Standing just a hair over 6’2, this young man’s dirty blond hair hangs in waves to his slim shoulders. He is fit, though not overly muscular, with broad shoulders and long limbs. Thick, dark brows rest low over hooded, narrow eyes the color of a tropical lagoon. His nose is long and straight, his lips full and mouth expressive. He has a very square jaw and a prominent adam’s apple. Like most people with his hair and eye color, he is on the fairer side, though he tends to have a dark shadow of scruff on his chin, jaw, and upper lip by the end of the day. His lower lip is pierced with snug fitting silver colored rings on either side making him almost look like he has fangs. He tends to prefer light colored clothing in shades of tan and cream.


Velorn was born at Ierne Weyrhold after his mother’s green was caught by a brown. Maveldi, a journeyman tech crafter, was only involved in her son’s life long enough to wean him before sending him to Igen to be fostered by a friend there. A somewhat troublesome child, Faelun loved the boy as her own, though she was fairly strict. In her view, a child that enjoyed starting arguments just for the amusement of seeing the other weyrbrats fighting was not something to be tolerated. Justifiably.

When Vel was ten, his foster mother started pressuring him to choose a craft, any craft, if for no other reason than to find a focus for the obvious over abundance of energy he had. A couple of months before his eleventh turnday, he made a decision to become a computer crafter and shipped off to Landing. He spent the next few turns learning as much as he possibly could, finding a passion for everything electronic. It was exactly what the boy needed: Something to focus on, to pour his energies into instead of stirring up trouble amongst his friends.

When he was sixteen, Velorn was posted to Igen Weyr to train under a journeyman there. It’s been a couple of turns, now, and he’s settled in nicely at Igen. He’s made friends, and been busy learning his craft. He might not be the best, but thinks he’s getting close to making journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position
* If'an Father Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Miner/Brownrider
Faellun (NPC) Foster Mother Igen Weyr Journeyman Weaver/Bluerider
Maveldi (NPC) Mother Ierne Weyrhold Journeyman Techcrafter/Greenrider
* Rallea Half-sister (If'an) Unknown Unknown
Maekeva Half-sister (Maveldi) Igen Weyr Apprentice Weaver
* F're Half-brother (If'an) Monaco Bay Weyr Apprentice Weaver/Bluerider
  • Indicates an unknown relation.


Renegade Warrior Green Clio

This is one firelizard you don’t want to meet on a bad day. From the tip of her forked tail to the soles of her feet to just short of her shoulders, a deep, near-black shade of green covers her lithe body. At her shoulders, the dark abruptly shifts to an electric lime, ending in diamond points just above her legs and darting across the leading edge of her wings. The remaining area of her wings is the same shadowy green as most of the rest of her body. A band of pale, dusty blue-green encircles her neck with a connected patch of the same shade trailing down her chest and ending in a sharp “v” just past her keel. A small, silvery-white patch vaguely resembling a slightly lopsided arrowhead against a yellowy-green bar accents the left side of her chest. Adorning the right side of her neck, just off of the hollow of her throat, lies a rectangular bar of dark emerald accented by the same shade of yellowy-green from the arrowhead. Her head is a pale lime with darker shades giving the illusion of prominent cheekbones and a snout on the verge of a snarl. Sharp, angular eyeridges and three “echoing” ridges climbing up her forehead like stairs give the impression of a permanent scowl. All told, this Renegade Warrior really is quite a handsome creature, once you get past her rough veneer.

Shy and Floofy Brown Gobaril

Large patches of pale cream alternate with light, golden tan over this rotund 'lizard's soft hide. His legs are surprisingly thin and delicate looking while his tail seems a little too long for his round body. His shoulders, underside, and three of his four feet are the same uniform, pale cream. The fourth, his left rear foot, is the same fawn brown as his haunches, the base of his tail, and both of his tiny headknobs. Light tan dances across his shoulders, the back of his neck, and over his lower jaw, with tiny splotches of a brown so deep that it's almost black over his lips and on the tip of his nose.


Keep On Flying Green Kyasinth
Pale clouds drift in layers against interstellar depths whose jade and midnight emerald is only ever glimpsed beneath a veil of nebulae and stars. There’s no constancy to her patterning, no place for the eye to rest as celadon shades to spring leaves and the delicate green-gold of steeping tea. Yet even the void is not wholly trackless, and green-dappled hide is etched with traceries paler yet, new-leaf green tinged to webs of palest citrine. Etchings cascade in loose profusion along her neck, while around her shoulders they curve together as if all following a well-worn route before they once against scatter along her flanks to trace their own intermittent, chaotic paths through the freedom of her vastness. She’s solidly built, large beneath the effacing starcloud softness of her skin, with a form that’s neither slender nor wide but contoured with muscle to seek both power and agility. Her shoulders are wider than her hips, the better to anchor a pair of wide wings whose sails, stretched between sturdy spars, are etched with branching patterns of leaf-vein lightning crackling with the same eager desire to fly that makes their leading edges arch forward toward the skies.


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