Zasheir / Zash / Z'eir
Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Outside Black Rock Hold
Position Wingrider / Stablehand / Jman Beastcrafter
Specialty Runnerbeasts
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Dragon Brown Asceorth

Dark brown hair has been recently cut - sides and back are cut close to his scalp, but the top is left a little longer, a little mop of unruly curls here and there. Dark skin show off his startling pale green eyes that look upon the world with amusement, as he has a way of often finding something to laugh about. Full, sensual red lips lie beneath a nose that just somehow fits his face, not too large and not too small. He stands over six feet, closer to the half way mark if truth be told. Skinny some say, well-built others, but he pays them no mind, feeling quite comfortable with himself the way he is.

His outfit runs towards comfortable, but easily maintained in a pair of trousers that fit him well, the bottom hems flaring over well-worn boots. Above, a long sleeve button up shirt, often times the sleeves rolled up above his elbows. Many times, there's gloves tucked into his back pocket, and a wide brim hat on his head to help keep the sun from his eyes.


Growing up at Black Rock Hold after his dad's death, Zasheir learned to ride runners from an early age, helping to train the many racing runners that area is wide-known for. Not only did he learn from the Beastcraft from his uncle, he also learned the ropes from working on his uncle Heirhin's breeding farm, starting out in the stables and working his way up to trainer as he went through his lessons to become Sr. Apprentice.

Yet, even as happy as his work left him, there was that need to travel, to see new sites and meet new people. When that itch became too much for him to handle after walking the tables to pick up his Jman knot, he said his goodbye's to his family and struck out on his own. His travels have taken him all over, and now have led him to Xanadu Weyr.

It was at Xanadu where bronze Garouth would decide he'd make a good candidate for gold Leirith's eggs on the sands. The days passed until one rather wet and muddy day when the dragons would begin to thrum. Hours later, Zasheir, now Z'eir, would find himself Impressed to a large brown dragonet by the name of Asceorth.

Weyrlinghood passed almost in a blur, it seems. One moment he was leading Asceorth off towards the weyrling barracks, trying to not get a headache from the sudden sharing of minds…. and the next, the pair were picking out a weyr to move in to over the Meadow, soon to consider which wing they might be interested in joining.

Still, there's so much to come as they move on to the next part of life as a rider in the Asteriod or Crafter Wing…


Name Relation Location Position
Zaman Father (d.) Cothold outside BRH Farmer
Sheirha Mother Black Rock Hold Asst. Headwoman
Sheima Sister (-5) Black Rock Hold Asst. Gardner
Rhama Sister (-8) Black Rock Hold Holdbrat ATM
Heirhin Uncle Hanging H (outside BRH) Owner of Ranch


Like, it's emerald, you know? Not celadon, not peridot, but emerald, pure green from nose to tailtip, with nary a deviation - except for that one broad streak of bright, brilliant lime running from chin to groin. Sharply angular, from ebon talons to whip-like tail to wickedly pointed wings, this firelizard is all points and pricks and acutely cutting, both in form and in the constant vocalizations of her ever-present impatience with how dull everyone else seems to be.

Bright shining icy blue eyes swirl contentedly framed by a confusing jumble of dusty brown and light tans. The surface of his hide is smooth, but the patterning upon it makes him look more like a weathered dry desert than the healthy earth browns more typical of his kind. Yet, the patterns are nothing of this world. Indeed the surface looks pitted and pockmarked in an almost even distribution across him. A strait splatter of pale gray streaks over his right shoulder, while down his left flank is a spattering of starbursts in that same hue. His build is slighter than one might expect. Muscles are strong, but lean, holding tight to his sturdy frame. Tail is contrastingly short. While lean it curls carefully about one hindleg just managing to reach. Wings spread long, thin and a bit narrow than one might expect. Unlike his cratered body the wings are cast in deep shadow, near black in its dark brown.


The Will Which Says Hold On Brown Asceorth

From elegant, wide nostrils set in a slightly roman muzzle, to the tip of his slightly-short tail, this massive brown seems carved from living sone. His head is exquisite: wide-flaring, sharp eyeridges, soft and expressive eyes, back-swept headknobs. His neck is on the short side for a dragon, arched and muscular, matched in powerful shoulders. Barrel-chested and sturdy in flank and hip, this brown's tail is powerful, if not long and whippy. He's got massive paws, deceptively heavy leg bone, matching the robustness of the rest of him. In the sun, this brown shines — not quite metallic, but he's got a sheen about him that's nearly there in the brighter shades. Charred umber, a shade or two from black, almost balances out vibrant mahogany, settling heavily over all of his edges. It moves down his refined head, nearly to his neck, down the almost comically large 'ridges there. Up from those large paws, the char fades out slowly above his knees, before picking up again along the spars on his wings and down his tail-ridges. The bright, ruddy brown set against the scorched klah is still somewhat dark in glowlight, but vibrant in the sun, nearly brick-colored. Soft dapples of paler caramel flash here and there, quiet against the bolder shades of the majority of this massive dragon.


Title OOC Date Cast
Horse Sense, Dragon Crazy (Zasheir is Searched) January 24, 2018 D'lei, Zasheir, Garouth
Taking A Few Shots January 25, 2018 Kera, Ricki, Jaelynn, Zasheir, Nikolan
Amidst the Gathered Throngs January 27, 2018 D'lei, Jaelynn, Kera, Nikolan, Ricki, Risali, Sephany, Siobhan, Tanit, Zasheir, Zeltan, Z'ki
Touch It! (First Touching) January 28, 2018 Risali, Nikolan, Zasheir
Look At My Eggs! (Fifth Touching) January 30, 2018 Hierax, Kelani, Jaune, Zasheir, Risali
Much Mud! February 2, 2018 D'lei, Jaelynn, Jaune, Kelani, Nikolan, Ricki, Risali, Tyssarian, Zasheir
Pictures and Photos February 22, 2018 Kelani, Zasheir, Jaune, Tanit, Nikolan, Jaelynn
Gold Leirith and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! February 24, 2018 Risali, D'lei, Kera, Nikolan, Zasheir, Valerian, Kelani, Tyssarian, Jaune, Jaelynn, Ricki, Hierax, Eirykur (NPC), Wyrichthea (NPC), Rallexyre (NPC), G'thar (NPC)
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