At a tall, lanky 17 turns, Vora is all arms and long features. Her skin is fair -not sallow, mind you- but burns easily in the sun. Her hair is chopped roughly at her shoulders and "glows" a dull mousy gray-tinted brown. A thick shroud of messy bangs hang in front of an elliptical face with a sharp chin, a thin, wide mouth, and a long, aquiline nose. However, her eyes are a voluminous bright green, the color of new spring grass, wide-set and rimmed with thick, long lashes. Off of her frame hang baggy men's trousers made of dark green wool and a dark brown tunic that hangs down past her hips at the waist and bellows softly off of her bony wrists.


Born and raised at Half Moon Bay Hold, Vora's parents were a happy couple, if only a tad neglectful of their fanciful, quiet daughter. If they did not notice that her skin was easily burnt, at least they made the effort to bring her out for bayside days out. They were loving, in a cheery, arms-length way, and certainly provided her with all the necessities and more; toys, well-made clothing, and all the best copies of books that she could possibly ask for. Even if their form of love was a bit distasteful for her, Vora was content to walk, solitary along the bay at evening -the only time she could come out without risking her vulnerable skin.- Now, she feels she must find her way in this big, great world.


Name Relation Location Position
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Sebaceous Brown Slip
While average in size, this light brown firelizard isn't quite average in looks. For he seems to have a slightly hirsute look to him although it's only an illusion caused by the thin streaks of dark browns and some reds that line the surface of his hide. The seem to flow back from his wedge shaped head and thicken along the back of his neck and chest, though the thin out again along the rest of his torso and his tail. His hide also seems to have a sheen to it. A glistening that gives him an oiled and slightly greasy look.

The Hottest of Green Divine
Quite the curvy firelizard, with long neck arched gracefully and a rounded body that is pinched a little more slender in the belly. Grassy green with added swirls of lighter patches decorate her body, following the direction of her larger rounded sections and flooding into the large wing sails. Whirling multi-faceted eyes are lined in a thin red line, highlighting her best features on her face and seductively tracing its way down her belly to the underside of her delicately long tail, and matching the crimson sharp claws at the end of her feet.

Green, Green Grass of Home Green
This little lady firelizard is lean and sleek, with ribbons of grass green growing up from her underbelly and over her lean sides. The ribbons thin and taper off to points at her back, laying over a thick swath of darker teal. This teal goes right down her back, from the tip of her tail to the tip of her muzzle. It paints thin lines around her mouth, outlining her muzzle softly. Bright, sunny yellow splashes across her headknobs and eye ridges, as if the Terran sun shines directly upon her. Upon the undersides of her wings, the green from her sides fades into a bluish yellow, like a sunny sky on a summer day.



Title OOC Date Cast
Firelizards on the Beach May 17, 2009 Jessamin, Keziah, L'ar, Morlanol, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea, Vivian, Vora, Vrizana, Xhaine
A Break from Chores May 20, 2012 Cenlia, Keziah, Morlanol, Riyontali, Rogawani, Vora
The Domino Effect June 25, 2009 Chaton, T'burk, Kire, Niva, Jessamin, Vora, R'zel, Tellus
Vora is Searched for Western Weyr July 6, 2009 A'ven, M'nol, Vora Thea
A Sudden Storm July 9, 2009 F'yr, Keziah, Kire, M'nol, Niva, Sigam, T'burk, Thea, Vora
Safe in the Caverns July 9, 2009 Chaton, Keziah, M'nol, Re're, Shorynia, T'burk, Vora, Zafirah
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