Tall and tanned by the sun and sea, his most startling feature is probably his eyes a sea-foam blue-green that matches the waters of the hold he once called home. He's lean and wiry, with a shock of dark curls that seem to have a mind of their own any time he tries taming them. His clothing is that of an apprentice, festooned with various scorch marks and bits of wire tucked away in the pockets, as well as tools. His smile is a crooked thing, dimpled and easily given over straight teeth.


There is no place in all of Pern more beautiful than my hometown, yeah you probably hear that a lot but for me it's true. A slice of island paradise in one of the few places in the world where pearls are grown and harvested. Huge Families, my pops is on the hold council and is a pretty respected dude. Mom is the same, and my older An I mean way older sister joined the dolphin crafters, right before she was impressed to a giant, and I MEAN GIANT pain in the ass by the name of Chauth. So I'm not exactly as uncomfortable around giant meat-eating monsters that swoop down in the dead of night as I should be. This is why this time for my particular walkabout, I'm feeling pretty ok with the idea of getting assigned to the Tech craft zone at Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Tamar Pops Blackmoon Hold Councilman
Itani Ma Blackmoon Hold Pearldiver
Tanit Big Sis1 Monaco Bay Weyr Deluge Wingrider
Vesta Lil Sis (Twin) Blackmoon Hold Starcrafter






Title OOC Date Cast
Making Friends June 28, 2022 Za'ariah, Veylin
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