one that had to deal with a great deal of stress or discomfort in her life. Born in Telgar Weyr to a bronzerider and an assistant headwoman she always looked up to her parents. If she wants something she would demand it from them and they would deliver, for despite their busy lives she had them wrapped around her little finger. Eventually she came to expect to be pampered and waited on, thus finding herself more and more incompetent as time passed. By twelve turns old she was yet to find a craft or place within the weyr and little more than useless. Eventually she was pushed into getting an apprenticeship as a harper, for she was at least decent at singing. Soon enough she was sent to the harper hall, where she lived for several turns. At seventeen turns old it was suggested that she should transfer over to Xanadu Weyr, to study new, modern material. It was suggested by a person she had annoyed multiple times but hey, it was a valid idea! So she transferred over, eager to see what she might learn.


Name Relation Location Position
Z'aul Father Telgat Weyr Bronzerider
Kulni Mother Telgat Weyr Assistant Headwoman


Bronze Aang



Title OOC Date Cast
The Little Harper That Couldn't Cook May 28, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Zalulia
Questionable Songbird June 26, 2015 Zalulia, Gerazal
Of Tunnelsnakes and Flute-carving June 27, 2015 Azchel, Esiae, Zalulia
Sneak Attack (Zalulia is Searched) July 02, 2015 Kiena, Zalulia, Ujinath
Something Fishy About These Chores July 07, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Joelle, Zak, Zalulia
The Sound Bones Make July 9, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Quillan, Zak, Zalulia
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