William is a long and lengthy lad, who seems to have seen a few too many growth spurts recently. A square face, covered by a wavey and unkept mop of sandy brown locks, connects to his wide shoulders by way of a long thin neck. Wide gray-green eyes with long thick lashes hide beneath a long shock of bangs. His hands and feet seem far too large for his thin frame, but he may grow into it in time. At the moment he wears a simple regement of a plain tan tunic, worn and patched brown trousers and a rusty vest several sizes too large. The arms and legs of his clothing seem a little on the short side.


William is the youngest of five sons. A holder boy, brawns were very much valued over brains in his family. Always the runt, and offen referred to as such by an unapproving father, it was his mother who nurtured his mind. Always encouraging him to ask questions and his obsession with the dragons he became very much a mama's boy. At 14 his father has decided he should persue some sort of proffesion. So he was sent away to combine his love of living things and dragons. As a newly apprenticed dragon healer, this small hold boy feels more than a tad out of place.


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