Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon green Koth
Hair Dark
Eyes Green
Age 20ish


His dark, curly hair is often perceived as some sort of mess, but it's a well-managed mess. V'ro is average at six feet, lean of body and long of limb. His face has a pleasant, if sharp, structure, his nose a bit wide, brows a bit thick and the line of his jaw promising a strong future. His most striking feature is probably his eyes; they're a pale, clear green against the darker contrast of his hair and skin.


Trader-born and raised, Khavro is a young man at ease wherever he goes. And he goes to many places. He doesn't always follow his family's routes, though he seems just as content with them as away, but his time away is difficult to pinpoint, frequenting gathers, holds, halls, and Weyrs as though he has a dragon of his own.


Name Relation Location Position
??? ??? ??? Traders


Stand Up and Fight Green Koth
The contours of muscle and sinew are prominent beneath a hide of polished malachite, a bright green that draws the eye to this hunter of the skies. Her muzzle comes to a narrow point, well-suited to a precision strike, and fine tracework markings in paler celadon accent the contour of her cheekbones and outline the bases of her backswept knobs. She's lean in her overall build, favoring agility over strength, and her shape is well-balanced between a graceful neck and a tapered whip of her tail. Her wings have a pointed shape to their outline, suited to nimble flight, as the sails extend back from the spars they gradually become marbled with an increasingly olive shade, a shift from her dominant hues that leaves the trailing edges tinged with just a trace of brown.


Title OOC Date Cast
Clenching Sand January 18, 2021 F'yr, V'ro
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