Total darkness in an uneven cut whisps about this boy's head. From beneath the unkempt fringe, somewhat almond-shaped eyes peer out, shaded in deep blue. His face is faintly roundish in his youth, with a lightly visible scar trailing his left temple. His frame is one of steadily building lean muscle, more compact rather than having bulk. Hours of daylight have made his skin dark, a very healthy tan covering him in most places, and lending to his shaded appearance. Still somewhat on the small side, he's about average height for his age, standing at just a little over five feet tall.

Liquid black encases this young rider's body. Working boots polished to a dark finish protect his feet, the bottom flaps of pants folding over the tops just slightly. The legs fit snugly, giving enough room for skin to breathe while still conforming to their shape. The color remains black, although the seam along the sides of the pantlegs trims out in a glittering of silver. The inside of the leg begins to change, however. At the seat area, the leather changes, more durable for riding purposes while shifting faintly into a dark blue. A belt latches together around his hips, keeping a dark blue tunic tucked into it. Over that tunic, a black jacket resides, made of the same leather. Once again the outer seam of the arm trims in silver, although the jacket is somewhat plain in design. The collar contains a fuzzy material, possibly down, for aiding in warmth. Etched into the back of the jacket is a small, silver dolphin.

At his shoulder are the knots defining him as a Weyrling of Xanadu Weyr, and an Apprentice of the Dolphincraft.


Born in the heart of a Renegade gang, Ryski is the son of Veski, once leader of Black Rock, and now second in command of Dark Tree. Along with his twin sister, Saefti, they were conceived in accident with a woman named Taylin. A few months after their birth, his mother vanished from his life. Without memory of her though, he grew his first years of life under renegade supervision. However, as he began to get older, he and his sister were packed off and away from the camp to live life outside of such seclusion.

He lived in Xanadu until the age of ten, but he was an unruly child. He picked fights, was defiant to adults, and had a bad attitude in general. Out of all the people he had come in contact with aside from his sister, it seemed only O'lief's young son Silion from Eastern was able to warrant any of his affection. After much deliberation, it was finally decided that he should go to live there, where he would hopefully have a better start at being raised properly.

His stay did not last long. Only a little more than a turn later, Ryski was confronted by the fact that he had an older brother, Delenn. Knowing this, and feeling a bit stifled living with the riders at Eastern, Ryski finally returned home to Xanadu. It was only a short time later, that he was selected for Search by the Xanadu Weyrsecond, L'alie.

Candidacy was a difficult time, and even a dangerous one, as he found out. During a routine outing for the candidates, wild felines attacked. He was injured, as were many of the candidates, now bearing scars of claws on his back. Time progressed, however, and he healed in time for the hatching, where a blue named Ecoatleth found him, making him Y'ki.


Name Relation Location Position
Veski Father Renegades Second
Tay Mother Xanadu Weyrlingmaster
Saefti Twin Sister Xanadu Weyrbrat
D'len Older Half-Brother Xanadu Greenrider
Tavious Younger Half-Brother Xanadu NPC
Keylin Younger Half-Sister Xanadu NPC
Tavin Younger Half-Brother Xanadu NPC
Cy'ni Uncle High Reaches Greenrider
Dairius Uncle Renegades Soldier
Keldan Nephew Xanadu Fosterling
Adrik Grandfather Renegades Deceased


Glow of Malevolence Brown Trigon
Chestnut and sienna have been kissed by flames given them the barest hint of a deep red tone to his hide. Dark mahogany mark his torso in stripes which would not be amiss upon a while feline. Muscles ripple of his form, sculpting him into an impressive image of power. Above either eye is a circle, half the size of the glowing orb below, which reflects his emotions perfectly. Thin oaken sails spread wide to wither side, only adding to his size and power.

Rushing Waterfalls Blue Forte
Exuberant waterfalls of cerulean enwrap this small, but spunky firelizard. A prussian swatch runs from between pert headknobs down the line of gently curving ridges, between his wings, and down to the tip of his tail. It lightens to a soft sky blue along his muzzle and down his undersides, and caps one front hand in a playful suggestion of a debonair glove. A quick, sharp-witted mind shines behind faceted, crystalline eyes, the kind that suggests that this smidge of a firelizard might be one of the more mindful and clever of his species to yet make Pern his playground.

Blue Memo

Towering Wave of Destruction Green Phayle
This slender but rather large female is a conglomeration of bluing greens that reach up along her backside like a blanket. Streaks of dark peacock reach around her belly and joints while lighter more verdant hues swath over the broader sections, such as belly, shoulders, neck and haunches. The darker peacocks and sea-greens fade up her toes into the grassy shades of her muscles and do much the same on her spars and up from the tip of her tail. Over her fine boned face the same peacock is highlighted over snout, head knobs, and eye ridges by the flickers of bluing mint and sea-foam, fading down into the same greens of the rest of her body before the bluer shadows. Her wing sails too are this variegating color, from the blues of the spars out into the intense greens and then brighter, almost white, edges.


Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Ecoatleth
The tropical seas pour over this aerodynamically built youngster. Brilliant true-blue slips down his spine like the depths of a lagoon with ridges of rich, royal lapis. These hues sweep over the tops of his wing spars and the back of his wings fading out into bold cerulean and at last into turquoise as the membranes are stretched out at the very ends. The underside is bright turquoise with palest cyan rings of watery dapples reaching up from the broad ends and diffusing into the clear broad color two-thirds way up to the joints. Cerulean pours out from the darker cresting shade, trickling down with the similar sunlit dappling into the lower intense turquoise half of his body. His lean belly glows with pale mottling of cyan and light turquoise which runs a bit under his tail and up his neck. His head is elegant and fine, with a smaller slender snout than most draped in cerulean with lowlights of turquoise under his eyes, along his mouth and jaw line. Over all he's a slim and slender fellow with a long neck and tail to grow into.


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