Xylaihl has long hair, of a dirty-blonde colour, and blue eyes. Her complexion is fairly pale, with freckles and quite a bit of sunburn. Physically, she appears to be fairly healthy, one might even say fit. She is around five and a half feet tall, give or take an inch or two.

Xylaihl is wearing leather pants and a leather jacket, both dyed a dark green, and a pale green shirt. She's also wearing leather boots dyed an even darker green than her clothes.

She appears to be <age>, and wears the knot of a greenrider from Xanadu Weyr.


Xylaihl was born in a small hold near Xanadu Weyr. She grew up the middle child of three. Her elder brother was the first in her immediate family to impress, becoming X'ayn, rider of blue Belth, at Telgar Weyr, while her younger sister Zhaila joined the beast craft.

While growing up, Xylaihl discovered a liking for, of all things, furniture. She especially loved to jump on it! When she finally broke a chair by jumping on it, her 'punishment' was to mend the chair. This is how she found that she liked furniture in another way. Repairing furniture began to be something of a hobby of hers, although she never really talked about it much.

When she came of age, Xylaihl left home to visit nearby Xanadu Weyr, and ended up never returning! She was soon searched, and although she failed to impress on her first attempt, she managed to do much better on her second, impressing Xvetaoth. The turns flew by, first Xylaihl turned 18, then her weyrling class graduated, and then, Xvetaoth's first flight! Xylaihl was never quite sure who'd won, but she was certain that it was a male, for she soon realised that she was pregnant.

After a long and difficult labour, Xylaihl became the mother of triplets, whom she named after three of her fellow clutchmates, along with the X from her own name. Xaspia, Xalansho, and Xezzara. Unfortunately, the triplets did not fare so well, being frail and quick to fall ill. Xylaihl ended up taking a leave of absence from her position at Xanadu Weyr in order to spend more time with her children.

She returned to duty at Xanadu Weyr when her son, Xahil, was searched, and remained to be close to her son after he impressed bronze Kinseth, and became X'hil. It was a bittersweet moment, however, as Xylaihl realised that her triplets would never pass the physicals required of candidates, and never have a chance to impress, although she was incredibly proud of her triplets when they joined some of the less physical crafts.


Image Name Relation Location Position Dragon
square.jpg Zanya Mother Rubicon River Hold Holder
square.jpg Xhail Father Rubicon River Hold Holder
X'ai.jpg X'ai Cousin Fort Weyr Rider (ex-WL) Bronze Larzith
square.jpg X'ayn Older Brother Telgar Weyr Rider Blue Belth
square.jpg Zhaila Younger Sister Rubicon River Hold Beastcrafter
square.jpg Xaspia Daughter Xanadu Weyr Crafter
square.jpg Xezzara Daughter Xanadu Weyr Crafter
square.jpg Xalansho Son Xanadu Weyr Crafter
X'hil.jpg X'hil Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrsecond Bronze Kinseth
square.jpg Xyala Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
square.jpg A'li Son Xanadu Weyr Rider Blue Najimeth
square.jpg Xylan Son (with L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
square.jpg Grahil Grandson (via X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Child
square.jpg Grahilda Granddaughter (via X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Child



Brown Xavier
Devious and dark, an ashen brown head rises from the dark mass of molten rock that makes up this small body. The smallish knobs on his head tint faintly toward grey, two twin smoke trails rising from the heat. Black ridges erupt harshly from the heated surface of hide, making a mountain trail along the small creature's spine. Lines of burnt orange trickle downward and onto his smooth belly, the lava boiling within the crust. His legs are bulky, muscular and rigid as they stretch their short way to the ground, ended in ebon talons edged in the same smokey grey. Cracks of ember make their way over haunches and down the whisping edges of the mountainside that ends in a tail, low and heavy with a small spade for a tip.
Xavier is 54 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 86 cm.


Brown Xis
Burnt umber and rich sienna tones criss-cross from this brown firelizard's blunted nose to his wide tail tip. His colouring is odd, a patchwork mish-mash of browns, even an orange or two, and a few panels of near-white. Physically, he's a touch on the wide side, though he looks a lot thinner from the side. His wingsails are large, and not quite as translucent as other firelizards. All in all, it gives the appearance of a poorly made quilt.
Xis is 52 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 83 cm.


Number 626 Blue Xeno
This little blue firelizard has quite an odd look, his body plump around the middle, with stumpy limbs. His roly-poly body is predominantly a light cadet blue, with jagged gashes of indigo down his spine. His head knobs are a deep purple-blue, several shades brighter than his "spikes". He has quite the odd affinity, for putting anything and everything he can put his paws on in his mouth. That's right, this little boy suffers from pica! Dirt, leaves, your clothes and jewelry — anything he can find will go straight to his mouth. So, keep an eye on this one!
Xeno is 50 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 81 cm.

Firelizard base-image by Rhasmir, colour by Xylaihl.


Party All Night Long Green Xvetaoth
Bright hues of sun-burnished chartreuse linger on ruggedly robust lines, dazzling fluorescent greens flickering in a myriad of intricate shades over her sturdy body — all compact bulk and tough muscle from nose to tail. Beryl glints at her throat and sparkles delicately over a merrily petite muzzle, pert headknobs lending a playful air that's matched by her trimly balanced tail, all radiant from a dusting of yellow-green sparks. Her deep chest has a husky look, her hindquarters are built for power and both give way to solid limbs and weathered little paws clad in polished shamrock with stubby talons carved from glowing jade. Flowing wings enfold straight shoulders, an incandescent cloak of lime with neon green highlights flashing over wide wingspars, reflected across the fragile trailing edges and again on the tips of craggy 'ridges. She's graceful in her own fashion, the sassy boldness of her practiced poise echoed in the blinding brilliance of her satiny hide.
These are classy straps. They're dark brown, a walnut color, with a clear, glossy finish. Every stitch is in its proper place, and the buckles are a polished golden. The joints have a small gold disk decorating them, with rounded edges to prevent tear or injury. When Xvetaoth wears them, it is with a sultry grace, as though they could be slipped out of at a moment's notice. Never, however, when safety is an issue.
Xvetaoth has a length of 21.24 meters, and a wingspan of 35.40 meters.


Title OOC Date Cast
Proddy Greenrider Seeks Geeky Computer Crafter July 29, 2010 Eledri, Xylaihl

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