She's pale skinned, with extremely long hair cascading like an ebony waterfall down her back to the backs of her thighs. It has the blue highlighting to it in the light of a raven's wing, and it leaves her with a widow's peak at the top of her nobly high forehead. She stands at an above average height, though her admittedly curvaceous, strong frame makes her appear smaller and more delicate than she truly is. Her eyes are slanted and of such a vivid and dark blue, they shade into the violet. They're framed by long dark lashes and perfect, arched brows. Her moods aren't easily seen on her face, though her eyes can tend to burn and simmer when she's angry or intense. She has a graceful, long neck, and slim hands that are nonetheless calloused and strong. Her lips are full and nearly blood-red, sometimes curving upwards into a slow smile that means nothing but trouble. She carries herself with elegant grace, with a hint of the fluidity often found in predators of any world and species, creating the illusion of having more curves than a tunnelsnake on the move.
She's dressed from neck to wrists to feet in a body-hugging charcoal dive suit with blue and white trim. Large flippers sit at her feet, and her hands are gloved with a material that allows for easy movement. A large, thick belt is at her waist, and goggles sit at the top of her head ready to be used. Her long, long black hair is braided and pulled up into a bun that sits at the back of her head. Upon the suit is etched the emblem of the DOC, and marking it as her personal gear, a Master's and C2 knot. On the opposite side is the name 'Vrizana'.


Ask Vrizana where she came from, and the shapely woman will almost certainly tell a lie. It isn't because she's a pathological liar. Her history is the only thing that she does lie about, and in fact, there are occasional betting pools as to whether or not anyone outside of her relatively unknown family actually knows it. She simply doesn't want people to know more about her than she's willing to offer until she's willing to offer it. Stories have ranged from the mundane (I was born in Nerat along with most of my siblings, moved to Ista, discovered a love of the water and Dolphineering there, and joined at twelve) to the utterly incomprehensible (I'm the daughter of Robinton and a randomly seduced Headwoman he met in his years as MasterHarper. I could swim before I could crawl, and I have the ability to speak with dragons).

The truth is somewhere in between. Vrizana was born to a hunter father named Victor and a BeastCraft mother named Zorana. The two met while she was still part of the BeastCraft, at Senior Journeywoman level, after she specialized in the runners that she loved. Though Victor had much to do with runners after his espousal to Zorana, he still remained a hunter for Keroon Hall, where they began their married lives. The first born to them was a son named Virtan (age 31), who would go on to raise runnerbeasts in Keroon on his own as part of the BeastCraft. After him came Vrizana (age 29), and after her was her sister, Vicara (age 26). Vicara would apprentice to the Glass Craft later on and stay in Telgar Hold. The next two siblings were a pair of non-identical twins, their sister Toria and their brother, Atoric (both 22). Their last brother, Rana (age 16), was a surprise to their parents, and was born when Zorana was forty-five Turns old. He would enter the TechCraft at Landing itself - but would ultimately be chosen as a Candidate for dragonrider in the meantime.

Vrizana grew up, initially, in Keroon riding horses and generally helping her mother out around the homestead as their family grew larger. The Turn she became six was the one that changed her life. Her father and older brother were away in Keroon Hold itself, rather than their little cot, leaving Vrizana alone with her mother and three-Turn old Vicara. When the runners began to fuss, Zorana figured it was simply a wherry bothering the foals and went out with a pan and a spoon - the noise seemed to startle the wherries into flight long enough to put the foals and their dams away until it left. What happened next, only her father knows the full details of. Zorana returned bloodied and beaten, gathered up her two daughters, and hid in their oldest tack shed until their father returned. The only thing she told her daughters at that time was to be silent lest the Renegades find them. They lost nearly all their horses that day, and nine months later, Zorana gave birth to twins that, thankfully, resembled their mother more than their father. It has never been proven that Atoric and Toria were NOT Victor's, and they prefer it that way. Their family is the only one that they know of.

Zorana, once a beautiful woman, began to thin and seem delicate after the hard birth of her twins. Ruined completely by the Renegades, the family sold the remaining horses they had but for the work beasts and Victor took his family elsewhere to escape the memories - all the way to Tillek, where Victor's new posting was situated. They settled at Tillek Hold itself and plied their trades in a Hold that had more to do with the sea than the land.

The result was that their children began to look farther and farther out to the sea as they met a multitude of different people and managed to be in a port city where information flowed as easily as goods and ships. Vrizana began spending most of her time with a girl from Harper classes by the name of Maire, whose family was part of the FisherCraft Hall located there. She learned to swim in this way, and learned a fair bit about being on ships as well. As things happened, these few steps led her to the Dolphineer Hall members who were in Tillek Hold, and when she turned twelve, she Apprenticed in it. It took her far from her family, to Rubicon River Hold, but by then the adventure was all that mattered.

She was a quick study. It seemed as if learning about all things oceanic, and cetacean, were as natural to her as breathing or riding a runner. She developed early into a beautiful young lady, herself, as if somehow taking in what her mother had lost and then adding more to it. By the age of seventeen, she set off a spate of arguments within the Hall about the proper age for Senior Apprentices to become Journeyman. Tested on her knowledge, she wasn't found lacking, and though she didn't have a dolphin partner to work with then, she rarely had problems with the dolphins she did partner with occasionally. Vrizana, as a result, made Journeyman Dolphineer at the age of seventeen.

She remained in Rubicon River Hold in Xanadu Weyr lands. It was there that she found her dolphin partner, Icthyis. It took her a Turn as a Journeyman to get used to her new partner, and vice versa, before they were considered a real team. A Turn after that achievement, she was visiting Xanadu Weyr when one of their queens went up in a mating flight. As things happen during these times, she woke up beside a young losing rider named L'ton, feeling distinctly silly that she'd been blindsided by a dragon in estrus. Within weeks, she was sick in the morning, and by the end of the month, Icthyis happily congratulated her on carrying her first calf. He was overjoyed for her, as were other dolphins in the pod at Rubicon River. Thus, she birthed her first child, Zalla, and sent her off to be fostered by Victor and Zorana.

At twenty-one, she was posted near Landing to work more towards Senior Journeyman. She met a seaman with his own vessel by the name of Allain there, and married him, requesting her daughter back from her parents at that time. She gave him a son, Rillian, and became Senior Journeyman by the age of twenty-three. By the age of twenty-five, however, Allain was lost at sea in a sudden storm. Despite Icthyis coming to the Hall with her, he also remained saddened by her loss - it was a niche that not even a dolphin's devotion could fill.

Though she had begun general, Vrizana had discovered over time that she seemed to work best in a few areas. Three Turns after her appointment to Senior Journeyman, she decided to specialize in two major areas: marine biology and oceanic recovery (search & rescue as well as recovering antiquities off the ocean floor). Upon the death of her Master mentor in the Craft, she was allowed to step up to Mastery herself at the age of twenty-eight. Her ultimate goal has never been to become CraftMaster or CraftSecond; rather, it's been to live her life in and around the sea alongside her dolphin partner and her children. If the position is offered to her, however, she will not say no.


Name Relation Location Position
Zorana Mother Tillek Hold Holder
Victor Father Tillek Hold Holder
Zalla Daughter Dolphincraft Hall Child
Rillian Son Dolphincraft Hall Child


The Last Word Green Zephyr
Perfectly pale green hide in a lovely shade of chartreuse, decorates this little firelizard from the end of her tail back, to the dainty fine bones of her head. She has a fineness of build, so very spare and slender with a near ballerina's poise. A glimmer of faint green as it trails across her neck ridges and down her back, lightly frosted before it seems to fade away as deeper hues move toward her wings. Those wings are as delicate as the rest of her, sheer green 'sails held above by the thinnest of wingspars and kept aloft by even the faintest breeze.


Title OOC Date Cast
Cove Investigation March 25, 2009 D'had, T'maz, Vrizana, Xylaihl
Firelizards on the Beach May 17, 2009 Jessamin, Keziah, L'ar, Morlanol, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea, Vivian, Vora, Vrizana, Xhaine
Fired Weyrwoman Fallout March 2009 Chaise, Thea, Vrizana, Zevida
A Visiting Dolphineer March 2009 Vrizana, X'hil
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