Closer now to 70 than 60, V'dim is showing his increasing age, nevertheless he remains a rather foreboding figure. While his gray hair is starting to thin, his eyes of icy blue are as sharp as ever in his weathered face, wrinkles at his eyes and lips turning a stern expression even sterner. Thanks to his turns as a dragonrider and the habit of keeping his posture proudly erect, he still stands close to 6'3" tall. Lean and limber, despite the fact that he now tends more towards the frail in build, his wiry strength is evident in every move, his engery a quiet force to be reckoned with. While otherwise unremarkable, V'dim wears the knot of Xanadu Weyrlingmaster atop his plain leathers.


Vadim was born in Xanadu Weyr, the son of a bronzerider and a greenrider. He's one of those rare children in that he was actually planned, and not just the result of a mating flight. Like most other weyrbrats, he was fostered off and raised in the creche, along with several brothers and sisters. He watched his oldest sister later Impress a brown, when Vadim was about 5, and later two more of his siblings joined the dragonrider ranks and another joined the Healerhall. Vadim didn't prove to have any talent like his siblings, or at least nothing worthy of a craft, so he started work as a cook in the Xanadu kitchens at about 15, a job he found rather to his liking. He only got a chance to work in the kitchens for seven years, though, as he was Searched by blue Validath to stand for a clutch on Xanadu's sands. Candidacy suited him well, he always was fond of hard work, and he reveled in meeting new people, including a young man named Miekal. Come the Hatching Day, he found himself with a surprise, a gorgeous little green dragonet that made a beeline for him, who announced herself as Isobeth. Vadim, now V'dim, founding himself adjusting to his new life as a rider, as well as adjusting to life with M'kal, who had Impressed brown Rasanth from the same clutch. A decade and a half passed fairly blissfully, as V'dim and Isobeth held several positions, including Assitant Weyrlingmaster for several years. It was during a class one day for unmanned flights that Isobeth swerved to avoid hitting an unobservant weyrling, badly wrenching her right wing in the process. After much consideration, it was decided that the green pair should be transfered to Ierne to recuperate, much to the dismay of V'dim, who found himself living away from his beloved Xanadu for the first time in his life, thankfully only for a short while. However, this incident quickly soured him towards pranks and tomfoolery, and the one lighthearted man grew stricter and less tolerant as the turns went on.

Continuing to serve as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, he became *the* enforcer of the rules, and in time, his hard work paid off, and he was named as Xanadu's Weyrlingmaster. He is unwilling to let things slide under his watch, and is a firm believer in the old way of doing many things. Male weyrlings will have their hair shorn off, while the females are expected to voluntarily do the same. Lessons are a time for learning, not for playing, and physical fitness as a Weyrling will help set the correct tone for the rest of your days.


Southern Magnolias Green Isobeth
Shadowed magnolia green blooms over a slender muzzle and headknobs, the paler green of the leaf's underside defining her expressive eyes that shimmer like sunstruck water. Her slender neck runs down into her barrel chest, mottled hues of waxy green, light and dark, play their way across her shoulders and into her rounded belly. Overly large wings sport the brilliant greens of freshly sprouted ivy, twisting along translucent sails speckled with the creamy paleness of magnolia blossoms. The pale petals trail down her heavy haunches and into her dark tail, the color of fallen leaves shadowed by the canopy of the living. Each leg is wrapped in inky darkness, all the way down into thick paws tipped with perfectly sharp claws of obsidian.


V'dim is a staff-shared alt. From 2006-2008 he was RPed by Niva (and probably R'miel), from 2009-2014 he was RPed primarily by Thea (and a few times by N'shen), after March 06, 2014 unclear

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