Portrayed By Ian Bohen
Gender Male
Aliases Vale
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Current Location Landing/Yokohama
Occupation Starcraft Apprentice


This young man's wide wolfish grin and sparkling grey eyes likely spell trouble for all he meets. The sharpness of his smile though, almost always containing too much teeth, hmm…there is just something about it. The feeling it conveys (or perhaps inspires in others) might depend entirely upon what the rest of his face is doing, ranging from amused to strangely unsettling. It might make it difficult to surmise just what he was thinking, or planning, which might be the point. In height, he's nothing but average at 5'10", while his frame speaks of a high degree of athleticism and physical fitness. Skin is lightly tanned, shoulders are broad, arms and thighs aren't overly muscular, and there doesn't appear to be an bit of extra fat anywhere on his body. Jerk. High energy (as long as you catch him at night), Vale is quick in movement and lacks afterthought, the strength possessed of his limbs able to carry him higher and faster. His features may be considered handsome by some, sporting a pair of cupid's bow lips and thin expressive brows. The bridge of his nose is slender, while the rest flares out gradually towards the tip, and his chin is noticeably cleft. Waves of dark brown hair curls a bit at his shoulders, sometimes pulled back, most times not.

Valerian wears attire that is both sturdy and comfortable for someone as active as he is, and always in natural shades of brown. A tunic, trousers, belt, boots and sometimes a vest or jacket can be found among his attire. He wears a knot of an apprentice Starcrafter and candidate of Xanadu Weyr.


Just another child born as a result of a flight, Valerian was fostered immediately after his birth, and was named by the childless couple that eagerly took him in. Farmers Riena and Navlyn of Telgar Hold were not told who their fosterling's parents were and as the turns passed their initial curiosity fell away as they strongly bonded with the infant they later came to call son. Ignorant of his origins, Valerian grew up happy and healthy, his precociousness an endless source of joy for his adoptive parents, and laughter was an intrical part of their daily lives. Vale rarely got into very serious trouble, but when he did it was handled with the utmost care and affection, and never once in his childhood did he ever feel the punishment did not fit the crime. At a very early age, Valerian became entranced by the night sky. He and his father would spend hours after dusk, when weather permitted, just looking up at the sky and making up stories about the seemingly magical creatures the star formed. It was no wonder then when he came of age, that he was taken as an apprentice of the Starcraft, and began training. A quick learner, he devoured everything about the craft that he was allowed, and even some that he wasn't. An instigator, Vale sometimes convinced some of his fellow apprentices to sneak off in the dead of night to get into the types of places that were forbidden. Even if it meant scaling walls, crawling through windows, or picking a lock. One time he'd taken apart a particularly complicated and expensive telescope of a Master, just to see if he could put it back together again. The man never did find out who did it. While Valerian made sure he had fun, he still took his studies very seriously, and during lessons he never forgot to pay attention. With puberty, came rebellion, and with rebellion came risk taking. He'd challenge other apprentices to races over perilous terrain that included leaps, dizzying heights, and tests of endurance that made some of those in the Starcraft grayer every day. For every scrape, bruise, break and concussion Valerian got, he was always grinning ear to ear, laughing, or shrugging as he became bolder in his daring feats and even the harshest of punishments didn't seem to quell his thirst for a thrill. Some of his teachers may have been pulling their hair out by the time they shuttled him off to Xanadu Weyr in the summer of his fourteenth turn, but regardless, he would be missed.


Name Relation Location Position
Navlyn Adoptive Father Telgar Hold Farmer
Riena Adoptive Mother Telgar Hold Farmer
Ila'den Biological Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Bronzerider
Unknown Biological Mother Telgar Weyr Greenrider
Risali Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Akiva Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Asst. Headwoman
Kielric Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Hunter
Ibsyglei Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Baby
Ciardyn Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Baby
Aevien Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Baby
E'ros Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Bronzerider
Kiltara Aunt Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Vauril Cousin Unknown Renegade
Taeski Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Katrel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Child
Kiorel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Child
Kiric Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Child


The One True King Blue Nova
A soft cornflower covers this willowy, agile creature from nose to tail, dappled with a lighter coat of powder blue that creates the illusion of soft fur. Headknobs that are a little curved are touched with shadow, as are his surprisingly sharp claws and the very tip of his lengthy tail, in rather obvious and stark contrast to much of him, yet it's the ruffled azure that encircles neck and narrow shoulders that might draw the most attention. He's a lithe fellow, his sapphire-threaded wings long and narrow, elegant limbs well turned-out and the undersides of large, steady paws smudged with midnight.


Title OOC Date Cast
The Woe Of Ghula - Part One January 4, 2018 Fioreyla, Valerian
The Brownie Incident January 8, 2018 Ila'den, Valerian
You Are Late! (Valerian is Searched) January 21, 2018 Valerian, Risali
Badah BOOM Tys January 23, 2018 Tyssarian, Valerian
Kicking The Bucket January 27, 2018 Ricki, Valerian
Staring Skywards February 5, 2018 Ricki, Kelani, Valerian
Hissing, Snoozing, Scoffing February 6, 2018 Jaelynn, Kelani, Sephany, Valerian
Gratitude 2.0 February 7, 2018 R'eyn, Valerian
Once Upon A Midnight Sands (Seventh Touching) February 7, 2018 Valerian, WLM G'thar (NPC)
Against All Measures February 7, 2018 Sephany, Valerian
Big Sister To The Rescue (Eighth Touching) February 8, 2018 Risali, Valerian
The Woe Of Ghula - Part Two February 8, 2018 Nikolan, Valerian
Master Corin's Triumph Febuary 13, 2018 Kelani, Sephany, Valerian
All Fun & Games Till Somone Loses A Thumb February 15, 2018 Kelani, Sephany, Valerian
Starry, Starry, Night February 17, 2018 Ricki, Valerian
Gold Leirith and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! February 24, 2018 Risali, D'lei, Kera, Nikolan, Zasheir, Valerian, Kelani, Tyssarian, Jaune, Jaelynn, Ricki, Hierax, Eirykur (NPC), Wyrichthea (NPC), Rallexyre (NPC), G'thar (NPC)

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