A young woman standing about 5'9" with dark black skin, matching raven hair that is worn tightly back in braids and out of her face. She has brown eyes to match the darkness of her appearance. A slim woman, muscular, but slim as her figure is from one who does a lot of heavy work. Clothing is well fitting, any color that seems to fit her fancy and it seems to be yellows more often than any other color.


Born into the Miner Hall from a young age to a pair of miners. Her mother went and continued mining work after Verina was weaned. Her father stopped his work, resorting to desk work and planning around the Hall. Verina grew up wanting to be like her mother, the miner. So, when she reached the age twelve, Verina became an apprentice of the Hall and is still do this day, a miner at the Hall. Eventually, she came to be transferred to Xanadu with the opening of the new mine.


Name Relation Location Position
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Shy Blue Wher Vesk
Brightest azure pools like a tropical pond, casting rich reflections upon the hide of this wher. Surprisingly average, this wher's hide is neither too taunt, nor too plentiful as only a few rings of thick hide gather at the base of his neck and along his legjoints, azure darkening to Egyptian blue, speckling his sides, his limbs, and his short stubby tail and stunted neck. His nose is permanently turned up, dipped in teal which casts waterspots over his slanting headknobs. Teal sails stretch from spar to spar, somehow catching the thick air despite their alarming appearance of insignificance, even as four ebony talons tip each small paw, framing his azure-hued body.


Title OOC Date Cast
Feeding the Wher-lings July 7, 2009 Hyrlon, Janelle, Verina
A Gathering of Whers July 7, 2009 Aeyric, hyrlon, Kanta, Verina
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