Ysa is full of dark features, so it is no surprise that her bright green almond-shaped eyes are the first thing to be noticed when she is observed. Her complexion is not overly dark, more of deep tan that is uniformly all the same, making her not so easy to blemish in the sun or blush obviously. Her hair is also a very prominent feature, more so for the fact that the voluminous dark brown, nearly black, locks are usually unkempt. The length is unevenly cut, though mostly ending just at her shoulder blades. One layer, or "bang" is pushed to the left side of her face, occasionally covering her face, and gradually layering until it joins the rest of the length. The rest of her is rather plain and average: An average slightly thinner nose, thin arced brows that do compliment her bright eyes, and of average woman height.

Ysa has traded in casual skirts and tops for a pair of warm riding leathers. She wears tan pants, a bit worn throughout the turns, that are hug her lithe legs. They are tucked into mid-calf glossy black boots; either well cared for or new. For the warmer southern weathers she usually sports off-shouldered blouses, generally in a creamy color cotton shirt with long sleeves the billow around her hands and then tucked into the warmer leather pants. A matching fitted tan jacket is worn over the blouse, lined with burdenbeast fur to keep out the harsh chill of :between: and colder climates, with a large collar that wraps the fur around her neck to keep in the warmth. A thicker black belt helps keep up the trousers around her slim waist, sporting a pouch for marks and trinkets, a spot for her flute, and a sheathed knife. Around her neck is a delicate chain of gold. The necklace has three rubies, with two smaller ones set above the largest one and neatly surrounded by small sapphires.


Lysithea is the youngest child, and only girl, of Lekhon and Eeva. She grew up in a closer family unit, under tutelage of her mother, a Masterharper. From a young age she was taught to be a Harper, just like her eldest brother Yasan. However, she was more attached to the Guards, and was too rebellious to go straight into an apprenticeship. At a young age, Lys and her best friends (her brother Velon and his friend Kavi) drove the Hold staff insane. They stole from the kitchens, they chased the wherries into the Hold, and even once commandeered a Trader wagon that nearly fell into the river.

As the trio grew up, the boys joined the guards like their fathers and Lys was dragged to the Harpers, but quickly returned home after she refused to learn. Her mother was disappointed but hoped she would pass her rebellious stage and join the craft. Eeva taught her daughter, with the help of Yasan. Lysithea took meaningless tasks around the Hold instead, spending more and more time in the stables and with her friends.

As Lysithea grew older and more mature, she began to put her mischievous nature into another skill: She began to flirt. The tavern grew into a hotspot with the trio, though Kavi at the time was smitten with Lysithea. Except Lys was only happy with all manners of attention from Hold boys, manipulating them into buying her things or helping with tasks. When they met at the game room and pub, she began to drink and learn to play cards like them.

Eventually the behavior grew problematic. At 18, a bar brawl was caused by Kavi's jealousy when a few older drunk guards began to mess with Lysithea and flirt with her openly, passing around drunk teen. Velon, too engrossed in his games, did not help, and half the men ended up in prison. After a verbal beating from his father, Temen, Kavi refused to speak with Lys or Velon. As a result, Lysithea toned down her actions for awhile. At an older age, her mother grew more enraged with poor choice in career and refused to teach her.

Over the months, Kavi forgave them and confessed to Lysithea. She was taken back at first, but agreed at the idea. Within a turn, the pair were engaged. Except her mother continued to anger, refusing to speak to her daughter. Her father was busy as a Captain, and her fiance and brother were getting more and more into their careers as guards. Lonely, Lysithea began to regress back to the pub, having too much time on her hands. She flirted shamelessly when she was drunk, and eventually that led to trouble with a visiting man.

Velon heard about it, and found his sister intoxicated in another man's bed. In her drunk stupor Lysithea had stabbed her brother's arm and was dragged to a cell by her own father. Kavi found out about it, but left Lys to be sick in prison alone. In the morning, Lysithea took the opportunity to leave with her father's old Trader caravan. Her fiance refused to speak to her, and her mother refused to accept her anymore.

By the time the Traders pulled into Telgar Weyr, Lysithea was mended. She would use the Weyr to slowly find her way back to her original nature, except for the fact that a dragonrider Searched her on the spot instead. She accepted the new proposal, renewing her life. She understood little about Weyrs, and even found the experience of flying on dragonback truly terrifying.

When the Hatching finally came, Lysithea was dragged out with some of her newfound friends, only to find herself bound for life to her golden Ellamariseth. Early life as a dragonrider was challenging. Ysa, then, was very attached to her quite independent lifemate. She forgot about her past and spent time knowing her dragon instead. Her biggest challenge was learning her career as a Junior Weyrwoman, especially after 21 turns of being lazy and living off of others. It kept her busy, though she still kept to her old ways when time allowed. After five turns as a goldrider in the northern Weyr, Ysa found herself having troubles with her fellow weyrwoman. A new goldrider provided her the chance to transfer, and with packed boxes she found herself in Ierne Weyrhold.

The very day of her arrival proved to be even more rewarding. She reunited with a clutchmate, R'miel and bronze Arinith. Close during candidacy, the pair hit it off immediately, and soon found themselves together over the months. Having been eternally busy in Telgar, Ysa never had a stable relationship again after Kavi, and this one proved just as bumpy. A feline attack later, a grounded goldrider soon found herself pregnant and decided to keep the child. Over the months there were good and bad times as they settled. Close to the end of her pregnancy, Ellamariseth decided to rise in a mating flight.

Thankfully, she caught by Arinith, though the troubles weren't over for Ysa. She went into labor right after and gave birth to a premature baby boy. The days grew more normal, as it can be for new parents, but Ella was soon to be too egg-heavy to fly :between:. The decision to transfer again had to be made, and Xanadu welcomed the gold onto their newly vacated hatching sands. Ysa once again had to settle into life as a Junior Weyrwoman, this time with her weyrmate and son Lyram.


Name Relation Location Position
R'miel Weyrmate Ista Weyr Rider to Bronze Arinith
Lyram Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Illiam Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Aisyria Daughter Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Rysilia Daughter Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Eeva Mother Fort Hold Harper- Master Singer
Lekhon Father Fort Hold Guardsman
Yasan Brother Fort Hold Harper
Lethon Brother Fort Hold Guardsman
Ekar Brother Fort Hold Guardsman
Velon Brother Fort Hold Guardsman


Desert Dunes Brown Aeolus
Sandy hues sift together to form an oddly speckled khaki upon this firelizards hide, a few areas along his back darkening, while a patch on one haunch is quite pale. Ridges are uneven, like dunes gathered along the line of his spine, while each talon is a dark brown, like lost treasures lost to the sands. His muzzle is short, as are his headknobs, each seemingly worn by the sandstorms that have scoured the rest of his hide and left each wing sail a weak tan.

Ring of Shadows Blue Aetos
So dark and watery he's the deep shades of an ocean in the moonlight, his hide sparkles with newly fallen rain. He's of a pretty steady size for a blue firelizard. And his blue hide is muted despite being dark. Inky, dusky markings, like rings, band around his forelegs, the ankles of his rear legs, his tail about midway down, and his neck beneath the jaw. His wings are bright indigo and cobalt, the color of an empty void.

Sharpshooting Hawk's Glare Green Aello
Smooth, tempered in shape and form. This green has a severe expression and a sleek emerald body, like well hammered and molded steel. Arctic green patterning, like feathers, brushes along her smokey green swallowlike wings makes it clear she is built for blitz speed. Boldly set laurel green paws darken to ivy around her slim but muscular shoulders. Teal and sylvan greens streak along her stomach and flanks ending in fit, trim legs and a long, whiplike, holly green tail.


Secrets of the Desert Gold Ellamariseth

Burnished gold is embedded from the tip of her delicate nose to the end of her lean tail, flowing like a sand dune in the desert, lit by the beating sun. Her curves are carefully rounded, body smooth and sleek around her haunches, and as her serpentine neck flows into her torso, mimicking the rise and fall of the sand ridges. Her muzzle is rather short, yet not too wide, as it slopes upwards between each faceted eye, and each short headknob dipped in flaxen yellow. Each sail is a bespeckled hue - a few patches a flaxen variation, while the majority is a darker sand - crossed by spars of dark, antiqued gold across its length. Each limb is lean and carefully proportioned, each the dark orange-yellow hues of a desert set in night's darkness, each tipped with ebony talons.


Title OOC Date Cast
Weyrling Lesson: Hunting January 12, 2009 E'gin, S'ya, Thea, and Ysa
Questioning the Weyrlings January 25, 2009 Niva, Saige, Thea, and Ysa
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
I Lost a Friend April 24, 2009 R'miel, Thea, Ysa
There Is Irony Here (a.k.a. How To Freak Out Eledri) August 26, 2009 Eledri, Ysa
What's Bugging You? February 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, R'miel, Thea, and Ysa
A Mountain of Paperwork March 2009 R'miel, Thea, Ysa, Zevida
A Goldrider Explosion March 2009 Cenlia, Niva, Thea, Ysa, X'hil, Zevida
Boozing In The Aftermath March 2009 Cenlia, Shellie, Ysa, X'hil
An Expendable Goldrider March 2009 Niva, Thea, Ysa, Zevida
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