A soft multi-layered skirt of green flows down to Xarra's ankles. A soft, but sturdy dark brown pair of mocassins adorn her small feet. A delicate cotton blouse in a baby violet color rests comfortably tucked into the skirt. The sleeves are sheer and grasps the naturally tanned skin at wrist and elbow. Poofing out slightly at the shoulder where rests the knot of a resident from Xanadu Weyr. Long straight hair in sunshine gold rests midway down a slender back. Petite and feminine in form she moves with an easy, fluid grace. Feminine and dainty in form her hands hold the story of not softness but hard work. They are slightly calloused. Her tree-green eyes are commonly seen observing those around her with a hint of gentle kindness.


Xarra was born the eldest child of four. Her mother, Tarra, a Green rider at Xanadu weyr and her father, X'ar, a Brown Rider, nurtured her into a hardworking, dependable, caring girl. Both of Xarra's parents have high hopes that their eldest will also become a dragonrider. Having sent her numerous times on errands that would take her near where the dragon's lay, only gave Xarra a hope that she felt would never be fulfilled. Instead of wasting her time dreaming of what might never be, she busied herself instead with her tasks and the thing she loved the most, woodcarving. Leaving anonymous gifts of high quality here and there to cheer a person up, she gained a deep inner peace and satisfaction for her place in life. Her two younger brothers and the youngest, a half-sister from a recent flight, were the joy that made her life complete. She adored them to no end and cared for them willingly.


Name Relation Location Position
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Tornado Siren Bronze Twister
A gleaming bronze sun breaks through the maelstrom of cedar skies and twists along this firelizards hide. Deep cedar boldly cling to his belly and legs. A daring splash of dark copper falls down upon headknobs, talons and tail tip. Coetaneous-bronze wings are stretched bravely holding back the storm that comes. His smaller size is not a hindrance, rather it gives him a decided advantage against the others in flight allowing him more agility.

Hurricane Green Breeze
Two tones of sage whirl across her muzzle, along her head, down her slender neck to hit the chest with a wave of viridian. A strong backdrop of light mint lay along body and wings. Talons, headknob and tail tip lay in a secure morel retreat. She is a larger-sized green and yet slender and petite in form. Long well-proportioned limbs and wings give her added grace and speed in the skies.


Title OOC Date Cast
Ellamariseth's Clutching, November 22, 2008 November 22, 2008 Aradir, Arinith, Cazai, Delynni, Ellamariseth, Kilaueth, Neferennu, Senkyou, S'ya, Thea, Xarra, Ysa, Zipalla
Icestorm Hits the Weyr November 11, 2008 Neferennu, Nathaniel, Shellie, S'ya, Xarra, Ysa, Ellamariseth, Sophyrinth
Random Log: Xarra is Searched 2008 Marte, Xarra, Vwayath
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