A short, somewhat stocky woman. She has dark brown hair, cut short and curling slightly around her ears and a round-cheeked face with light brown eyes and a snub nose. Her build is a fairly solid one, not likely to blow away in any breeze up to and including a hurricane, and her clothing tends toward the simple; a dark blue cardigan over a heathered grey blouse and a heavy brown wool skirt that reaches down to her ankles and almost hides her clomping farmer-boots.


On the slopes of High Reaches, there was a cothold of no particular distinction except to the people who lived there. One of them was named Saira, a fair to middling smith who mostly shod runners. Another was named Vernon, a half-decent farmer. They - among other things - had a daughter who they named Versae. She was their third child and second girl, and she was born right about at the beginning of planting season - which explains how it was that, even though she had a foot that looked a bit funny, they didn't actually manage to actually get her to a healer until she was nearly a year old. It's not that they didn't care, it's that it was planting time, and then it was the growing season and the harvest, and she didn't seem to be in any particular pain from it, anyhow, so what was the rush?
…and so began turns of winter-time visits to the Healer Hall to get orthopedic appliances and exercises that - almost invariably - got left behind sometime over the summer as busy cothold life and the teasing of the other children interfered. When she was eight, she started making the winter trip to the Healer Hall on her own, brought along by a caravan of traders who regularly passed that way. When she was ten, she decided she wasn't coming back; at least among the healers, her limp and deformities were fascinating case studies instead of subjects of mockery.
Versae became a junior apprentice, and as she went through her turns of study (and being the patient in various minor surgeries, orthopedics, and physical therapies - yay case studies?), she settled on a specialty in general practice with just a splash of mindhealing. You can't heal someone who doesn't want it, and most of health happens outside the infirmary. People come to the healers when they're broken, but really, she'd like to see as few patients as possible.
She reached journeyman at twenty-two, and after a few turns of postings to minor cotholds, she's just been assigned to Xanadu Weyr to replace some old healer who's decided to retire.


Name Relation Location Position
Vernon Father High Reaches Area cotholder
Saira Mother High Reaches Area smith



Title OOC Date Cast
The Cyrus Example March 21, 2014 Darsce, Versae
Compos Mentis April 02, 2014 Darsce, Versae
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