With his heart shaped face, large, wide eyes and cute little button nose this lad is often mistaken to be several turns younger than he actually is. His deep brown hair is kept very short for he doesn’t like the curls that happen when it gets past ear length. His height of a couple inches over 5 and a half feet ensures he’ll likely top 6 foot by the time he’s finished growing. Tanned and well muscled he clearly spends a lot of time out doors.


General: Zachariah, or just plain Zach to his friends, was born in the middle of the night in the middle of the road somewhere within the Southern Continent. His parents, Mariah and Zachary, were part of a trader’s caravan that traveled through the south. With no threat of thread in the skies there are plenty of caravans roaming the roads. It’s in his blood, to be always on the move and never staying long in one place. There’s always plenty of excitement wherever they go and he’s picked up a lot of skills in his nearly 16 turns of living off the land. But he’s also very book smart, studying whenever he could wherever they landed in a place longer than a fortnight. He’s friendly to all though he has no real close friends due to his nature of never staying in one place for long. Even among the traders he’s been sort of an odd man out, never fully fitting in despite being born on the road with them. Several times he’s struck out on his own to simply explore the land around him though he’s always returned ‘home’ to the clan. At some point he’ll settle down…won’t he? Time will tell!


Name Relation Location Position
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Blue Peony




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