A cream scarf is wrapped around her head and neck as a hood would, showing the wisps of black layered hair which frames her face. Bits of hair still come out from the back of the scarf. The bangs wisp in every direction, some drooping down over her eyes but still allowing her to see. Her heart-shaped face displays her thick lashed eyes. Those are hazel eyes which may turn an amber or blue, according to her emotions. Thin black eyesbrows are just above her eyes. They only curve following the line of the eyes. Her nose is gently small, sloping in a short curl to the knob of the nose. She has a narrow chin which holds lips to match, a thin upper lip and a thicker pouty bottom lip.

Her slender form wears a cream chemise that only gathers to below her collar bones, then ruffles at the wrists. At her shoulders and body, the chemise is fitted. This is not so much seen as it covered with an pine green vest. The shoulder straps to the vest are only an inch thick and the vest is very rigid with help of some boning. Down the front is one row of buttons. Her pants are a rich chocolate brown, fitting to her shape but loosening at the ankles. A thick green ribbon is tied around her right mid-thigh. Her feet wear two brown leather boots. Of course, her knots are shown on her shoulder.


Xiera hails from Cove Hold original, born of Thyera, a Journeyman Harper and Xirethin, a Trader, and praised to be born of them for their family lineage was small. When she was born, her parents stayed in Cove Hold until she was 4 turns old. Her father did trade but only traveled short distances not being more than a sevenday away from the hold. Afterwards they all traveled with the Traders Caravans.

Steeped within her mind as a child, she could not help herself from taking things apart and putting them back together. A small wheelbarrow was the first thing Xiera took apart. When her parents saw this they were highly upset, which Xiera demonstrated she could put it back together. No parts were left over either! They were surprised at first then intrigued since Xiera was only 7 Turns at the time. They would put more 'things' in front of Xiera to see how she takes them apart. They watched closely quite amazed and as she grew so did her thirst for technology became apparant.

As she grew and visited relatives, they would moan about problems with their phone and in order to stop the complaints, Xiera quicked fixed the phone. Even trips with her parents and the Traders Caravans had problems that Xiera fixed, the problems were mostly technology problems. A customer would whine that his radio was broken and Xiera took a few minutes to fix it, earning a mark or two.

By the time she was 14, she told her parents she was moving to become a journeyman of the tech craft which they were proud. They did make sure she chose that craft not because she did it well but because she enjoyed doing it.

Apprentice life was swift for her as she was consumed by her work only having two friends to keep her company during that time. She became a Journeyman at 18, being posted at Xanadu Weyr. Now 28 Turns, she is teaching classes and recruiting for the Tech Craft.

She sees her parents still when her father's trading caravan stops at Xanadu. Her two friends are Feriane and Ornenya who are somewhat superficial but have learned over the turns that Xiera is filled with depth, a quiet depth, seeming to have a slow boiling temper that rarely bubbles over. The closeness to her parents comes from the many turns of an open praise they had of her. Any achievement they always praised her with love even when she wasn't behaving well, they showered her with love, not to tell her that she did the right thing but to tell her inspite of misbehaving she was still loved. Her friends have progressed to be supportive and considerate of Xiera since they know that Xiera doesn't open herself to others often.

She hasn't made room in her life for dating until after she became a Journeyman but so few people have gone on dates with her. Her view of dating and mating is going slow and being a friend at first is key to something growing beyond that.


Name Relation Location Position
Thyera Mother Cove Hold Journeyman Harper
Xirethin Father Cove Hold Trader
Jeric Mate Xanadu Weyr Resident
Jierin Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Xerica Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Erria Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Analytical Machine Blue Zilly
A pure aquamarine accents the sharp corners and elongated tail which make up this blue firelizard. His wingsails, contrasted with baby blue veins, are no larger than required. Despite this apparent conservation of resources, the way he carries himself betrays the excessive ego which suffuses his small form. Neck arched, head held high, and chest extended and inflated, are presented to the world during his waking hours as a smug expression seems to always be reflected in his eyes, no matter the situation at hand.


There are no RP logs for Xiera

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