Standing at 5'9" she has grown out of the lankiness of youth and filled out into a tall and curvy young woman. Her long wavy hair is dark brown and is kept swept back from her face in a fairly severe look; either braided or tucked up into a tight bun that is held in place by a pair of delicate looking hairpins. A pair of intense hazel eyes are framed within an oval face with high cheekbones and a delicate bone structure. Her skin is well tanned and all though by no means overly endowed or muscled she is still fit and holds herself tall, her posture showing she knows exactly how good she looks and how to use that to her own advantage even at the tender age of 20 Turns.
Attached to her shoulder she is wearing a simple, single looped knot of double cord with a long tail, the orange loop contrasting brightly against the blue loop entwined with it, a smaller strand of green twined with the others identifies her as a green rider at Xanadu.

Vivians Wardrobe

Viv is decked out in riding leathers of a paler brown than most. The trousers hug her legs like a second skin, a set of laces crisscrossing up the outside of each leg to ensure they are kept nice and tight. Tucked into the trousers her form fitting blouse is a pale turquoise colour, buttoned up usually to mid chest. The jacket is made of the same pale brown leather and fits snugly with the usual fur lining evident to help keep the cold of between out. The jacket carries two patches, one for Xanadu and one an old wing patch of her fathers. A pair of knee high boots and a belt with a few pouches finish the outfit off.



Daughter of Niva and C'ian, Vivian was quickly foisted off on the nannies in her early years to allow her parents the freedom for their leadership duties. Always raised knowing who they are she developed a certain sense of propriety at an early age, knowing that she was going to have to live up to that lofty image. Unfortunately for her what she thought was propriety was nothing more than coming off a bit stuck up with her own importance.

In the coming years she started getting a better sense of reality, though more time with her parents who are attempting to make up for those lost childhood moments by spoiling her rotten isn't helping all that much really.

When she was fourteen she was given a job to keep her out of trouble, secretary to the weyrleader. It's a position that she has by leaps and bounds flourished within, becoming both hated for her style of management that she employs. (see that spoiled self important brat) But at the same time, from the commanding tones she's learned from her mother to the more insidious flirting and coercion to get people to do the things she needs them to; she does get things done though the people she uses and abuses to accomplish the goals of her position don’t always like her for it.

Three turns later she hadn’t changed all that much in attitude, though her body was growing up and filling out and she was figuring out exactly how to use that to help her get her own way. R’sul was still a push over and she took a bit of time out to stand for an almost dual clutch, she didn’t take part in the candidacy though she was quite firm about that and got away with staying in her own cottage and continuing her job as secretary to R’sul. In the end, although a gold did hatch her dreams were shattered when Nicca scared it away from the siblings and it ended up going to Thea instead, oh and how she hated the pair of them, that was meant to be her gold!

She returned to her usual job again with only a few months of sulking and fits of anger before she started to come to terms with what happened and calmed down enough to be almost bearable again. It was another couple of turns at the age of nineteen that things picked up again in her life when it was Inimeth and not Hesketh that caught her mothers Kilaueth. Finally she had work to do, breaking in the new Weyrleader, D’son. It helped that he was of an age with Viv and she got to work on him from their very first meeting, turning on the charms and proving to him from the start that he would amount to nothing without her help.

It worked, well mostly anyway, indispensable to him in the office, infuriatingly he kept turning down her other more intimate advances, she’d managed to find one with morals when it came to his Weyrmate and lover. It was for that very clutch that she was searched, by Inimeth none the less, while she had been waiting naked in D’sons bed for him to return home one night. Spurned again, a teary meeting with her mother ensured that she was able to stay on in the office and her own home rather than move into the candidate barracks. She wasn’t able to talk her way out of going on that stupid field trip though, mother was quite insistent about her doing something with her fellow candidates and what a mistake that was, her clothes were stolen by renegades and she spent the rest of the time hiding in her tent in her night shirt.

Hatching day came around and passed, again without a gold, instead Kelioth entered her life and her world shattered into little pieces. No longer could she fulfil all the dreams she’d been working on, scheming and planning for since she was a little girl. A green rider wasn’t able to be Senior Weyrwoman, devastated she was and it showed, it was weeks before she really spoke to anyone after her impression, constantly Kelioth was having to be reassured by others that her lifemate would come round eventually, that she only needed time to adjust to being a dragon rider.

Eventually though she did snap out of it, her life works rewritten to accommodate her new situation in life, a nice new cheery outlook. At least that was the front she was putting on for the immediate future, get through weyrlinghood and then move on, back into the office and back into the life of the Weyrleader. Again her plans came to fruition, though not quite as planned, she’d thought she would have to put some more effort into it, but with the disaster at Ista came an unexpected bonus, D’son split with his former Istan Weyrmate. Earlier in the turn, his lover had come to Xanadu to recover from smoke inhalation and burns, she got a good look at her during the graduation, she looked awful, and drunk to boot, it’s only a matter of time before she’s likely to have an accident or D’son sees her for what she is turning into.

Her plans continue to bear fruit, graduation when the weyrlings were called up to accept their new knots, she was called up last, the most important position. She showed her appreciation by kissing D’son right up there on the stage, for everyone to see, but especially to ensure that his lover saw it, it would be too much to hope that’d be enough to tip her over the edge but it was worth it for the kiss alone. Despite his lover being present at the graduation D’son dropped by that evening to give Vivian her graduation present personally. Bliss, her plans are working.


Name Relation Location Position
Niva Mom Xanadu Senior Weyrwoman
C'ian Dad Xanadu Wingleader
Nicca Sister Xanadu Weyrbrat
Cavin Brother Xanadu Infant



Soft Petals of Gold Aine

A smooth, creamy gold flows and a more vibrant one drifts, sweeping over soft flower petal-like hide, colors brushed together seamlessly. Wings are paler, the sails a pale yellow, like the center of a flower opening in the first rays of the morning's light. Limbs are shorter then average, darkening to an antiqued gold close to the talons, the ebony color diffusing through the bud's base. Ridges are tipped in a pale pink-hued gold, and only add warmth to her coloring as the line slides effortlessly between headknobs and jeweled eyes to the tip of her tail as the sunlight finally reaches the flower beds in the deepest nook of the valley.

Cerebellum Bronze Cerveaux

Shades of white swirl around in ever folding lines, casting the bronze hide into a muted gray creating a distinctive pattern along his hide. For the lines seem almost to join and there's a subtle yet noticeable variation on one side of his body from the other, as if splitting him into two. There's a smoothness to his shape, from a gently rounded head and slim neck, down to gentle curving of his torso and a suppleness to his forked tail.

Drawing Down the Moons Green Kelioth

The green grass of the moors gathers, growing thick over the dainty and delicate body of this little lady, soft variations in color twisting around her slender muzzle, to tickle her chin and headknobs. Faceted eyes are set just so, giving her a very pretty look, a feminine face set on a serpentine neck. Yellow-green is brushed over her eye ridges before it appears again in the gentle curves of her torso and around her svelte hips, dancing here and there along the slim lines of her belly and each long limb before deepening into the sleek ebony of each talon. Kissed by golden moonbeams, wingsails are translucent gold-green each section contrasting with the shadowed sedge of spars that streak across them. Her darkest hues dapple the carefully shaped ridges that roll along her back, hearty foliage sweeping across each peak and valley, where whispers of grey-green fog swirl, an ever-lingering mist lending mystery to the strangely indistinct tip of her tail.

Kelioth's Flight History

21st September 09
Winner: Blue Kieranth (M'iri)
Attendance: Blue Zeituth (A’dar), Brown Faraeth (M'nol), Bronze Inimeth (D'son), Brown Adereth (Zip), Bronze Dhonzayth (L’ton) and Blue Bhezuth (Taira).

4th August 09
Winner: Blue Bhezuth (Taira)
Attendance: Blue Haezynth (D’ana), Areith (Z’van NPC), Ystilth (G’il NPC), Brown Faraeth (M'nol), and Bronze Azaeth (K'ael).


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