Silky dark brown hair falls in a cascade of messy waves around her face, down past her shoulders and to the mid of her back. Her bangs are long and tend to hang in her face constantly, covering up the hint of a small bump at the bridge of her thin and pert nose with a slightly upturned tip. Her eyes, though hazel have a tendency to show more greens than anything else, which the blackness of her lashes tend to bring out more. Her lips are on the thin side, though the seem to fit the lengthiness of her face fairly well. Her skin is already a nice deep tan as befits any kid of a hot and sunny climate.

She is dressed in a pair of serviceable pants, nothing too fancy, just simple heavy-weight cotton dyed a generic brown. Her top, however, is a different matter. It's a mix of different clothes all pieced together in a crazy quilt manner. Various stitches are used through out, along with an assortment of ribbons. Her lengthy hair is currently pulled back in a tail and secured with yet another ribbon.

She is wearing a simple mine craft apprentice knot with the colors denoting that she's posted to Xanadu.


Zafirah - Insane mother…prolific father? Hmm.

Zafirah was born to K'nan at Eastern Weyr, a product of a run-in with L'ton during a mating flight when the green rider didn't let either one of them leave.Her childhood was fairly normal as far as Weyr children go. She spent much of her time under the care of others, though K'nan would go through spurts of motherliness and insist on having her around with her all the time. K'nan's excuse being that she hardly ever at the chance with her son because X'an wouldn't let her. Or at least that's what she says.

Course with Phailinugoth around, her childhood was also a little wild, filled with socks, ribbons and watchfulness of the blue. Who sad to say was better at watching her than K'nan. Course, when her mother took it into her head to up and leave the Weyr when she was only about three, she found herself in the grand adventure of a lifetime.

For the next turn she was taken from hold to hold and to various places in the wilderness. She was young enough to enjoy the uncertainty of it and was always delighted at the attention she got from the people they met. It had it's moments and she still remembers the fright of one really bad storm. Course, it was after that, that she didn't see her mother for the longest time and when she did it was going on a trip via ship. Her mother wouldn't answer her questions on to where Phaili was nor where they were going.

She soon found out, however, at least the morning after they arrived at Ista Weyr. And she also found out that her mother was gone. She was devastated and first proceeded to throw a temper tantrum and then fell into passive resistance. Refusing to go anywhere under her own power. This only lasted about a sevenday though as by nature she's a fairly outgoing and happy child. She would keep looking however for that familiar blue in the sky and for her mother whom she was told had promised she'd be back some day.

She settled into things with her foster-mother Anadine, a distance cousin of her mothers and integrated fairly well with the other children. And then disaster struck and the Weyr was inundated with more and more people as she filtered in from the outlying holds due to the earthquake. Anadine had already been contemplating a change of scene and that decided it. So she back up her things and Zafirah's and they traveled down south where she had a friend who would take on some extra help of helping with the Weyr's children and thus they ended up at Xanadu. Course, Zafirah hasn't forgotten about her mother and Phaili, she just doesn't look up to the skies as much now.

Shortly after moving to Xanadu, Anadine fell ill and though it wasn't life threatening, at least to anyone's knowledge, it did sap her strength and so once more Zafirah was passed off into another's hands, this time to Senkyou who also had children of her own.

In spite of her mother's wishes for her to take an interest in riding, Zafirah instead took a liking for being underground and as soon as she was fourteen, she applied and apprenticed herself to the Miner's. Instead of a dragon though, Zafi has been having fond thoughts of whers.


Name Relation Location Position
Senkyou Foster Mother Xanadu Rider
K'nan Mother Rubicon River Hold Rider
L'ton Father Western Weyr Rider
Zandanin Half-Brother Fort Weyr Handyman
Kiera Foster Sister Eastern Weyr Weyrbrat
Arania Half Sister-in-Law Eastern Weyr Weaver Jman
Tosni Nephew Eastern Weyr Weyrbrat
Kerri Maternal Grandmother
Taendah Maternal Grandfather
Aysha Paternal Grandmother
Anson Paternal Grandfather


Buried Beneath the Willow Brown Wythe
Weeping willow branches drape, browns dark and light intermingling, creating airy stripes that brush over his back, before being gathered to for a long, lashing tail. His whole body seems to droop a little - from his sandy hued stomach to the hide that gathers at ebony talons, even his serpentine neck seeming to sag as it supports his triangular head. Earthy wings of brown and green drape from his shoulders, the same bit of brighter hues gathering here and there along mossy ridges.

Sublime Essence Of Serenity Blue Radomir
What blue is this that so perfectly and purely has poured itself into the shape of a firelizard? Sapphire is perhaps the closest equivalent if one were to presume such a jewel-tone would be fitting, but the sublime nature of his hide is, quite simply, blue. It's a peaceful color all in all, especially when paired with this firelizard's pudgy build and the slight quirk to his jaw that leaves him looking as if he's permanently wearing an enigmatic smile. The drowsy droop of his eyeridges only lends to that appearance, veiling his thoughts with a casual and cryptic air. Where one might expect his wings to break the mold, they do not; the utter blueness of him extends even to his wings, the very essence of that singular color infused seemingly to the core of him. Even his claws are of that selfsame color, blunted though they may be. He is graceful without trying to be, charismatic without being imposing, and the very picture of blissful serenity made manifest.

Lord of All and Nothing Bronze Corwin
Everything about this firelizard screams strength and poise from his strong, aquiline snout, down his lean, muscular back, to the ever-flicking tail. He's not so much restless as poised on the razors edge of combat. The deep copper of his hide is dappled and dark, as if the copper is heavily oxidized, the darkest parts along the spine, then sketching splotchy patterns along his side and lightest to his toes.


Proud Green Zask
Hues of somewhat yellowy-green colors the hide of this wher, from her ugly broad face and flattened headknobs all the way down her body to the very end of her thick, stunted, spaded tail. Faint stripes of laurel green show on her hide, emphasizing her squat neck and her founded, barrel chested body. Haphazard splotches are found all along the hide along her back, areas of darker hide which slide along ridges in a random pattern. Legs are perhaps a bit too long, giving her an awkward gate, particularly given her oversized feet of mantis green, the same hue speckling her stunted wing.


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