Zaira is a tall, willow-y young woman standing 5 foot 7. Her whole body is slender, lithe as any feline, with a few graceful curves perfectly placed on her frame. Her face is oval-shaped, cheekbones high and refinely arched, chin ever so slightly pointed, breasts are small and firm, not the bouncy variety. Her torso narrows to a slim waist and then flares again into the hips and prosterior (which is not large, her buttocks are rather small and don't stick out), legs and arms long but in proportion to the rest of her body, long delicately formed fingers and toes. Her skin is very fair but not unhealthy-looking. Zaira's dark wet seal brown hair (so dark it can look black in certain lighting conditions) reaches to her hips in graceful waves, eyebrow-length bangs cover her forehead. Her eyes are dark silver in hue, rimmed with gold.

Wardrobe-wise Zaira wears a great variety of clothing, depending on the climate and the weather, but she prefers to wear capris or slacks, shunning skirts and dresses and more "feminine" apparel. Her favorite outfit would include a short sleeved v-neck shirt, slacks or capris and either sandals or boots, depending on the weather. She always wears a ring formed of polished teardrop obsidian that was a gift from her father on the middle finger of her right hand and often other jewelry as well, depending on what she has available and on personal whim, though her ears are not (yet) pierced. An gleaming white Candidate's knot adorns her right shoulder.


Zaira was born in Shadow Ravine cothold, a small hold beholden to Monaco Bay Weyr. Her early years were happy ones for, whilst there were only a few other children her age to play with, she always had music. Her father, Regulus, was a harper of some skill, working in piano (there was one at a larger hold only half an hour's walk from Shadow Ravine) and guitar, and he passed his skills onto his daughter. Precocious, Zaira was interested in music from early childhood and Regulus was careful to nuture those skills, letting her work on the piano with him or play with his guitar, teaching her in preparation for the Harper Hall. Zaira's mother, Almathea, was less muscially inclind, being a healer, but she did not interfere in her daughter's early training.

In her tenth Turn, tragedy reached out to strike Zaira a heavy blow—-Regulus was in a serious riding accident and ultimately succumbed to his wounds. A grieving Almathea took Zaira with her to her sister's home in High Reaches Hold. There she told her sister and brother-in-law that she couldn't raise Zaira, she needed time to grieve her loss. Despite having a family of their own Zaira's aunt and uncle reluctantly agreed to look after the distraught girl. Almathea left High Reaches promising to return…but she never came back and Zaira's grief was doubled over being essentially abandoned. Since her aunt and uncle were Minecrafters and raising two children younger than Zaira they had little use for Zaira's musical abilities; they wanted her to learn something more practical like mining or smithcraft. Zaira's cousins also made it quite clear early on that she was a guest who had outstayed her welcome, not family. So Zaira pretended to have a fondness for cutting gemstones, though she only liked to wear jewelry, not make it herself, just to get out from under the pressure a little bit.

Two Turns later found Zaira struggling to contain her musical urges and almost losing control completely. That Gather in High Reaches would prove to be life-changing for her. Acknowledging that she was now 12 Turns old, her aunt and uncle let her roam out of their sight under condition that she return when she was called without fuss and sample no alcoholic beverages. Zaira had no intentions of drinking at that age but soon found herself intoxicated by something more heady than hard liquer. The Hold's piano was sitting out by the dancing platform—-and there was, at the moment, nobody using it. Drawn like a moth to a flame she found herself sitting down at the gleaming piano, remembering her father running his hands over the keys and the simple songs Regulus had taught her by memory. Soon it was her fingers running over the keys of the piano, calling forth chords almost forgotten and those simple songs she hadn't played for so long.

This impomptu concert resulted in one kindly and curious Harper deciding to take up conversation with Zaira and find out her true passions. The chance meeting soon resulted in Zaira's joining the Harper Hall for formal apprenticeship. Over the following Turns she did very well, finding healing in her music. Like her father before her she decided to specialize in piano and guitar and she worked hard to learn, enjoying every minute. To her practice was not a burden but rather an excuse to spend even more time playing her music.

Now at the age of 17. Zaira was deemed ready for her field apprenticeship. Given the choice of Crom or Xanadu Weyr the choice was an easy one, to return to the Southern Continent as she had longed and to experience life in a Weyr. She had experienced holder life and Crafthall life and she was ready to take on Weyr life. Especially since she had heard that women had more options, more freedom, fewer expectations as to their conduct in a Weyr. And so Zaira has come to Xanadu Weyr with her guitar on her back and a few suitcases of clothing and personal belongings, curious as to what wonders the Weyr holds for her.


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