Wakua is a young woman about 13 turns old, she stands about 4'10" tall and only weighs 95 lbs soaking wet. She has long dark red hair that is not the color orange at all. Her eyes are round in shape and dark green in color. Wakua's skin is light with freckles across her petite nose that has a slight upturn to it. Her face is heart shaped and she has a small chin. She has slender shoulders and arms. Her hands are small, but she has long fingers. She has already started to develop into a woman as she has a small a-cup chest. Her waist is slender as are her hips and her legs are well muscled. She has small feet.
Wakua wears a dark green tank top that matches the color of her eyes. On the top of her head is a pair of goggles that one would wear when welder. On her hands is a pair of oversized gloves. She wears a pair of dark brown baggy pants with a wide belt. On the belt are a couple of pouches and knives. On her feet is a pair of dark brown boots.


Wakua is an apprentice smith at Xanadu Weyr. Her father is a blue rider and her mother is a greenrider from a green flight. She was raised by her grandparents at a small hold near Xanadu Weyr and got to see both of her parents pretty often. She is a tomboy and was always following her grandfather, a journeyman smith around. She picked up a lot of the smith craft from just watching him work around the hold. She wanted to be a smith when she was older and although his grandfather was reluctant to teach her at first because he thought she was too young it was the best way to prevent her from trying to learn on her own. When she was 9 her grandfather died of a heart attack and two years later her grandmother died. She was brought back to the Weyr soon after and when she turned 12 turns she became a smith apprentice. She's been happy learning all she can about the smith craft.


Name Relation Location Position
H'ugal Father Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Willamia Mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider




Title OOC Date Cast
Star Ships and Other Perns July 09, 2012 Datsun, Kale, K'as (npc), Idrissa, Soriana, Wakua
A Coin Flip and A Kiss July 10, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Kale, Soriana, Wakua
Beach Party! July 11, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Kale, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
Of Boys, and Other Pets July 13, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
Visiting the Flower Shop July 22, 2012 Datsun, Tsenik, Wakua
A Game of Firelizards July 23, 2012 Akyla, Ers'lan, D'rayn, Dtirae Idrissa, Inyri, Kale, Mikal, Soriana, Tarrin, Thea, Tsenik, Wakua
Extending a Hand July 26, 2012 Kale, Wakua
A Search and A Fallout July 28, 2012 E'gin, Idrissa, Kale, Tsenik, Wakua
Cannibalistic Zombies with Vampire Tendencies Attack! July 28, 2012 Idrissa, Kale, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
Tarts and Talks July 31, 2012 Idrissa, Jethaniel, Kale, Seryic, Tsenik, Wakua
It's a Blue Sort of Day July 31, 2012 Idrissa, J'esh, Kale, Kiena, Seryic, Soriana, Wakua
Sea, Biscuit! August 03, 2012 Datsun, Harlin, Idrissa, Kale, Keziah (& brood), Soriana, Wakua
It's Hot in the Hot Springs! August 13, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Wakua, Zaala
A Lady Holder... Sorta. August 16, 2012 Datsun, Eirwyn, Wakua
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