Standing at 5'7, long legs are the base of feminine features that have rounded in all the right places over the last few turns. The darkest night of ebony hair unfurls from atop this young lady's crown. A glistening sheen cascades downwards with the thick straightness of her long, black, locks. Deep-set eyes are large and almond shaped, colored by penetrating shades of a vibrant amber-brown. Irises are outlined with a rim of black, and filled with flecks of golden hues, as if honeyed coins were set in the center of dark fringed orbits. Her skin, neither pasty nor tanned, is sun-kissed throughout the seasons and freckled lightly across cheeks. The bronze dappling continues across pert, aquiline nose which sits over full, heart shaped lips gloss-stained a murky, burgundy brown.


A mossy green tunic, short sleeved and V-necked, fits her form rather well and meets at waist, where it is cinched tight with a side knot. Thick brown leathers fit her hips and legs tightly, tucking in to even darker, tanned, calf height boots. A sable shaded belt wraps around curvy hips and she wears one thick, triangular shaped wooden cuff around her right wrist. What looks like a small, clear, pendant dangles long from dainty neck. Golden chain dangles a Stargazer's delight it is actually a constellation viewing lens.


Carefree days of apprenticing in star and glass crafting at Telgar Hold, are long gone since relocating to Western to get away from a tumultuous childhood. Raised as an orphan by the Weyr nannies, with no siblings, Zah has definitely been through the ringer with misfortunes and keeps her fingers-crossed that her luck is about to change. With practically no information shared about her parents, birthplace or lineage, Telgar Hold has always been home. Forever the optimist, struggles have never gotten the best of her, trudging on with positivity and making a name for herself by apprenticing in Starcrafting, with both physics and glass as her subcrafts. Seeing as how the significant lack of familial support allowed plenty of time for studies, she was able to excel quite quickly and is currently working towards becoming an advanced senior apprentice, and journeyman some turns down the line. For now, she is excited to be out on her own and away from Telgar since being reassigned a new post at Western Weyr, where she is to continue her studies, and eventually report back, after implementing a few recently discovered hidden gems of the craft. Much of her past has been forgotten, or possibly dismissed, the more traumatic experiences buried deep and surface questions to be answered vaguely.


Name Relation Location Position
A'dmar Father Xanadu Weyr Weyrleader


Green Virikas
Bronze Ztyrian
Brown Braczek
Canine Draka


Title OOC Date Cast
An Explosive Gather January 04, 2014 Innes, Inri, Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Kimmila, Mur'dah, M'raz, Nyalle, Soriana, Thea, Th'ero, Zahleizjah
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